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Dark Shadows Episode 1053 7/8/70

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Inside the cave, Julia asks Angelique why the police are on the beach. She says they're not. She says she wanted to talk to Julia alone. She asks 'Dr. Hoffman' where she was going to take Quentin. Julia asks what she means. Angelique asks her what she's done with Hoffman. Julia is adamant she is Hoffman. Angelique describes how she saw Quentin and Maggie from Barnabas' time band discussing how Dr. Julia Hoffman came to parallel time. Julia denies she's helping Barnabas. She asks if she would be pleading with her if she was this Dr. Hoffman. Angelique tells her that she believes her. She apologizes for questioning her. Julia says she understands how she felt. Angelique says Quentin should be safe in the cave, and tells Julia they have work to do in Collinwood.

Roger is in the drawing room drinking when Elizabeth comes downstairs. He asks her what she's doing up. She says she couldn't sleep. She says she could feel Carolyn's presence in her room. He says she's at rest. She assures him that she's not imagining things. She says she even heard Carolyn speaking to her from a great distance. She says she's trying to tell her who murdered her. Roger tells her there's no way Carolyn can communicate with her, and Elizabeth says it sounds like he doesn't want to find out who killed her. He denies it, and gets upset.

Barnabas arrives and greets them. Elizabeth starts to explain why she's up, and Roger tries to stop her. He offers to take her upstairs, and when she refuses, he leaves to go upstairs. Barnabas asks Elizabeth why Roger is so disturbed. She says she doesn't know, and goes back upstairs to bed.

Angelique and Julia return to Collinwood, and Barnabas comments on the lateness of the hour. Julia points out that it's none of his business, and Angelique tells her that's no way to speak to a member of the family. She points out that Barnabas is also up late, though it's not surprising for him. He asks what she means. Angelique says the mystery of Barnabas Collins never ceases to amaze her. She says she's observed he's a nocturnal creature, and will soon have the answers to explain that.

Roger speaks to Angelique's portrait. He blames her for what he has become. He says he thought things would change once she was gone, but she dominates their lives more than ever. He says he thought it was good to be rid of her, but she found a way to return.

And then it became necessary for Carolyn to die. Elizabeth walks in and declares that he killed Carolyn. He says she doesn't know what she's saying. Elizabeth says Quentin didn't murder Angelique—it was him. And after Carolyn found out, he killed her. He says he didn't want to do it. She picks up a statue with which to strike him. He grabs her hands and she drops it. He then garbs her throat and chokes her.

Angelique leads Julia to the basement of Collinwood. She says it's the safest place for Quentin. Angelique pulls a lever and a secret door opens. She sends Julia in.

Julia says she'll gather things to make him comfortable. Angelique tells her that won't be necessary, explaining the room is for her. Angelique says she was a fool to think that she would believed her. She asks Julia to admit who she really is, and Julia does. Angelique says she'd happily kill her, but she's of more value to her alive.

She asks what Julia did with Hoffman. Julia tells her that she's dead. Angelique asks how. Julia says it was an accident; she didn't mean to kill her. Angelique asks if it's because she found out the truth about Barnabas. Angelique says that Julia won't leave this place until she tells her the secret of Barnabas Collins.

Roger closes Elizabeth's body in a coffin-sized chest near a window. Barnabas comes in and asks him what he's doing. Roger says he was unable to rest. He says he's been going from room to room, trying to get his thoughts straight about what's going on.

Barnabas tells him he thinks someone should stay with Elizabeth. He then notices a broken statue on the ground. He asks how it could have been broken, and Roger says he doesn't know. Roger suggests the retire to the drawing room. Barnabas asks him what's wrong. Roger tells him the room has so many memories. Barnabas suggests he should have avoided coming there. Roger asks him again to go downstairs, and Barnabas agrees.

Julia says she doesn't know Barnabas' secret. Angelique tells her that she has ways of forcing her to tell. Julia asks if she means like how she killed Bruno and blamed it on Quentin. Angelique raises a pendant and tells Julia to face her. Julia refuses, and says she can resist hypnotism. Angelique asks if Barnabas has the same power over her that he had over Will. Julia says she doesn't have any idea what she's talking about. Angelique assures her that she has plenty of time, and she will get all the answers she seeks.

Barnabas asks Roger if something has happened that he should know about. Roger says that if it did, he doesn't know about it either. Barnabas suggests placing a nurse outside Elizabeth's room. Roger says it's a great idea. He tells Barnabas he'll do that, and then go to bed. He leads him to the door.

Angelique says she could resort to black magic to make Julia suffer more, but she'll just leave her to come back and check on her. She says her candles will go out soon, and points out that she has no food, no water. She tells her that she will rot in this room. After she leaves, Julia blows out one of the two candles to conserve it.

Our thoughts

John: I don't know what's harder to believe—that Julia thought she could fool Angelique; or that she believed that she convinced Angelique by denying her accusation that she came from parallel time.

Christine: She should have at least been wary when she told her to go first into a dungeon. I might have expected her to be wily enough to try and make up some fake secret about Barnabas, though it's likely she anticipated the result would have been the same.

John: It was only time until the truth about Roger was revealed. Though he sure didn't do a thorough job killing Elizabeth. Do you think she's actually dead? Or did he just put her unconscious body in the furniture? I'm leaning back to my theory that they're killing off everyone in parallel time so they have no reason to come back...

Christine: I wasn't sure if Roger was killing Elizabeth or dancing with her. It makes it all the more difficult to imagine that he would have been able to slash Carolyn. Parallel time has certainly reached its expiration date. I miss the original characters.

John: While I have no doubt she'll be rescued, I have to admit that the thought of Barnabas opening the secret basement door years in the future, only to find a skeleton dressed like Julia, would be worth locking her down there forever.

Christine: Are you expecting Barnabas to remain in parallel time for years or are you getting your timelines mixed up? I wouldn't expect him to leave without her, though I wonder what he'll do to get Angelique to tell him what she's done with her.

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