Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 922 1/6/70

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Old man Tate is trapped in his house with the werewolf. The werewolf scratches at the portrait Tate painted and knocks it down.

Grant arrives back at Tate's in time to hear him screaming. He enters and finds Tate lying lying on the floor, bloody. The werewolf appears and attacks him. Grant punches the wolf, and then grabs a silver candlestick, which scares the werewolf away. He checks on Tate, and asks him where Chris Jennings is.

Tate calls him Quentin, and suggests that he should know what's going on. Grant asks when the creature came, and Tate says it was a long time ago. Grant tells him to lie still while he goes to call a doctor. Tate tells him that he saved him, and asks Quentin to save him.

Olivia agrees that her handwriting looks like her grandmother's. Julia tells her that an expert is sure they're the same. Julia asks her for details where her grandmother is buried. The phone rings. It's Grant, asking to speak to Julia. She tells him she'll be right there. Olivia says she'll go with her, and Julia says that's a good idea. She says they're going to see a man named Harrison Monroe.

Tate tells Grant that he'll die soon. He says he can see death over his shoulder.

Julia arrives with Olivia. She tells Grant to stay with Olivia, and whispers in his ear. She goes in to check on Tate.

She asks him where the portrait of Quentin is. He tells her it's destroyed. She says it can't be, since Quentin didn't change to a werewolf. He says he'll tell her in exchange for life. She says she can't give him that, but she can offer something else he wants. Julia invites Olivia into the room. She asks her to call the man by his first name, Charles.

She approaches the bloody mess, and he calls her Amanda, saying she has come back. He says he knew she would someday. She asks Julia who he is, and she says it's Charles Delaware Tate. She tells Tate that she brought him Amanda, and asks him where the portrait of Quentin is. He keels over. She tells Grant to call the police. Olivia asks why she brought her there, and Julia tells her that she wanted her to see Tate. She points out that her crying over Tate's death confirms that she is Amanda Harris. She tells Julia that death frightens her. She leaves.

The werewolf stalks the woods as Amanda leaves Tate's house. He jumps down in front of her, but does not attack her.

Grant tells Julia that the creature attacked him, but fled when he luckily picked up the silver candlestick. Julia assures him that Quentin knew what to do to protect himself from a werewolf. Grant says that he and Chris are both lucky. Julia asks about Chris, and Grant says he escaped, too.

Olivia returns to her room, distraught. She speaks to Quentin and says she was frightened. She asks when the darkness will lift, not realizing that Julia snuck into the room. She says that she knew she was Amanda Harris. She asks Julia if she knows her, why doesn't Quentin? Amanda says that Quentin came to her and said they had to say goodbye. She says she begged him to give her another chance, hoping she could change his mind.

In a flashback, Quentin tells her there's no point in waiting for him. She asks him what's the matter. He says that if it took him 20 years, she would be older, but he would be the same. He gives her a locket to remember him by. She cries and tells him she'll always remember him. He leaves her, crying on a bridge.

A man approaches her and she tells him to stay back or she'll jump. The man tells her that she's beautiful, and other men will love her. He then says he can give her a chance, but she jumps off the bridge.

She tells Julia that when she came to, she was in a hotel lobby.

Her flashback continues. The man from the bridge appears and asks her if she remembers him. She asks where she is, and he says it's the, "stopping off place." She asks why she only sees him, while she hears others. He says the others have come and gone, leaving only memories behind. He says he offered her a chance, and is offering it again. He says she was meant to live a long, natural life. He says he's going to give her the rest of it. He explains that he's an incurable romantic, and her love for Quentin touched his heart. He offers her the rest of her life to find Quentin.

She thanks him, and says he'll have to give the chance to someone else. She says Quentin left him because he will never grow old. He tells her he's going to break the rules, and let her stay young for the rest of her life. He adds that if she finds Quentin and convinces him to be with her before her time is up, the will be together forever. He asks how he'll know when her time is up. He says he'll come to her when it's her time to die.

Olivia says the next thing she knows, she woke up on the bridge. As the years passed, she didn't grow old. And now that she's found Quentin, he doesn't know her. Julia says there must be a way. She says Grant behaved as Quentin would. If they can find more realities like that, they may be able to get Quentin back. She tells Olivia she mustn't give up, and leaves for Collinwood. Olivia tells herself she mustn't give up, when there's a knock at the door. She opens it, and it's the man from the bridge. He tells her that he waited for her guest to leave, and hopes that she's ready.

Our thoughts

John: Look who's here! Death takes a holiday in Collinsport! Sure, it's completely out of left field in the middle of the Leviathan storyline, but still pretty cool. But should he have shown up at Tate's place first? The guy's asleep at the wheel.

Christine: Maybe he decided to show up at Amanda's place since he was already in town for Tate. He must get a lot of business in Collinsport.

John: I do have to say, I like the bloody version of Tate's ridiculous old-age makeup. It goes well with the afghan. Yes, our good friend the afghan, with almost as many appearances as the other cast members. It's either the most popular style (or only style) sold in Collinsport. I wish we had created an afghan label when we started... That would be an interesting screening option—just the afghan episodes...

Christine: Well, we certainly can do better than a simple label here at Dark Shadows Before I Die. You can now find a page that lists all the episodes Maggie's afghan has appeared in housed under "Historical Collections" on the sidebar to the right. Be aware that it's a work in progress as I continue to scour posts and screenshots for all the times it has appeared, and will be updating the page with more photos.

John: Why would Amanda cry for Tate? Wasn't she happy to have gotten rid of that creepy stalker 100 years ago? And why didn't the werewolf attack her? Did her fur coat confuse him? Or was he afraid she'd swing at him and knock him down with the wind like Quentin—I mean Grant—did earlier?

Christine: Maybe she was hoping Tate could somehow help Quentin to regain his memory so they could resume their love affair before Death came a-knocking at her door, and she was disappointed he died before that could happen. It looked to me like the werewolf was put off by her coat, since he recoiled when she turned her furry back to him. Fur may be in fashion as a result this season in Collinsport, just as scarves were all the rage when Barnabas was the monster du jour.

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