Thursday, January 30, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 939 1/29/70

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At Sheriff Davenport's grave, the earth trembles and a hand breaks free, clutching at the sky. The undead Sheriff rises from his grave.

Carolyn is in the drawing room when Maggie comes in. Carolyn says she doesn't want to talk about her father. She then goes on to talk about her father. Maggie asks if she knows what troubled her father, and Carolyn says she doesn't. Carolyn says she will find out who's responsible for his death. Carolyn tells Maggie she plans to go back to work at the antique shop. Maggie reminds her that her father was there the night he died. Carolyn says he was also at Collinwood and Professor Stokes' place the night he died. She says Megan and Philip are wonderful people, and had nothing to do with her father's death. Maggie leaves her to her thoughts.

Sheriff Davenport's corpse arrives at Collinwood and wanders through the terrace. He sees the light in the window, and when he hears a door open, he moves into the shadows. Carolyn comes out and hears a rustling. She asks who it is, but can't see him. Jeb calls to her saying hello, and apologizes for frightening her. He says he was drawn to see her. Carolyn says she's flattered, but adds that it's very late. She says considering the death in her family, his coming is in bad taste. He asks if she wants him to leave, and she engages him in conversation.

He suggests that fate brought them together, and she denies it. He tells her that she'll see tomorrow, when they get married. She asks if they're going to get married just like that. He tells her there will be a special ceremony. She's offended that he has decided that she's going to marry him, and says she's appalled. He says it's not a frivolous decision. He says she needs a whole new existence, and he can give it to her.

She asks him if she should feel lucky. She tells him goodnight and he grabs her. He says it's written that they're going to be together. She calls him crazy and threatens to scream. He lets her go, and she goes back inside. Jeb leaves and the zombie Sheriff steps back into the garden.

Maggie is heading upstairs when Carolyn comes in, upset. She runs upstairs. Barnabas enters and Maggie asks him if he saw Carolyn or anyone else on the terrace. She says Carolyn just came in, upset. He offers to go upstairs to talk to her, and Maggie suggests they leave her alone. She mentions that she discouraged Carolyn from returning to the antique shop. She asks Barnabas why he doesn't want her to return, and he says he can't tell her, but he's glad he has her to count on.

Maggie takes his hand and says she's glad he came back to Collinwood. He says he's glad to be back with friends—especially her.

Jeb returns to the antique shop. He opens the door and invites the zombie Sheriff inside. Inside, Jeb tells him to look at him, and asks him if he knows who he is. Davenport says yes. Jeb tells him he's the first that he brought back from death to serve him. He says that if he fails to do ask he asks, he'll send him back to the grave forever.

Carolyn receives flowers and a note from Jeb, apologizing, and asking her to meet him tomorrow. The note is signed "Love, Jeb." She puts them in a vase as Barnabas arrives.

She tells him that she's feeling better. He points out that she has an admirer. Carolyn tells him that the man is strange and impetuous. She says she keeps meeting him accidentally. Barnabas points out that he's the one who upset her, saying he saw Maggie last night after Carolyn went upstairs. Carolyn tells him not to worry about it. She goes to put water in the vase, and he reads the note. He realizes that his only recourse is killing Jeb.

Jeb is on the phone with Philip, telling him that he doesn't need them to watch over him any more. He hangs up the phone and Barnabas enters. He says that he realizes he cannot dissuade him, and suggests that they arrive at an understanding. He offers to obey and abide by Jeb's decisions. Jeb asks what brought this change about. Barnabas says their goal depends on it. Jeb says he knew he'd come around; he just didn't expect it would be so soon. Barnabas suggests that they seal the deal with a drink.

He goes into the back room where there's a bottle of sherry and two glasses. He pours them and adds a liquid to one of them. He takes the two glasses back to Jeb and offers a toast to their success. Jeb pauses, and says he wants to propose the toast. He toasts Carolyn, and their future together, and asks Barnabas to do the same. Barnabas does, and watches Jeb down his drink.

Our thoughts

John: Hadn't everyone told Carolyn that her father died of a heart attack? I can understand her suspecting foul play, but it almost seems like she was told he was murdered.

Christine: She said she would find out who was responsible for his death, so she may be thinking that someone caused him to have a heart attack, rather than be deliberately murdered.

John: I have to say, considering her history with bad boys, I was surprised that Carolyn showed a bit more backbone when dealing with Jeb. Of course less than 24 hours later, she's graciously accepting flowers from him...

Christine: Jeb should probably consult the Leviathan book to see if there's any information on how to effectively woo his proposed bride. He uses the same immature and ineffective tactics that Adam did.

John: I'm sorry, if I was dead and reanimated against my will, I would think being sent back to the grave forever would be a reward and not a punishment. I do like the fresh from the grave look of Sheriff Davenport, and do hope we'll see a few more members of Jeb's 'Army of the Dead' before he's done away with once and for all (Because we all know that he's not going out by way of a little poison in his drink!).

Christine: I also thought that was a pretty pointless threat. I wonder what kind of service he expects from zombie Sheriff Davenport. Will he be fixing his meals, washing his clothes, delivering flowers and love notes to Carolyn after he abuses her, or will he be wanting him to kill, kill, kill?


Anonymous said...

OK, so a number of things... First of all, why wasn't Sheriff Davenport buried in his uniform if he died in the line of duty? And even if we let that go, no coffin? If nothing else, Collinsport always seemed to be on top of it when it came to coffins and headstones.

John Scoleri said...

I was actually surprised he wasn't buried in his costume, because that meant they needed to come up with another costume for him! And remember, the way folks toss them around, Collinwood coffins are made of pretty lightweight stuff; assume he just burrowed his way through it.

Christine said...

Good observations! Considering that they engraved "Sheriff Davenport" on his gravestone, he really should have been buried in his uniform! Perhaps the show writers were afraid a zombie cop on TV would offend police officers.