Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 238 - 5/24/67

Carolyn and Liz are in the drawing room when Vicki comes in with the evening paper. Liz says she called Sam to see if there was anything she could do. Carolyn asks how Joe is handling it. Vicki says she saw Joe while they were dragging the water for Maggie's body, and he looked sad. Liz says that until she's found, she doesn't want either of them leaving the house alone at night. Maggie says that the doctor said Maggie might be in a sleepwalking state. Liz says if that were the case she would have been found. She's sure that she was abducted. She leaves, and Vicki tells Carolyn they should go for a walk. She suggests they go to the old house to see the progress Barnabas has been making.

The girls make their way to the old house. They knock on the door, and Vicki says she hopes Barnabas is home. Carolyn says they should go, and Vicki gives up. As they're leaving, the front door creaks open. Vicki calls for Barnabas or Willie. She steps in and doesn't see anyone. As she enters, Carolyn says they shouldn't go in. Vicki says that Barnabas invited them at any time. She wants Carolyn to see the difference in the house, and she reluctantly comes in. She's shocked by how it looks. She's impressed by Willie's work and Barnabas' taste. They see the portrait of Barnabas in progress, and Carolyn says that it could almost be the same man as the man in the portrait of the main house, as done by a different artist. Vicki goes upstairs to see the rest of the house. Carolyn discourages her, but joins her rather than staying alone downstairs.

They enter the luxurious room with Josette's portrait. Vicki sees the portrait and says David will be thrilled. Carolyn picks up an antique hairbrush. She sits in front of the mirror and says it's everything a woman of that century could want. Vicki notices the perfume container has liquid. She smells it and recognizes it as jasmine. As she does, the door slams shut. She opens it and finds Willie standing there. He asks what they're doing. Vicki says Barnabas invited them to look at the house. Willie says nothing should be touched in the room, and points out the things they were looking at. He tries to rearrange things. Carolyn asked what the room will be used for. Willie says it's just for looks. She asks which room Barnabas stays in. He tells them they need to leave right away, before it gets dark. They do, and he tries to ensure that the room and bed are exactly as they should be.

Vicki asks Willie to tell Barnabas how impressed they are with the restoration, and Barnabas steps in to say that they can tell him themselves. They asks about the room upstairs, and Barnabas says that the room had been Josette's. Vicki says she was sure it was Josette's room because of the jasmine perfume. Willie says that it's getting dark, and they should be leaving. Carolyn says her mother doesn't want them out after dark with everything going on in town. Barnabas asks if there's any news about Maggie. They tell him there's not. Vicki asks Barnabas about the story he told them the other night, and who the woman was. Barnabas says it was Josette Collins. She then asks who her lover was, and Barnabas says that no one knows, as it wasn't recorded.

After they leave, Barnabas points out that Willie gets upset when anyone talks to Barnabas. He says he can't help it, and Barnabas says he'll learn. He sends Willie to make arrangements for their dinner guest.

Back at the main house, Liz says she doesn't want the girls wandering around with Willie Loomis at the old house. They describe the restoration, and the room upstairs restored just like it had been when Josette lived there. Liz can't understand why he'd restore that room.

Barnabas sits down for dinner and asks Willie to show in their guest. Barnabas stands as Maggie comes downstairs, music box in hand. He kisses her hand and welcomes her as Josette.

Our thoughts

John: Quite the headline and photo of Maggie on the front page of The Collinsport Star!

Christine: Why is Liz so sure that Maggie has been abducted? I think most people would assume she's dead, considering she was dead when last seen at the hospital.

John: Vicki just makes herself at home at the old house. Who'd have thought that Carolyn would be the reasonable one suggesting that they shouldn't just snoop around uninvited. I almost think the roles would have been more natural if they were reversed.

Christine: That did seem out of sorts, though Vicki continues to have an interest in the Collins' history―especially Josette―that seems to overwhelm her good judgement.

John: So what do folks think. Is Maggie sleeping in a coffin by day? Or is she tucked away somewhere else in the house? Good thing for the girls that she doesn't spend her afternoons lounging about in in luxury accommodations...

Christine: Maybe she's staying in the secret room where Matthew kept Vicki. I don't think Barnabas' coffin is big enough for the two of them. Why is she wearing the wedding dress? Are they getting married tonight, or does Barnabas plan to have her always wear it? Creepy!

Admiring Willie's enforced labor.

It is a lovely chandelier.

I don't think Sam's got the hands quite right yet.


  1. Speaking of being out of character, Christine's last comment brings up a question - why would Vicky have much enthusiasm about going to a house where she was held hostage, even if it's a romantic place to her?

    1. It could be that the house is so changed that she doesn't connect it with the place she was held in captivity by a madman and nearly beheaded by an axe.

      Or it could be that the foundling governess is made of tougher stuff. She was locked in a room in the unused portion of the Main House and left to die by David. She then saved him from burning with his Phoenix mom, who had killed dear Peter Guthrie. None of this phased her, and she has cheerfully remained at Collinwood.

      However, I believe it is her connection to Josette that allows her to disregard any negative associations with the Old House. Josette helped save her from captivity by getting her ghostly pals to gang up on Matthew (Ep.126). She used her as a medium and communicated with her to help save David from the Phoenix. Their connection may suggest to her that she is an illegitimate Collins, so she is too ecstatic to see Josette's room restored and hear the romantic tales Barnabas has to tell of her to be thinking of the traumatic experience she had there.