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Dark Shadows Episode 227 - 5/9/67

Barnabas sneaks into Maggie's bedroom at night. He smiles, baring his fangs, as he approaches her.

Maggie lies in bed asleep when Sam knocks on the door calling for her. He points out that she's overslept. Sam says he told the folks at the coffee shop that she'd be in later. Maggie says she feels strange—that she doesn't have much energy. She then says she's cold, and Sam points out she left her bedroom doors open. He says she looks very pale. He suggests that she rest, and she snaps at him.

In the coffee shop, Maggie wears a scarf around her neck. Joe arrives as she's having a cup of coffee. She gets up to get Joe a cup of coffee, and drops the mug. She snaps at him and overfills the next cup. He asks her what's wrong, and she says she must be coming down with something. He asks her how she slept, and she says she didn't sleep well. Sam arrives to check in on her and she says she's better. Joe says if this is better, he can only imagine what she was like before. Maggie nearly faints while pouring Sam's cup of coffee. Sam says he's going to get a doctor, and she yells at him before passing out.

Later, Maggie is back home in bed. Joe asks why she doesn't want to see a doctor. She's more upbeat than she was earlier, and he says he'll check on her in the morning. He says he'll bring her flowers and it reminds her of her bad dream.

At the old house, the portrait of Barnabas remains unfinished. Barnabas goes to the window and looks out.

Maggie is brushing her hair when her Dad checks in on her. She offers to drive him up to the old house.

Maggie and Sam arrive at the old house. Barnabas invites them in. Sam says that Maggie drove him, and asks if he can get a ride home when they finish. He says that's fine, and invites Maggie to sit down. Sam explains that she hasn't been feeling well, and will be returning home. Barnabas offers to see her to the door. He bids her farewell, and asks her to sleep well. Barnabas returns to his chair so Sam can resume the portrait.

Back home, Maggie gets into bed.

Sam tells Barnabas that he's about ready to quit for the night. Barnabas suggests that if they work through the night, they can skip the following night. Sam agrees. Barnabas steps out for some fresh air before they resume..

Maggie sits up in bed. She gets up and walks around the room. She opens the doors, unties her scarf and lies back in bed—ready for a night visitor.

Our thoughts

John: Well, Barnabas definitely had the fangs installed today!

Christine: Poor Maggie is near death and her boyfriend and dad are yukking it up and making jokes about her "off day." She made quite a transformation in the evening.

Christine: When Barnabas whispers in her ear to ask how she's feeling, she responds knowingly that she's very well. It's obvious these two have shared an intimate moment together.

John: How is it that the portrait of Barnabas hasn't changed, despite Sam having spent at least one additional night working on it?

Christine: Yeah, he should have been done by now. He's not working by the hour, after all. Barnabas is such a cad to run off to drain Maggie's blood while her father works on his painting.

John: Not sure if Maggie was supposed to reveal bite marks on her neck (or if they're saving that for the next episode).

Christine: It could be that he left no bite marks because he initially had no fangs.

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