Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Episode 78 - 10/12/66

Roger receives a call from Sam Evans. They agree to meet at The Blue Whale. Vicki passes through the foyer on the way to the library to get a book. Roger invites her to join  him at The Blue Whale. She mentions she had been there before, when she met Burke Devlin to review the report he had on her.

Maggie and Sam enjoy a drink together in The Blue Whale. Joe shows up, looking sad and forlorn. Maggie asks Sam to invite Joe to join them. Joe says he thought he had a dinner date, but his lady thought otherwise. They start a drinking game, taking a swig every time the Collins name comes up. Maggie asks if Joe is going to get Bill Malloy's job. Joe goes to call Carolyn and Maggie lets on that she's interested in him.

Joe calls Collinwood looking for Carolyn. Vicki says she's not there. He asks if Carolyn is still sore at him, and she says she doesn't know.

Sam tells Joe if he thinks much of Carolyn, he'll get her out of Collinwood. Maggie suggests Joe try something new. He says maybe he should try a new girl, and asks Maggie to dance. She readily agrees.

Vicki and Roger head out to drink, dine, and dance.

Maggie reminds Joe of some of his memorable football feats while they dance. They return to the table and see Vicki and Roger arrive. Sam suggests asking them to join them, and then goes over to see Roger. Vicki joins Joe and Maggie while Sam and Roger speak privately.

Sam and Roger dance around who might have been responsible for Bill's death. Roger says that he's concerned that if Bill Malloy could get information from Sam, Burke Devlin definitely could.

Vicki, Maggie and Joe talk about Mrs. Johnson coming to work in Collinwood.

Roger asks Sam about the letter he wrote. Sam describes it as insurance. Roger comes to get Vicki and says he's developed a headache and they need to leave. He insults Joe and Maggie, and Joe calls him on it. Vicki pleads for Roger to leave before there's a fight.

Back at Collinwood, Vicki thanks Roger for a nice evening. Roger apologizes and offers to do it again. Vicki says that once Mrs. Johnson starts, she should have more free time. This is the first Roger has heard the news, and he appears to be quite shocked.

Our thoughts

John: Roger was rocking a smoking jacket like a regular Hugh Hefner. Next thing you know, he hits on Vicki, asks her out... and she accepts! Gross!

Christine: I am surprised Miss Winters does not realize how inappropriate it is to fraternize with her employer's brother. We now know the origin of the Dark Shadows drinking game. Everyone must imbibe whenever they hear "Collins family of Collinsport." Or Collins family. Or just Collins, if you really want to get blotto. Maggie was not making any secret of her interest in Joe. I wonder if Carolyn would be just as jealous of Maggie putting the moves on Joe as is she is of Vicki spending time with Burke.

John: Who was the hipster in The Blue Whale? He looked like a dropout from a David Lynch film.

Christine: You mean this guy?

His snappy, head tossing groove inspired me to make my first animated gif just so I could share the beauty (horror) of it with all of you.

John: I thought we were going to see Joe throw down with Roger at The Blue Whale, but Vicki broke things up very quickly. Funny thing is, they didn't have anything to eat, drink, or even dance, and yet Vicki thanked him for getting her out of the house.

Christine: She got to spend time with some friendly kids her own age, so it worked out well for her. I wonder what Liz will have to say to her about going on dates with her brother.

Maggie has designs on Joe.


  1. I can imagine the whole employer / employee thing being a problem - even BEFORE there were a million harassment charges in this country - but I don't see what's so "gross" about Vicky and Roger.

  2. I find Roger's motivations sleazy, and considering how he's treated Vicki - I'm shocked she accepted!

  3. I think Maggie and Joe would make a good couple.