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Dark Shadows Episode 1059 7/16/70

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Maggie stands in the dark of the drawing room. As she turns out the light, she asks who will ever live there again. She asks Barnabas he believes Roxanne, and he reluctantly agrees. They step outside the house and he locks the door behind him. Maggie says all the years of Collinwood are over for all of them. They leave together.

Stokes tells Roxanne that she knows what Barnabas is. He says she has the marks of a vampire, and asks her if Barnabas made them. He chokes her, and she admits it's true. He says how it would delight Angelique, but she will know it in good time. Roxanne says she'll never be used by him again. Stokes tells her Barnabas will vanish; pointing out there are many ways to kill vampires. She tries to get away, but he locks her in her room. He tells her that he'll return for her when he needs her.

At the old house, Barnabas tells Maggie she can stay as long as she'd like. She tells him she'll move to the Inn tomorrow to be closer to Quentin. Barnabas suggests that if the autopsy proves that Alexis is Angelique, the inspector might believe the rest of the story. He then says he blames himself for Julia, saying he won't forgive himself for letting her stay. Maggie asks what he means, and he says that he may tell her someday.

Maggie picks up a scarf of Julia's and says it would be the supreme irony for Quentin to be freed by Hoffman. Barnabas sees the scarf and realizes what a fool he has been. He says it belonged to Hoffman. She's dead, but Julia may still be alive. Maggie doesn't understand. Barnabas sends her upstairs to get a bag with Julia's clothes. He leaves to find Roxanne.

Barnabas bursts into Roxanne's, calling for her. She calls out to him from behind a locked door. He lets her out and she tells him that Stokes locked her in, and that he knows all about Barnabas' secret. He tells her that Julia may still be alive, and takes her back to the old house with him.

Barnabas and Roxanne arrive at the old house, and she picks up a brooch from the suitcase Maggie brought downstairs. Barnabas asks if she sees anything. Roxanne says it's not clear yet. She describes a small room without windows. She says it's dark and cold, but there's a woman there. She says it's the same face she saw before, only now she's alive. Barnabas asks her to lead them to her. She says she thinks she can find the room, and gets up and begins walking.

In her dungeon cell, Julia says she must stay awake.

Roxanne leads Barnabas and Maggie to Collinwood. They follow her as she walks through the house.

Julia sleeps on the bed in her cell.

Roxanne leads them into the basement. She tells them that she is very close. Barnabas calls to Julia.

Julia stirs in her bed.

Maggie points out a door in the basement.

Julia opens her eyes, and cries.

Roxanne, Barnabas and Maggie hear the haunting cries of a woman. Barnabas calls to Julia.

Julia hears Barnabas and calls to him. He asks her how they get to her, and she tells him there's a lever somewhere.

Stokes arrives at the old house and peers in through the window.

Back in the old house, Julia takes a drink and tells Barnabas how Angelique stopped coming, and she was sure no one would ever find her. He asks her if Angelique confessed to Bruno's murder, and she says not only did she confess, the doll is upstairs in her room. She says they must get it and bring it to the police, but Barnabas suggests that they let the police find it themselves. The phone rings, and Maggie tells Barnabas that it's the inspector. Barnabas tells him that Julia has been discovered, and receives the confirmation that Alexis was truly Angelique. Maggie is thrilled to hear it, thinking it would mean Quentin would be free. Barnabas says they have to question Julia first. He also says that Quentin has requested that Angelique's remains be cremated, which will mean Roxanne is safe.

Roxanne tells Barnabas that she doesn't want to remember what Claude made her do. He tells her of course, and kisses her. Outside, Stokes watches with a grin on his face.

Stokes sneaks into the old house and confronts Roxanne. She tells him that his plans are going to change soon. She says the police have learned that Alexis is Angelique, and Quentin has instructed them to cremate her body. Stokes doesn't believe it. Roxanne tells him that he'll never bring Angelique back again. Stokes says that Barnabas has done nothing but interfere since he has arrived. If not for him, he would have succeeded, but he won't go quietly. He vows to have his revenge, and comes after Roxanne. She pulls a dagger on him, and Stokes says he'll save her for last, after she watches the dead, disintegrating body of Barnabas Collins.

Roxanne is sleeping when Barnabas comes in. He asks why she's frightened. She tells him that Stokes was there. She says she made the mistake of telling him about Angelique's body, and he's vowed revenge. Barnabas says he'll take care of stokes. He also mentions that Quentin has been cleared, and he and Julia had to stay in town to be with the authorities. The phone rings and it's Julia telling him they'll be at least another hour. She says Maggie will be back sooner. Barnabas tells Roxanne that Maggie is coming back, and he'll wait for her, and then deal with Stokes.

Maggie is in the woods when Stokes grabs her from behind, covering her mouth so she can't scream. He tells her soon there will be no second Mrs. Collins.

Our thoughts

John: Well, at least it only took the opening for Barnabas to realize what a fool he was. And mere minutes later, Julia was free! And seeming perfectly fine—even drinking on an empty stomach after how many days???

Christine: It's a curative! If not for Julia's emotive sobs, she may have ended up a dusty skeleton in the hidden room in the basement.

John: I was a little disappointed that Roxanne didn't let the air out of Stokes with her dagger. I can't imagine a better wrap-up of the character than to have her take out her one-time captor.

Christine: Perhaps they're saving that satisfaction for tomorrow's episode.

John: You can almost see Dan Curtis standing on the edge of the set telling them to wrap this storyline up this week. Boom! Julia is free. Boom! Quentin is exonerated. Boom! Angelique is ashes. And what last-ditch plotline is there to exploit before we tie off this time band in a pretty bow? Why, the umpteenth kidnapping of Maggie, of course!

Christine: Well, now what? That's what I can almost see Dan Curtis saying at this point in time. Let's see what they come up with tomorrow.

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