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Dark Shadows Episode 934 1/22/70

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Quentin tells Amanda to look ahead. She starts back the other way, and he calls her to come to him. She does, and as she reaches the edge, she falls, grabbing the top of the rope bridge. He grabs her hand and is able to pull her back up. They hug, and then she tells him that they've lost because they touched. He tells her to follow him, and she is buried under falling debris.

Amanda calls to Quentin as he lies passed out on the ground. He comes to and gets up, wishing it were all a dream. He realizes that Amanda is gone as the cave is gone.

The sheriff covers Paul's body and asks Julia if she notified the family. He says he doesn't know what to say other than he was destroyed horribly in the room he died in.

He says he'll give Paul's coat to someone who can investigate what's on it.

He leaves, and Stokes tells Julia that they should mention Barnabas' involvement. The sheriff comes back in and says they'll arrange an autopsy to see if that helps them identify Paul's killer. Julia says whatever killed Paul moved fiercely and quickly.

Megan goes upstairs to see if he's back yet. She tells Philip that he had to silence Paul. Philip asks what will happen when they see him wandering the countryside. Megan says he's faster and more clever than anyone after him.

Philip tells her that he'll get back, but someone will see him and follow him back. They'll find a killer in a dark, boarded up room. Philip says that it can't stay there anymore. They hear the heavy breathing, and Megan is excited he's back.

Philip says that she had better pray that no one saw him. Philip reiterates that he has to get out, if he can take care of himself. Megan calls him a coward. He says he may be a coward, but someone may come for him at any second.

Julia tells the sheriff what Paul's last words were. The sheriff repeats them. "Monster... room upstairs... dark boards... basement room... breathing... always breathing." He asks if Julia's sure that's what he said, and she says it is. The sheriff asks if she has any idea where the room might be. She says she saw him come out of the antique shop. The sheriff dismisses that, and then says Megan called him about Paul.

He says he thought it was because of Carolyn. Julia says she has to tell Carolyn, and they agree to say he died of a heart attack. Julia says they've got to find out what happened. The phone rings, and Stokes hands it to the sheriff. The sheriff says the chemist couldn't identify the substance on the jacket, and he's sending it to Bangor because it's unlike anything he's seen in his life. The sheriff recalls that Megan was frantic when she called him.

Megan tells Philip that he won't go. She adds that he was contemptuous. He asks if she locked him in and she says there's no point, as no lock will hold him. Philip says he doesn't know how they got into this, but now is the time to get out, and they have to leave while they can escape with their lives.

She says she can't leave it, and Philip says he's going with or without her. She begs him not to walk out on her when the phone rings. She answers, and sounds very excited.

She says that Elizabeth confirmed that they found Paul Stoddard dead of a heart attack, and that he never spoke to anyone. She smiles and tells Philip there's no reason to run away now.

Philip stands with his face reflecting in the mirror. Megan comes downstairs and says he's calm now and the window is fixed. She adds that there's no reason for Philip to be frightened of him. She says she's going to walk over to Collinwood, and will pretend to console her 'good friend' Carolyn. She tells him to stay, and says there's nothing to worry about. She adds that she told him not to hurt him.

The sheriff says the search warrant will be ready in an hour. Julia asks to join him. He says it could be dangerous, and that he doesn't know what to believe. They leave Professor Stokes behind, looking befuddled.

Philip starts upstairs when there's a knock on the door. It's the sheriff with Julia. He says he has a warrant to search the premises. He says someone mentioned their shop in his dying words. Philip asks who, and the sheriff says Paul Stoddard. Philip asks if he's dead, and the sheriff confirms that he's very dead. Philip says Paul was disturbed, and doesn't want to let them look around.

The sheriff asks Philip to lead the way, and they go upstairs. The sheriff asks whose room is at the top of the stairs, and Philip says it was the room of the child who died. He swears that there's nothing in there, and asks them not to defile it. The sheriff tells him that they're definitely going into the room at the top of the stairs. He draws his pistol, opens the door, and walks into a brightly lit room.

Our thoughts

John: I wish we got to hear Julia telling the sheriff Paul's last words. "Yes sheriff, I remember his last words exactly. They were, 'Monster. Room upstairs. Dark boards. Basement room. Breathing. Always breathing.' Oh, and 'Megan and Philip Todd's Antique Shop and Leviathan Breeding Ground.' Yep, I'm sure that's everything."

Christine: Whatever happened to "the enemies of Leviathan must not die by the hand of Leviathan" that David read from the Leviathan text in Episode 918? Let's hope Paul Stoddard's spirit will return to war with them, as predicted in the big book of Leviathan quotes.

John: I like how the sheriff suggests lying to Carolyn about Paul's cause of death, and how Julia's right on board with that. I wish we could have seen Elizabeth take a celebratory drink when she heard the news. And when the sheriff told her that Paul definitely didn't have any last words. In fact, he definitely didn't tell anyone, "Monster. Room upstairs. Dark boards. Basement room. Breathing. Always breathing."

Christine: I wonder if Julia suggested he not share that information with her, just as they conspired to lie to Carolyn about the cause of death.

John: It was beginning to look like no one in Collinwood understands how search warrants work. The sheriff presents it, and Philip basically tells him no. It looked like the sheriff wasn't going to press the issue, and almost begged Philip to help them out. Of course, Philip didn't give a very convincing performance when suggesting that they definitely didn't need to go into the room upstairs that belonged to the kid who recently died under mysterious circumstances—a kid who had several uncomfortable encounters with the newly deceased Paul Stoddard. Yeah, best not to defile that room. Of course there's a good chance that by tomorrow, it will be defiled with the remains of the sheriff...

Christine: I have a feeling that Megan has helped whisk away any trace of the Leviathan child. Has Quentin lost Amanda for good, or will he find a way to trick Death into giving her back?

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