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Dark Shadows Episode 224 - 5/5/67

David is crying for someone to open the door. Outside, dogs are howling. David runs around inside the house and the dogs suddenly go silent. David turns to see Barnabas standing before him. He asks David what's wrong, and David says he can't open the door. Barnabas opens it without issue, as does David. Barnabas notices he was crying, and asks what he came for. David asks about the portrait of Josette. Barnabas says he put it in another room. David asks if he can have it. Barnabas explains  the portrait belongs in the old house. He assures David that the portrait will be hung in a prominent spot.

Willie enters and David is excited to see him. Willie explains that he works there, and suggests David go home now that it's dark out. He ushers David out. Barnabas tells Willie that he worries too much, and tells David that he'll walk with him.

Jason lights a cigarette, and Liz asks him about Willie. Jason says they've seen the last of him, and Liz says he's at the old house. Jason says he was not aware. He says he'll take care of it right away, and then asks her about the transfer they agreed to. She says the money will be transferred to the account in Switzerland. He thanks her for helping make his dream come true of having a Swiss Bank Account.

He leaves, and David arrives with Barnabas. They discuss the painting of Josette. David leaves to get something to eat, and Liz pulls Barnabas aside. She asks him to do her a favor—get rid of Willie Loomis immediately. She asks if he knows about him, and Barnabas says he knows all about him. He explains that Willie has done amazing work at the old house, and has done nothing wrong. Barnabas says he'll regret losing him, but he'll do what she wishes. He does say that he can guarantee that Willie would not trouble anyone again. He asks if he should get rid of him now, or give him a chance and get rid of him at the first sign of trouble. Liz agrees to give him the benefit of the doubt, and Barnabas assures her that she'll have no further trouble from Willie.

Barnabas: "I assure you that you'll have no trouble...from him."

Jason arrives at the old house and finds Willie. He lets himself in, and asks if Barnabas is around. Willie says he's not, and Jason says that will give them a chance to chat. Jason asks what he's doing for Barnabas. Willie asks Jason to leave. Jason grabs him by the lapels and asks Willie what he's up to. He doesn't believe that he's taken a normal job, and asks him what he's up to. Barnabas interrupts them and says he'll tell him what Willie is up to.

Barnabas sends Willie off, and he obediently leaves. Jason seems impressed. He says Willie was never an errand runner, and Barnabas disagrees, saying he's just that. Barnabas says he was just explaining what Willie was doing to Liz. Jason says he came to see Willie based on Liz' request. Jason tells Barnabas that Willie isn't to be trusted, and offers his services if he needs help with Willie. Barnabas assures Jason he can deal with him far more effectively.

Sam prepares to leave for his next portrait session with Barnabas. He offers to stay with Maggie but she says she'll be fine. After Sam leaves. she gets into bed.

Barnabas tells Sam he likes the progress he's making. Sam explains that he could paint faster in the daylight, and Barnabas explains that time is not his concern. Barnabas asks about Maggie, pointing out she's a very lovely girl. Sam says he's very proud of her, and he looks forward to her getting married.

Maggie tosses and turns in her bed. She appears to enter a dream state, wandering around a fog encrusted forest, where she stumbles across a coffin. It opens and she screams—seeing herself inside, and then her own face replaced by a skull. She sits up in bed, screaming.

Our thoughts

John: Barnabas plays Liz like a violin. And I thought Jason McGuire was good at social engineering. I love how he tells everyone that he's got Willie under control, and yet only the audience knows what he means by that.

Christine: He is right to say that "Willie is a very different person than he was some weeks ago," especially considering that he was played by a different actor. I like how he dismissed Willie by telling him it was time to do "that job that you have to do." I assume that means getting him some dinner.

John: New set alert! Welcome to Maggie's bedroom!

Christine: It must mean we're going to be spending quite a bit of time in Maggie's bedroom in future episodes. It's creepy the way Barnabas says he's sure that Sam's daughter's future is assured.

John: Fantastic dream sequence ending! Particularly loved the Screaming Skull! And Maggie in the coffin—what could it all mean???

Christine: That was pretty cool! Maggie is losing it. Will she become Barnabas' vampire bride next week?

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