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Episode 199 - 3/30/67

Maggie finds out that the money Roger paid for his paintings 10 years ago was to keep him from testifying against him in Burke Devlin's manslaughter trial. She asks why he would do that. He explains that he did it for Maggie and her mother. He said that the two years before her mother died, she was very sick and they couldn't afford it. Taking the money from Roger was impossible to resist. She realizes that Burke wasn't driving the car; that Burke was—and that he saw the accident. Sam says the car was swerving on the highway, and hit a man walking on the highway. It happened too fast for him to warn the man. He said the car stopped for a fraction of a second—it was Burke's car, but Roger was driving. He said Roger came to the house the next morning and offered $15,000 for the paintings. Maggie tells him that he let an innocent man go to jail for five years. He realizes that she's not only disappointed in him, she's also ashamed of him. She goes for a walk, leaving Sam alone.

In The Blue Whale, Burke tells Vicki he's never heard of Jason McGuire. She tells him Liz has invited him to stay, and he seems to intend to stay indefinitely. Vicki says that Liz has been acting strange since she returned from the hospital. Jason enters, and walks over to Vicki. She introduces him to Burke. He says the name sounds familiar, and asks if he owns a local business. He says Carolyn told him all about Burke. A stranger enters and calls to Jason. They go sit at another table. Burke says he seemed in a rush to keep his friend from them.

Jason tells Willie Loomis to stop staring at Vicki. He asks if she's up at Collinwood, too. He asks if the Stoddard dame has come around, and Jason tells him that they'll do all right, and he'll get his share. Willie clarifies that he'll get half. He says to ask Mrs. Stoddard if he can move into the house as well. Jason tells him to be patient. Another man bumps into Willie by accident, and he gets up to fight him, only to be held back by Jason and other bar patrons.

Burke tells Vicki that McGuire has a strange taste in friends.

Maggie returns home, and Sam tells her he's giving up drinking. She says she'll make him dinner, and then she's got a date with Joe. He says he couldn't eat anything, and asks her to sit down. He tells her he wants her to understand why he did what he did. He says it was a mistake, but it's in the past. He asks her if there's a way he can change it. She says he could go to Burke, and Sam says he could go to the sheriff, and that could end up with him in jail. He says that's too drastic. Maggie goes to change, and Sam pours himself a drink, but doesn't drink it. He puts it down and walks to the phone. He dials the Inn and asks to speak to Burke Devlin.

Sam paces back and forth, until he hears a car pull up. Burke comes in and asks what's going on. Sam says he's got to tell him something, and offers Burke a drink. Burke asks what's the emergency. Sam tells him that he had a talk with Maggie about him this morning. They spoke of the accident 10 years ago, and Burke's manslaughter charge. Burke asks if he saw it, and Sam says yes. He describes the car hitting the man, and says that Burke, Roger and Laura Collins were in the car. Burke asks if he was driving. Sam says that Burke was passed out in the back seat. Burke implores him to tell him who was driving, and Sam admits it was Roger.

Our thoughts

John: Today's biggest shocker—Willie Loomis wasn't always played by John Karlen! Okay, maybe not the episode's biggest shocker. But he certainly has an interesting introduction into the series. He's not as much of a weasel as I recall him being from future episodes.

Christine: Willie #1 is played by James Hall, who seems to be channeling Mr. Linden from Carnival of Souls. He may not be as much of a weasel as Willie #2, but his violent outburst, manner of speaking about himself in third person, and creepy ogling of Vicki makes him seem a lot more unbalanced than the Willie we will come to know and love. I liked how Jason says Willie will get "a share of the part." That about sums it up. Of course we know he'll be getting more than he's reckoned for. I wonder why Jason whispered to Bartender Bob Rooney when getting Willie under control.

John: Nice, Sam. Ask your daughter what to do, and then tell her you can''t do what she asks. Chicken.

Christine: Pretty much. Sam told Maggie he was going on the wagon. He almost made it to the end of the episode before he fell off.

John: No sooner than we've lost all respect for Sam, he fooled us all, and went and did what Maggie asked. Burke Devlin finally knows the truth!

Christine: I think he realized it was the only way to earn Maggie's respect back. Did someone lag on Cue 136: "Small Sting" or was it played too soon? It played after Sam said Roger was driving, and then as Burke looks stunned and backs up, there's an awkward silence before we hear the cue again.

Burke pours the wine for his second date with Vicki.

"But remember this: Willie is not a patient man." -Willie Loomis
Kathryn Leigh Scott's turn with the slate today.

I think she's giving us a hint that someone with fangs is on the way.

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