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Dark Shadows Episode 220 - 5/1/67

In his bedroom, Willie has regained his strength now that the sun is down. He gets up and walks to the window, and then begins to get dressed. Jason walks in on him and asks why he's getting dressed. He tells Willie he's looking better. Willie says he's feeling better. Jason tells him the doctor said he was weak due to a loss of blood, and asks how Willie is suddenly back to normal. Willie tells him that doctors can make mistakes.

Jason won't let the issue drop. He wants to know why Willie isn't confiding in him, and tells him that if that's the case, they need to make other arrangements. He says Willie needs to go. He reminds him he's got the $500 for him, and Willie says it doesn't make any difference. Jason says he wishes he knew what was going on, as he'd really like to help him. Willie tells Jason that he's sorry. Jason tells him that's a word he's only learned recently, and he'd sure like to know who taught Willie to say it. He says their partnership is over, and that he'd like to know what happened to Willie in the cemetery.

Willie is in his room when Vicki brings him a tray of food. He tells Vicki he's feeling better. She tells him Mrs. Johnson thinks that underneath his tough exterior, she thinks he's a good person. Willie apologizes for being such a louse. She says he seems very remorseful, and asks if it's because of his illness.

Jason tells Liz that Willie is feeling better, and will be leaving soon. Willie enters and says he has something important to tell Mrs. Stoddard. She tells him goodbye and walks away. Jason asks if he was planning to blow the whistle on him, and Willie says it was something else. Jason gives him the $500, and tells him to check in to the hotel to rest up before leaving. Willie asks Jason what's going to happen to him. Jason says that's up to him, and Willie says that it's not.

Barnabas arrives for yet another evening visit. He asks Liz if she's given further thought to his living at the old house. She has agreed, and he's quite pleased. He tells her he's planning to move in almost immediately. Vicki enters, and Liz tells her that he's planning to live in the old house. She's surprised to hear it.

He tells her he plans to restore the house to its original condition. She asks if he's buying the house, and he explains that Liz is just allowing him to move in. Barnabas says his goodbyes to Vicki and Liz, and tells them they don't know how much they've done for him. After he's gone, Liz tells Vicki that she doesn't think he'll stay long. Vicki says she thinks he'll stay a long time, based on how he spoke of it when they first met. They speak of Willie leaving, and Vicki says she thinks the change in him is permanent.

Barnabas enters the old house and walks around, its proud new inhabitant. He calls out, "Where are you? What are you waiting for?" He then says, "Come in," and Willie enters. Barnabas explains that this will be their home from now on, and there will be plenty for him to do. He tells Willie it's time to go out, and that he knows what he has to do. Willie says he can't, and Barnabas reminds him that he no longer has any say in what he does. He commands Willie to go, and he does, obediently.

Our thoughts

John: So was Willie planning to spill the beans about Barnabas to Liz? That would have been an interesting development.

Christine: Her reaction to hearing him inform her that her cousin is a 200 year old vampire who has been enjoying a sumptuous repast of Willie's vital fluids every evening would certainly be interesting to see.

John: I got my answer to the question about Willie's yo-yo behavior. He regains his strength when the sun goes down. It seems like that would make him of limited use to Barnabas during the day.

Christine: Perhaps he'll be seeking nourishment from other sources soon.

John: We finally get to see Barnabas acting as Willie's puppet master. An interesting flipside to the cordial gentleman we've seen thus far. Should make for exciting times ahead!

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