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Episode 194 - 3/23/67

David is in the drawing room when Vicki enters. She asks if he's ready for his aunt. They're scheduled to arrive very soon. She notices David is trembling, and he says he's a bit frightened of the way his aunt looked the last time he saw her. He said she looked like she was dead. Vicki says he'll see how well she is when she arrives. They see the car pull up and go to meet them. Vicki welcomes Mrs. Stoddard home, followed by David. She says she missed him so much. Roger says she's said hello to Vicki and David, so it's time to go up to her room to rest. He tells Vicki to take Liz up to her room. She asks David to come up in a few minutes to see her. Carolyn asks her uncle to speak with her in the drawing room.

She asks if there's trouble with the business she doesn't know about. She said her mother was so anxious to get back to Collinsport, she was wondering if it had to do with the business. Roger confirms the business is thriving. Carolyn asks what else it could be that would have her so determined to get back to the house.

David tells his aunt of the things his mother taught him while Liz was away. She asks if he misses his mother, and he says sometimes. He said he wanted to stay in Collinwood rather than go away with her. Vicki comes in to send David down to dinner, and Liz asks Vicki to stay. She thanks Vicki for saving David from Laura. They talk about Dr. Guthrie, and Liz asks if he found anything mysterious in Collinwood, other than Laura. Vicki says he didn't mention anything. She asks if he explored the closed off wing, attic, and basement, and Vicki says yes. She asks what he expected to find in the basement. Vicki says she doesn't know, but he went there several times.

Later, Liz gets out of bed and Roger enters as she starts to leave. He reminds her of the doctor's orders. He puts her back to bed. He tells her that Carolyn did a fine job managing the house in her absence. Liz is quite proud of her. She asks about Laura, and Roger says that he doesn't know that the woman was Laura—but he's glad she's gone. She asks about her jewelry, including a key on the necklace. He tells her it's in his bedside table, and asks her about the key. She says she doesn't question him, and it's a wise policy for both of them.

Carolyn tells Vicki that she thinks there's something wrong that her mother's not telling her. Vicki says that when she arrived, Liz told her that she never left Collinwood because she was waiting for Carolyn's father to return. Carolyn doesn't think that's it, and wants to find out what it is so she can help her.

At 2:30 in the morning, Liz goes down to the basement. She unlocks the padlock on the locked door and goes inside with a flashlight. She emerges from the room 10 minutes later and is startled by Vicki in the basement. She asks what Vicki is doing downstairs, and she explains she heard noises. Liz makes an excuse that she was just checking the house. Vicki tells her that she's sure no one was in that room if that's what she was worried about. She snaps at Vicki, and tells her to forget what she saw. She tells Vicki that she's very fond of her, and that she trusts her. She asks her to promise that she won't tell anyone that she saw her in the basement. Vicki agrees not to.

Our thoughts

John: I don't recall Guthrie exploring so much of Collinwood as Vicki says he did, or at least not so that we viewers were aware of it. Did I miss something, or is that just a bit of retcon on the writers' part?

Christine: Guthrie was all over Collinwood. You don't remember that?

John: I had forgotten how concerned Liz was about what lies beyond the basement door. If she's had Paul chained up down there for the past 18 years, he's gone without feeding for 5 weeks!

Christine: Well, we haven't heard any sobbing coming from the basement lately...

John: So all is back to normal in Collinwood. How long until something, or someone, comes along to upset the apple cart?

Christine: Carolyn is back to being Roger's 'Kitten' now that she has lost her position of power as mistress of Collinwood. It was a precious moment when Liz says she doesn't question Roger. These siblings are both determined to keep their skeletons in the closet, but it's only a matter of time until all are revealed.

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