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Dark Shadows Episode 237 - 5/23/67

Vicki is on the phone with Sam Evans, and tells him she's going to join the search for her. Jason comes downstairs and asks what's going on. She explains that Maggie Evans disappeared from the hospital. Jason asks if she got up from a sick bed and walked out. Vicki says they think someone may have taken her, as a nurse believed that she was dead. Jason doesn't understand. Vicki says that the nurse went to tell the doctor that Maggie appeared to be dead, and when they returned she was gone.

Burke arrives with the sheriff. Burke introduces him to Jason McGuire, who excuses himself before the sheriff asks him to join them. The sheriff says they've got no clues as to her whereabouts. They even had bloodhounds, but they seemed to be afraid of something. The sheriff says that he needs to explore the possibility that someone was involved in her disappearance. Vicki describes the call that led them to find Maggie in the cemetery. Vicki also mentions that she had talked to Willie Loomis earlier, and he was upset when he found out that Maggie was missing. The sheriff asks if the caller could have been Willie. The sheriff says he wants to talk to Willie.

Jason steps out with him, and asks if he should be accusing Willie. The sheriff says that questioning is not accusing. The sheriff points out that Jason brought Willie to town. The sheriff also brings up Willie's criminal record, and asks if Jason does. He smiles and says that he's sure the sheriff checked up on him at the same time he did Willie, and the sheriff confirms that he didn't find anything. The sheriff leaves to go to the old house.

Vicki tells Burke she's upset by what the nurse said—that Maggie was dead. Burke invites her to come with him to the hospital, and assures her that the nurse probably made a mistake.

The sheriff lets himself into the old house, as the front door was standing open. He sees the in progress portrait of Barnabas. Willie walks downstairs and is startled by the sheriff. The sheriff asks if Mr. Collins is in, and Willie says he's out, and will be back later that night. The sheriff says he actually wanted to speak to Willie. He asks if Willie can account for his whereabouts between last night and this morning. Willie says he was in Bangor, and Barnabas can confirm that. The sheriff pushes, asking about Maggie's prior disappearance. He asks what Willie did after he left Vicki at the Evans house that night. Willie says he came right home, and Sam can confirm that. The sheriff threatens Willie with hard time in prison if he doesn't help him in his investigation. He tells Willie that if Maggie turns up dead, he'll book Willie on suspicion.

Vicki asks the doctor how the nurse could find Maggie dead. Burke asks if she could have been mistaken. The doctor says she's a professional, and that based on her professional opinion, Maggie was dead. Burke says that would mean someone took her body. The doctor says that he can only hope that his nurse was mistaken. Vicki says the case seems a lot like what Willie Loomis went through. The doctor dismisses that, and then says it might be helpful to see him. Burke says he'll ensure Willie shows up. The doctor says the one thing that still baffles him are the puncture wounds on Maggie's throat.

There's a knock on the door of the old house. Willie reluctantly answers it, and it's Jason. He tries to keep Jason out, but he lets himself in. Jason asks what Willie told the sheriff. He asks if he can pin Maggie's disappearance on him. He says that they're looking closely at him, too. He tells Willie to quit his job and move on. Willie asks him to leave, and says he doesn't want to see him any more. Willie raises a hammer and tells Jason to leave.

Willie starts to swing and Jason knocks the hammer out of his hand, and proceeds to beat him.

He tells Willie to leave, and threatens to do worse to him if he doesn't. Jason leaves, and Willie wipes blood from his mouth.

On his way back to the main house, Jason hears howling dogs. They appear to be surrounding him, and he looks terrified.

Our thoughts

John: Is it me, or after all the goings-on in Collinsport, has the sheriff become a little more aggressive in his investigatory techniques? It seems like he's ready to convict Willie on suspicion alone!

Christine: It could be that he is more aggressive when investigating anyone without the Collins surname.

John: Ouch! Jason shows his physical side by giving Willie a few lumps. I don't know that Barnabas is going to be happy with someone else beating his whipping boy. And all this is after the poor guy has tried to turn his life around.

Christine: Just when his wolf's head cane bruises had healed so quickly, too. He says he's going to "go all the way" with Willie if he doesn't leave. Whatever does he mean by that? I wonder when folks will begin to notice that Barnabas is never around during the daytime.

John: It's nice to see Jason afraid for a change. Can't wait to see what happens to him tomorrow!

Christine: So the doctor is still baffled by the puncture wounds on Maggie's throat. Has no one in Collinsport ever read Bram Stoker's Dracula or even seen the Universal Pictures film?

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