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Episode 189 - 3/16/67

Dawn arrives with Vicki watching over David as he sleeps. Mrs. Johnson offers to bring breakfast up to David's room, and starts to mention that Mr. Collins left with Mrs. Collins. Vicki tries to stop her, but David realizes, and appears to already know, that his mother has gone.

Burke stops by the diner for coffee. He mentions that the bus for Boston has left. Maggie is relieved. Joe arrives, and he also feels that something's not right. Burke heads out to take David fishing. Maggie tells Joe that she told her Dad that Laura was leaving this morning, and he slept really well last night. Joe says he was up until three o'clock last night... three o'clock this morning. He says they're the same thing, and then runs out telling Maggie he has to check on something.

David tells Burke he doesn't want to go fishing. Vicki says she'd feel better if he stays with her. Burke says Vicki needs some rest. David says he could, as long as they're not out too late. Burke says they can't, because they have a date. Vicki protests, but ultimately agrees. David says he's fine staying with Mrs. Johnson while they go to dinner.

At The Blue Whale, Burke and Vicki have dinner. Vicki's concerned, but Burke says he's fine.

Mrs. Johnson tells David to get ready for bed, and he says he's got to finish his studying. He tells her that he remembers that he left a book downstairs. She stops him from leaving the room. He says he has one more problem to do and then he'll go to bed. David then says that he's hungry, but Mrs. Johnson says he didn't clean his plate at dinner, so no snacks. He tries to get her to go get him something, and she's adamant that she won't be leaving the room.

Vicki appears to be enjoying herself with Burke. He points it out, and then she starts thinking about Collinwood. Joe drops in, and brings up the newspaper clipping. He says the reference to 'last night' in the article could have referenced this morning. He researched it, and found the time of death was 2:30 this morning, so today is the anniversary of the deaths. Vicki is troubled, and Burke suggests she call Mrs. Johnson.

The phone rings at Collinwood, and David tells Mrs. Johnson he'll get ready for bed while she answers it. She goes downstairs, leaving him alone in his room.

Downstairs, Mrs. Johnson answers the phone and tells Vicki that she's there with David. She asks if Mrs. Johnson locked the door before leaving. She says she's sure he's still up there, and calls up to him. There's no answer. She goes up to his room, and it's empty. She screams his name, but it's clear he's gone.

Our thoughts

John: Who was manning the superimposition of the title during today's opening? I assumed that was burned in to the footage of the crashing waves, but the way the title appeared and disappeared throughout today's opening indicates otherwise. Maybe it was Laura's influence...

Christine: That was novel to see it blinking on and off like a Christmas tree light. Surely the work of a supernatural entity.

John: So David got to go fishing, but we're not invited along. One minute he and Burke are heading out, and the next thing you know, Vicki and Burke are at dinner. Do you suppose Joe spent all day running around town trying to find Vicki to share the news (looking everywhere except Collinwood, of course)? Or do you think it took him that long to actually confirm his suspicion of the date of death?

Christine: How many places would Joe have to run to find her? Burke is finally getting to have that steak dinner with Vicki that she owed him from Episode 34. He's very attentive to refilling her wine glass. Did you catch when he called her Maggie by mistake after David leaves the room to get ready for fishing? Alexandra Moltke had to stifle a grin.

John: Mrs. Johnson did a commendable job not falling for any of David's ploys to get rid of her. While I don't think that locking his bedroom door would have prevented his 'escape'—she could have had him join her downstairs while she answered the phone, under the guise of getting him the glass of milk he so desperately wanted. As soon as she left him alone, I think we all knew he was as good as gone.

Christine: If Vicki hadn't called, and they'd just gone to Collinwood to check on him, he would not have made his getaway so easily. Mrs. Johnson made a pretty thorough search for him, checking what must be his usual hiding places.

Under the bed.

Next to the desk.

On the bookshelf?

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