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Dark Shadows Episode 223 - 5/4/67

Vicki tells Liz that she saw Willie. Liz asks where she saw him, and Vicki explains that he is working for Barnabas Collins, and living in the old house. Liz says that's impossible. She says she's going to see Barnabas. David comes downstairs and asks if he can go with her. Liz says he can't come right now, and leaves. David whines, and Vicki sends him upstairs to work on his schoolwork. David asks if his aunt is mad at Barnabas. He says he's mad at him if Barnabas is changing the old house.

Liz arrives at the old house and knocks on the door. When there's no answer, she lets herself in. She calls to Barnabas, but there's no answer. She sees the portrait Sam started, and notices the work that's been done to clean up the old house. The front door closes, startling her, and David enters. He said he had to see the changes Barnabas made. David notices the portrait of Josette is gone. David starts upstairs to look for the painting, but his aunt stops him. He says Josette is no longer watching over them. She explains that its Barnabas' house, and it's likely his new portrait over the fireplace.

Vicki talks to Burke as they look at Barnabas' portrait in the main house. He can't believe that he would hire Willie Loomis. Vicki asks if Liz is really expecting him, and he says no. He says Liz likes to see him since he's the only one who stands up to her once and a while. Vicki says she hasn't seemed well, and Burke says it's since Jason McGuire showed up. He says he needs to talk to Liz about something she did.

Liz tells Burke he shouldn't be there. He asks why she sold a seafront parcel to Hackett. He asks why she didn't sell it to him. He says he would have preserved the land instead of destroy it. He says that he could have paid her cash, and he's sure she only sold to Hackett because she needed cash. He asks if she was forced into doing it. He implies that Jason was likely behind it. Burke asks about Willie working for Barnabas. He offers his help if they decide they need to get rid of Willie.

David is pouting on the stairs when Burke is leaving. Burke joins him and asks what's up. David says he thinks he's mad at his cousin. He says he likes him, but he's taken over the old house, and he moved the portrait of Josette. Burke suggests that maybe he didn't like it. David says it's not only that. He says that with the picture gone, he also thinks that Josette is gone, and won't be there to protect him. Burke says he should ask his cousin for the portrait of Josette if he likes it so much. He's excited by the idea, and heads out to the old house. Burke closes the door but remains inside, where he closely examines the portrait of Barnabas in the foyer.

David arrives at the old house and calls out to Barnabas. He leaves the front doors open as he looks around. Outside, wolves howl.

David calls out to Josette, saying he's afraid. The front doors slam shut, and David runs and pounds on them. The wolves seem to get closer as David cowers behind the closed doors of the old house.

Our thoughts

John: It's been a while since we've seen Jason McGuire, though Burke Devlin was a welcome guest in today's episode. 

Christine: Who would have imagined that Burke would ever want to do anything to help Liz? I wonder if it's inspired by his affection for Vicki. I like how he makes the determination that Barnabas is not too bright.

John: Barnabas had better install a lock on the front door. Folks seem a little too comfortable barging in to the old house at all hours of the day.

Christine: No kidding! Although it could be a way for him to procure a tasty snack, if Willie does his job and traps the hapless invader.

John: So I think it's safe to assume Liz didn't sell the waterfront parcel to get the $500 to get rid of Willie Loomis. Is that just cash going to Jason, or is something else percolating in Collinsport.

Christine: David raises an interesting point in today's episode: Where's Josette? If Barnabas represents a threat, then how come she hasn't taken a walk out of her portrait to warn the Collins family about their dear cousin? Is it because Barnabas claimed the house as his and said her power was ended back in Episode 212?

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