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Dark Shadows Episode 663 - 1/8/69

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Barnabas arrives at Collinwood at 9pm, and makes his way to Joshua's study. Forbes is waiting inside with the crossbow pointed at the door. Barnabas opens the door but does not enter. Forbes goes to the door but doesn't see anyone, so he closes and locks it. He then hears Barnabas' voice inside the room, but he can't see him. Barnabas then appears behind Forbes and grabs him. Forbes pleads with Barnabas not to kill him, and he agrees. He tells Forbes to write a confession that he lied about Vicki and Peter.

Forbes bargains for his life - saying he doesn't want to die, but he also doesn't want to go to jail. Barnabas threatens him. Forbes agrees to write a confession and sign it, as long as Barnabas does, too. Forbes uses Peter and Vicki's lives as leverage. Barnabas warns him that he can take care of him without killing him. He tells Forbes that he is unaware of his powers. Barnabas approaches him with fangs bared, and Forbes screams.

Barnabas tells Ben that he needs his help. Forbes is sitting in a chair with a shocked look and a signed confession on his lap. Barnabas explains that he had to use a little persuasion, and they now need to take him into town to turn him in to the authorities.

Ben and Barnabas lead Forbes out through the foyer when Millicent comes downstairs. She asks where they're taking her husband, and they ignore her.

At the dock, Barnabas tells Ben that Peter will be released, but the judge feels there is still compelling evidence against Vicki. Barnabas tells Ben to go back to Collinwood to wait for him. Barnabas eyes a lady of the evening standing nearby.

In the gaol, Millicent asks Forbes what's wrong with him. She asks him what he's done. He tells her that she may be able to help him.

The lady on the dock, Crystal, approaches Barnabas and introduces herself. She asks him if he wants to join her for a drink at The Eagle. He says he'd rather stay outside and talk with her for a few minutes. She suddenly recognizes him, and says she used to see him going in and out of his father's office. He leans in to bite her, pauses, steps back... and then advances on her again when we hear a splash from her falling into the water.

Millicent doesn't understand what Forbes is asking of her. He says that something must be done about Barnabas. She says she's sure Barnabas is dead. He reminds her that she just saw Barnabas take him to jail. He explains how she can destroy Barnabas. He tells her to prepare a stake, and take it to the Tower room during the day, where she'll find him in a coffin. He tells her she has to drive the stake through his heart to destroy him.

Barnabas returns to Collinwood, and tells Ben he had forgotten how overwhelming his urge for blood would be. Ben tells him they only have an hour. Ben asks if that means helping Vicki escape. Barnabas tells him to give him a few minutes to plan, and he retires to his father's study, where he discovers Crystal's dead body lying in a chair.

Our thoughts

John: I'm not sure what Forbes was thinking when he tried to turn the tables on Barnabas. Even if he wasn't aware of the vampire's powers to control him, why would he think he could blackmail one of the living dead?

Christine: I'm not sure why Barnabas thought a signed confession was going to help Vicki when it didn't save her after he forced Trask to sign a confession in Episode 442. Maybe he should have gone farther back in time and brought Trask to the magistrate to declare that Vicki was not the witch, instead of walling him up in his basement. Perhaps he could have also saved his mother by changing that one bit of history.

John: I'm not sure why Millicent would attempt to kill Barnabas at the behest of her husband. I get that she's mentally unstable, but convincing her to commit a pretty challenging murder seems like a long shot.

Christine: By the way Forbes was rolling his eyes, I believe he's aware that he's grasping at straws.

John: I can't figure out what was up with Barnabas' little, "will I, won't I," dance with Crystal on the docks. And it was oddly shot by director Dan Curtis, so I wouldn't be surprised if most viewers couldn't figure out what was going on. And then to have the body suddenly appear in Collinwood? Someone has some explaining to do... I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Christine: The scenario was strangely similar to the one with Ruby Tate in Episode 414. He knows that biting the ladies is wrong, but he just can't resist those tasty little treats down at the docks. As he explained to Ben later, he forgot how overwhelming the urge for blood is, which overpowers his reason. Barnabas may not have considered that going back in time might also require him to contend with his vengeful wife, Angelique. She'd be my first guess as the person responsible for shenanigans with corpses.

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