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Dark Shadows Episode 923 1/7/70

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There's a knock at Amanda's door. She opens it, and it's the man from the bridge. He calls her Amanda and tells her that he hopes that she's ready. She tries to close the door but he forces his way in.

She tells him that he can't take her right now. He points out that she's had a long and glamorous life. She says she knows he's death, and tells him that he's found Quentin. He reminds her that if she found Quentin and he shared her love, they would be happy forever. She points out that he lost his memory. He asks her if she's making this up. She assures him that she is not. He points out that Quentin doesn't know her. She demands to know when she is going to die. He asks if she's sure she wants to know. He opens his pocket watch. He tells her he drove the beast in the woods away from her, as it wasn't her time. He tells her she has four minutes. She runs next door and pounds on the door to Quentin's room. The man says she can hope he returns, remembering.

Julia flips through Collins family photo albums, noticing that all pictures of Quentin have been removed.

The man watches his stopwatch. Amanda hears someone coming, but it's not Quentin. The man asks how much more time she wants. He considers what it would be like to be the man she was waiting for. She asks for more time, and he tells her she has seven days for Quentin to profess his love for her.

Sabrina arrives at Collinwood. Carolyn is surprised to see her. She asks what she's doing there. Sabrina tells her that she must come with her. Carolyn says she's going to call the rest home. Sabrina asks her to please come with her, and Carolyn agrees, under the condition that Sabrina does what she says later. The two leave together.

Julia assures Amanda they can make Quentin's memory return in seven days. She leaves, saying she's going to get the one thing that will make Quentin remember.

Sabrina and Carolyn arrive at Tate's house. Carolyn doesn't know where they are. Sabrina lets them in, and Carolyn asks who lives there, and why she brought her there. Sabrina says a man was murdered in this room tonight. Carolyn asks who. Sabrina says it was a painter named Monroe. Carolyn asks why they came there. She hears a wolf howling and is frightened. They hear a door open.

Julia Hoffman enters, and is surprised to see Carolyn. Sabrina says Julia is there because she knows. She says Julia is helping hide him. She demands that Julia tell Carolyn, and Julia slaps her. Carolyn helps her out of the room. Julia tells Carolyn to take her to Collinwood and call the rest home to come and collect her. She goes through the desk and finds several papers. She finds numerous letters Harrison Monroe sent to galleries looking for a specific large Tate canvas.

Carolyn reminds Sabrina that the last time she spoke, she warned her that Chris would kill her. She asks if Chris killed the man tonight. She says, "not Chris." Carolyn confirms that she doesn't love Chris, and Sabrina admits that she does.

Julia shows Amanda a receipt for the Tate canvas that she is sure has Quentin's portrait underneath. She says it was purchased by Sky Rumson, and that she's going to see him at his summer house in Maine.

Rumson is on the phone making arrangements for a plane and helicopter trip to Washington. Julia thanks him for letting her intrude. She says she's there to see him about his Tate painting. She asks if she can see it. He shows it to her. Julia realizes that it's the right size, but doesn't know how to determine if there's anything underneath it. Julia asks if she can borrow it. Rumson says she can ask his wife, who will be arriving shortly.

He brings Julia to a portrait of her. Julia is shocked to see the portrait of Rumson's wife, who he tells her is named Angelique.

Our thoughts

John: I'm a little bit disappointed in Death. It would be one thing if he let Amanda live in order to date her (he did drop a hint of interest, which she seemed to overlook), but he gave up seven more days without so much as her begging for them...

Christine: Apparently, Death is an easygoing, hopeless romantic. Except for when it comes to Josette and Barnabas. I can't help but wonder what Quentin's missing photos look like, and why Quentin was being photographed by himself on Christmas Eve and at the picnic. Where were Carl, Judith and Edward?

John: It's a bit strange for Sabrina just to show up at Collinwood. I wonder where she got her special gift of knowing about the werewolf's victims...

Christine: I couldn't help cheering when Julia slapped her in the face to stop her caterwauling. She is a bit of an annoying character. Maybe she had special knowledge about Tate because she has a brother who has an uncanny resemblance to the late artist.

John: What the hell? Angelique—going by Angelique—has been married to some rich publisher? And has control of Quentin's portrait? I guess we can assume she's been stalking Quentin and Amanda through the ages...

Christine: The fact that he's got her magic portrait hanging would indicate that the witch is back in town! Did he think she was posing for a Renaissance Fair portrait? Who celebrates their 6 month anniversary anyway? Perhaps that's a long time to be committed for playboy publisher, Skylar Rumson. Can't wait to get to know more about this jet setting couple!

How did this interesting sculpture get slipped into the set design at Old Man Tate's place? Risqué!

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