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Dark Shadows Episode 239 - 5/25/67

Sam is pacing at The Blue Whale when Joe arrives. He's distraught wondering where Maggie could be.

In the old house, Maggie comes downstairs to meet Barnabas. He leads her to a table where he sits across from her. He asks Willie to light the candles, and tells him Josette is ready to dine. Willie asks why he calls her that, and Barnabas says that is her name, and the only thing he should call her. Barnabas tells her she's lovely by candlelight. He comments on the music box she brought with her. He tells her she's very fond of it because he gave it to her. He explains that she had to hide it because there were those against their love. He tells her she'll soon be his bride, and he asks her to play the music for him. They toast to 'forever.'

Sam throws back a drink and asks Joe to call the sheriff's office. Joe explains that he just spoke to them. Joe tries to get him to think of something else. He asks about the portrait of Barnabas, and Sam says he plans to tell him he can't work on it—at least until he finds out about Maggie. Joe offers to drive him up to the house, and they head out.

Barnabas tells Maggie she should never be frightened of him. He says she was frightened of him once before, when she ran off to Widow's Hill. He asks her to tell him that she knows how happy they'll be, and she does. He's quite pleased. He takes her hand and she withdraws. He reminds her not to be frightened, and asks if she wants to be his bride. She says yes. A knock at the door interrupts them. Willie comes out and Barnabas tells him to tell whoever it is that he can't be disturbed.

Willie opens the door to Sam and Joe. They ask for Barnabas and he tells them he can't be disturbed. Sam tells him it will just take a minute and he tells them to wait outside.

Willie tells Barnabas that Sam and Joe are outside, and want to see him. Maggie appears to recognize the names. Barnabas says he should speak with them so as to not arouse suspicion. He sends Maggie upstairs with Willie. Once they're upstairs, Barnabas answers the door. He apologizes for keeping them waiting, and invites them in.

Barnabas asks if there's any word on Maggie, and Sam says no. He tells Barnabas he needs to stop working on the portrait temporarily, and Barnabas says not to worry. He was planning to suspend their sessions, as he's been increasingly busy. Sam starts to take the portrait, saying he might be able to work on it from home, and Barnabas stops him, telling him to leave the painting, but take the paints if he wishes.

Upstairs in her room, Maggie wanders aimlessly. Willie leads her to a chair to sit down, and says Barnabas will be there soon.

Sam asks Joe to take his paints, and tells Barnabas he can commission another artist if he'd like. Barnabas confirms that Sam is the artist for him.

Upstairs, Maggie hears Joe's voice. And then Sam's. She gets up, and almost in a daze, says she heard voices. Willie tells her she didn't hear anything. She asks where she is and he says she's in her room. She says she doesn't recognize it, and she wants to leave. Willie tells her she'll be in big trouble if she tries to leave. He sits her back down, and tells her to forget about the voices.

Sam points out that they must have come at a bad time, having interrupted his dinner setting for two.

Maggie says she heard her pop's voice, and Joe's, and they were calling her. Willie says something terrible will happen if she leaves the room.

Sam thanks Barnabas for his patience with the portrait.

Maggie tries to get away from Willie and bumps into a tray.

Downstairs, they hear the noise, and Barnabas explains Willie is somewhat clumsy. As they hear a car drive off, Maggie goes to the window crying for her pop and Joe.

Barnabas slowly makes his way upstairs.

On the drive home, Sam points out a woman on the road, disappointed when they realize it's not Maggie.

Willie tells Maggie he hopes Barnabas didn't hear her. Barnabas enters, and he sends Willie away. Willie claims he knocked the tray over, and asks Barnabas not to hurt her. Barnabas commands him to leave, and he does. Barnabas asks why she called out, and why she tried to leave him. He tells her she mustn't try to leave him, and that she'll never leave him. He approaches her, and she screams.

Our thoughts

John: So what's the vampire protocol about eating? Does Barnabas want to sit down for dinner just for the appearance of normalcy? Or does he actually eat food other than the blood of goats/Willie/Maggie and other random Collinsport girls?

Christine: He says that they always dined by candlelight in front of a fire, so I believe he is obsessively recreating his past life with Josette. We found out that Barnabas taught Josette to speak English when she was 18. She was apparently a woman of good taste who had silversmiths make candlesticks of her own design for her dowry. We also learned that not everyone approved of their love, so Josette had to keep the gift of the music box a secret.

John: I love how Sam tells Joe he'd rather know Maggie was dead. Yikes. Do you really mean that, Sam?

Christine: He said he'd rather know that she was dead than not know anything at all. I think he was just inadequately trying to describe the torture of not knowing her fate.

John: Willie seems to think that Barnabas would treat Maggie the same way he treats him. I can't see Barnabas beating her with his cane, but that would certainly color our perception of him. I guess we'll find out in time just what he's capable of.

Christine: I think it's a fair assumption for him to make, and was very gallant of him to try and take the blame for the noise she made in order to spare her any retribution. Barnabas loves her as Josette, but may not treat her so kindly if she doesn't play the role he expects from her, or tries to leave him. I think we can already imagine why the original Josette threw herself off the cliff at Widow's Hill. He's a rather possessive sort of fellow.

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