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Dark Shadows Episode 1219 2/25/71

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Of the entire 1245 episode run (1225 + 20 pre-emptions), it's miraculous that only one episode is lost to the ages — the episode that originally aired 50 years ago today. For the home video releases, MPI/Dan Curtis Productions recreated the episode with clips and stills from surrounding episodes, an audio recording of the episode, and a narrative recreation read by Lara Parker. It opens with the closing footage of yesterday's episode.

Daphne visits Carrie. She asks Carrie to help her make a decision by looking into the future. Carrie warns her that she can't control what she sees. Carrie sees Bramwell with a sad look on his face. She sees that he's standing in the cemetery, looking at Daphne's grave, with 1841 listed as her year of death.

Daphne gets Carrie to admit that it's her grave that she saw. Daphne believes the vision was wrong, and is not dissuaded. 

Morgan returns to Collinwood and tells Catherine that he was unable to convince Kendrick from going to the police. He says he was covinced Gabriel killed his sister. He says the police are searching for Gabriel. He blames Gabriel for attacking Kendrick, and says that's going to all but convince the authorities that he's guilty. He says they all would have been better off if Gabriel had just gone into the room. He is surprised that Catherine is not really paying attention to him. He asks her what's wrong, and she tells him that Daphne and Bramwell are to be married. Morgan is shocked by the news. He asks if she spoke with Daphne, and she says she won't listen to anyone. She says there must be something they can do to stop them, and he reminds her that Daphne's an adult, and can do as she chooses. He says he doesn't have time to worry about Daphne and Bramwell. He says he has to worry about Gabriel and the curse. Catherine is furious that he puts the lottery before her family. They argue, and he asks her if she's concerned about Daphne's future, or if she's having second thoughts about not ending up with Bramwell. Catherine angrily storms out on him. 

In the old house, Daphne sits by the fire. Bramwell asks if she's had time to think about her answer. He asks if she needs more time. She says she doesn't. 

Carrie comes to Collinwood looking for Quentin. Morgan explains that he's in town. He invites her in to sit by the fire. He asks her what's so important that it couldn't wait until morning. She says she was looking through trunks in the basement of the cottage, and found a letter addressed to James Forsythe. Morgan reads the letter. It's a love letter from someone with the initial, A. Morgan asks her if there's anything else she can tell him about the note. He asks if she can determine who the person named A is. She asks to see the letter, and when he goes to get it, the lights turn out and the wind blows through the room. The letter bursts into flame. Carrie screams and says that a cold hand brushed across her cheek.  She tells Morgan that a cruel, evil spirit is with them in the room.

At the old house, Bramwell tries to convince Daphne that Carrie's 'visions' are nonsense. He assures her that she will live a long and happy life. He asks if she's changed her mind about them, and she says she has not. She says she knows he would never do anything to hurt her. 

Bramwell comes to see Flora. Morgan lets him in, and asks what he wants with her. Bramwell explains that they want to tell her, as mistress of Collinwood, that he and Daphne are now man and wife. In the foyer, Catherine collapses.

Bramwell, Daphne and Morgan are in the foyer waiting to hear from the doctor examining Catherine. Morgan tells them to wait in the study. They agree.

Catherine insists that the doctor tell her husband exactly what she told him to. 

The doctor tells Morgan that Catherine is physically sound, just under emotional strain. 

Morgan tells Catherine that he doesn't understand why she collapsed. She explains it was a dizzy spell, brought on by Daphne's marriage to Bramwell,  the lottery, and their argument last night. She gets up to congratulate Daphne and Bramwell.

Catherine goes to the study to congratulate Daphne and Bramwell.

Later, Catherine visits Bramwell at the old house. He explains that Daphne has gone into the village, and she asks to come in to speak to him privately. He lets her in. She says she didn't faint due to a dizzy spell. She tells him that she's pregnant — with his child!

Our thoughts:  

John: Ah, the infamous lost episode of Dark Shadows! I recall reading about this going in, but didn't remember exactly where it landed in the show's run. I guess this is just another reminder of how close to the end we are (and let's face it, if we had to lose an episode, I can't think of a better storyline to do it than 1841 parallel time). Still, it's somewhat odd having storytime with Lara Parker...
Christine: I thought she was the ideal narrator. 
John: I have to admit, I'm surprised that the marriage of Bramwell and Daphne took place offscreen (though it does make for a good surprise announcement — one you'd think they might have held for an episode cliffhanger).
Christine: I love how Daphne shrugs off Carrie's vision of her impending death. So, who is the mysterious A? Could there be another Angelique in this time band? 

John: After nearly five years, with just a handful of episodes remaining, we have our first pregnancy in Collinsport (the fast-growing Leviathan baby-spawn doesn't count)! If only the writers had managed to work this soap opera trope into normal time! Still, this is one loose end that I don't expect we'll see completely tied up in the remaining weeks of the show...
Christine: It's going to be a problem for Catherine to explain her baby bump to Morgan, though maybe he'll be chosen in the next lottery and she'll avoid having to confront him about it. 

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