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Dark Shadows Episode 229 - 5/11/67

Maggie lies in bed asleep, her bedroom doors outside still open. Sam checks in on her. He closes the doors outside without waking her. He calls in to the coffee shop explaining that she'll be out again today.

In bed, Maggie reaches for her throat. She slowly sits up but falls back down. She tries to get up, but only makes it a few steps before falling back down on the bed.

Maggie is once again asleep in bed when Sam brings her some food. He wakes her and she jumps up with a start. He explains that it's 4pm, and she can't believe she slept that long. He offers her food but she refuses. Sam says he's going to have a doctor check on her. She says she doesn't want to see him. She says a doctor can't help her.

At The Blue Whale, Burke and Vicki have a drink. Burke asks her why Willie is still in town. She explains that he's working for Barnabas; helping clean up the old house. Barnabas has taken responsibility for Willie's behavior. Vicki also mentions that Jason is now working for the Collins family. Burke is shocked to hear it.

Sam lets Joe in, and says the doctor is still with Maggie. The doctor comes out and says she's very sick. He says she's pale and weak, and Sam says that's what he told him over the phone. The doctor says he didn't mention that she's lost a great deal of blood. He prescribes drugs, and tells them she needs to get rest. Joe offers to stay with Maggie so Sam can get a drink.

As the sun sets, Maggie rises from her bed. She gets up and goes to the door, opening it as the wolves outside howl. She then leaves her room and Joe says she shouldn't be out of bed. She snaps at Joe. She tells him babysitting time is over, and that she wants him to leave. She says if he doesn't leave now, she'll never speak to him again. She throws his coat at him. He says he knows she doesn't know what she's saying, but against his better judgment, he'll leave her alone.

Burke spins up a new tune on the jukebox. Vicki says she thinks people aren't going out due to the recent attacks on girls and small animals. Sam Evans walks in and Burke calls him over. They ask about Maggie, and he says the doctor doesn't know what's wrong, just that she has a blood deficiency. He says she was sick, and then seemed better at night, and then woke up sick the next morning. Vicki says that's just like the symptoms Willie Loomis had. Joe walks in and Sam asks what he's doing there. He says Maggie woke up and sent him away. Sam rushes out. Burke says it's the first time he's seen Sam walk out on a drink, and Joe says he'll gladly take it.

Sam returns home and checks in on Maggie. He finds her bed empty. He runs through the house, calling for her.

Our thoughts

John: Vicki got all dressed up for Burke, even getting her hair done. So let's assume this is an official date.

Christine: Are you suggesting their dates in Episodes 189 and 199 were not official dates? Burke splurged on a bottle of wine on both of those occasions. You'd think once in a while he could afford to take her somewhere nicer than The Blue Whale, where the bartender serves drinks while he chomps on a cigar, and the locals engage in knife fights.

John: After the doctor described Maggie's condition, how come Joe didn't make the connection with the animals being drained of blood? It really disturbed him what, a few days ago?

Christine: I could hardly make out all the sciencey stuff that doctor was saying about running some tests on blood tests to "see what the corpuscles are up to." I wouldn't put a lot of faith in this fellow, especially when he determines that Maggie suffers from blood loss, but does not try to determine the source of the loss. Someone might want to investigate why she is wearing a scarf to bed while moaning and clutching at her throat.

John: Can you believe Joe actually left Maggie alone? Regardless of what she said. I think Sam is going to be upset with him, particularly now that she seems to have disappeared.

Christine: Maggie was acting like the evil dead. He was right to fear for his life and back away slowly.

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