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Dark Shadows Episode 225/226 - 5/8/67

In a nightmare, Maggie finds herself lost in the woods. She comes across a coffin, and opens it to find herself. She wakes up screaming. Maggie picks up the phone and calls Joe, and begs him to come to her.

Joe and Maggie arrive at The Blue Whale. She apologizes for acting strange. She describes her dream to him. She says she wasn't afraid at first, but she got more afraid as the dream went on. Barnabas and Sam arrive at The Blue Whale for a drink. They join Joe and Maggie. Sam says that he should do all his painting at night. Barnabas says the night allows one to be more in touch with who he really is. He asks Maggie if the night affects her. She says she doesn't know, and asks Joe to dance. Barnabas asks Sam if he realizes how extraordinary his daughter is. Sam says he does, and that she's temperamental, too. Barnabas says he'd be jealous of Joe, if he were the type. When they stop dancing, Maggie asks if they can finish their drinks at the bar.

Burke arrives at the bar for a nightcap. Maggie asks Burke to join them for a nightcap. Joe points out that he just told Sam and Barnabas that they wanted to be alone. Burke says he's been wanting to meet Barnabas, and he wouldn't join Maggie now if she asked him.

Burke sits down with Sam and Barnabas. Barnabas explains that Willie spoke of Burke, and described that Willie accepted responsibility for his prior run in with Burke. Barnabas assures Burke that Willie's days of violence are behind him.

Maggie avoids returning to the table to say goodnight. As they are leaving, Barnabas adds, "sweet dreams."

Back home, Maggie avoids getting into bed. Sam returns home and says he thought she'd have been asleep for hours. She says she's not tired, but he can tell something is bothering her. He offers to tuck her in. He can tell that something's wrong, and says it reminds him of when she was a child and had nightmares. She explains that she's fine, and gets into bed. She turns the light out, and a wolf howls in the distance.

Barnabas shows off his wolf's head cane to Burke. Burke asks to hold it, and says that if he could tame Willie, he could probably tame a wild wolf. Barnabas is distracted, and excuses himself hurriedly.

Maggie tosses and turns in bed as the wolf howls. Outside her window, we see the shadow of Barnabas. He lets himself into the room and approaches Maggie. He smiles, baring his teeth.

Our thoughts

John: A valuable lesson for kids today. Alcohol makes everything better.

Christine: It does seem to be valued in Collinsport for its medicinal properties. We should caution viewers not to imbibe whenever characters drink, whenever anyone says Collins family, whenever Barnabas forgets his lines or his fangs, and definitely not whenever anyone asks a question.

John: Maggie can't think of anything that's troubled her recently. Like feeling she was being followed home in the last episode. Doh!

Christine: She has been pretty high strung lately. Shouldn't Sam be concerned by the interest Barnabas shows in Maggie? He made no secret of it. I guess it doesn't matter that he's twice her age when he's got a lot of dough, good manners and family connections.

John: What was with the artsy shot of Barnabas' cane covering Maggie's face? And while it looked like he might have fangs in when his mouth was closed, I couldn't tell if he did when he smiled.

Christine: The fact that he's showing up in her bedroom with a fangless toothy grin is even more frightening. Sweet dreams, indeed!

"Serenity is my favorite emotion." -Barnabas

Unsung character, Bartender Bob Rooney is serving drinks as usual at the Blue Whale.

It's rather unusual to have a silent bartender. Couldn't they give this guy a few lines?

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