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Dark Shadows Episode 1052 7/7/70

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Maggie dreams of Quentin finding some flowers and asking her where they came from. His tone shifts to jealousy. He tells her they're the same flowers Bruno sent to Angelique, and he says they're forbidden in the house. She says she doesn't know where they came from, and he accuses her of seeing Bruno behind his back. He tells her that she has behaved strangely since he entered the house. He says Bruno is why she doesn't want to travel the world with him. He asks how long it has been going on, and grabs her arms. He says he should have known better, as his hands move to her throat.

She wakes up with Quentin leaning over her, his hands on her shoulders. She screams. He says he's not doing anything. She gets up and runs out of the room.

She calls for help. Barnabas appears and she says Quentin tried to kill her. He goes into her room, but it's empty. Barnabas asks if she's sure he tried to kill her. She says he choked her in a dream and when she opened his eyes, he was there doing the same. She says she's sure he tried to kill her.

Angelique asks Julia where Barnabas is. She says he's somewhere in the house. Angelique asks why they haven't been able to find out his secret. She says Julia doesn't seem herself. Julia says she's been under a strain. Angelique asks if that explains why she didn't remember attending the inspector's wife's funeral. She says it was.

Maggie bursts in and says Quentin is in the house and tried to kill her. Angelexis sends Julia away. Maggie says Barnabas wants to find Quentin and help him, but she thinks she should call the police. Angelique says the police may kill him. Maggie is confused. Angelexis says she doesn't think Quentin will be back. She tells Maggie that they're safe.

Julia asks Barnabas if he thinks Quentin really tried to kill Maggie. He says it is a possibility. She asks if he thinks Quentin murdered Angelique. She then asks why they're trying so hard to help him. He says even if it is true, they cannot allow her to destroy him. He tells her to follow her wherever she goes. Julia says she thinks Angelique suspects her. He says maybe she should go back to their own time. She says if she leaves, there will be no one to protect him during the day. She promises to follow Angelique.

Angelique comes downstairs. Julia sees her, and Angelique asks her why she's not following Barnabas. She says he retired to the Loomis house for the night. Angelique says it's good he's given up the search for Quentin. Julia asks if she knows where he is, and Angelique reminds her that she's after Barnabas' secrets, not hers. She leaves, and Julia follows her.

Quentin is hiding in the cave when Angelexis comes to see him. He tells her he knows Maggie is a witch, but he can't believe it. He asks why she just doesn't destroy him. Angelexis asks if she's torturing him because of what happened between their fathers. Quentin says his father was cleared of her father's drowning when they were out on the Collins' yacht. Angelexis says there were always doubts. And after Quentin's father killed himself, there was speculation that it was guilt over Sam Evans' death. Quentin asks if it was all for revenge.

Julia sneaks up on the cave entrance.

Angelique says Maggie always seemed so innocent. Quentin says he can't explain why he had his hands around Maggie's neck. Angelique tells him he can go away.

Julia listens, and then leaves.

Angelexis tells him he could be happy. He says he doesn't know what he would have done without her. She says she'll help him get away, even if it means never seeing him again. He says he doubts that, and kisses her.

Barnabas tells Julia he searched the cave by the beach. She says Angelique must be moving him around. He says he'll go get him, and she says Quentin won't go anywhere with him. He says he has ways of making him listen. Julia says Quentin will go with her, because he assumes she's on Angelique's side. Julia assures Barnabas that she'll be fine.

Angelique returns to Collinwood. Julia says she was worried. Angelique tells her to follow Barnabas tomorrow, wherever he goes. She then asks what he does during the day. She says she's never seen him during the day. Julia says he goes into town, reads a lot, and goes for walks along the beach. Julia says he keeps busy, which is why he doesn't come to Collinwood before evening.

Julia goes into the drawing room and Barnabas comes out from behind the drapes. She says Angelique has a clue. She says she'll go now, and meet him at the Loomis house. Julia leaves, and Barnabas starts upstairs, but stops.

Angelique hears voices in her room. She opens the door and sees Maggie and Quentin. She realizes she's witnessing Barnabas' time. They're discussing Julia wanting to go anywhere to be with Barnabas, including parallel time.

In Maggie's bedroom, Barnabas assures her that Quentin will not disturb her tonight. She says she can't help but being afraid. He says she'll be fine, and bids her goodnight.

Quentin paces in the cave when he hears footsteps. Julia comes in and tells him Alexis sent her. She says she was told to come and take him to her. He says he doesn't trust her. She tells him that she trusts Alexis, and to hurry. He says he'll follow her. She turns, and Angelexis is before them. She says the police are swarming the beach, and sends him back into the cave. Julia asks why the police are on the beach, and Angelexis says they're not. She says she wanted to talk to Julia alone. She asks 'Dr. Hoffman' where she was going to take Quentin.

Our thoughts

John: Angelique keeps telling Julia to stick to Barnabas, and Barnabas keeps telling her to stick to Angelique. It's a wonder she can get anything done!

Christine: I think we knew Julia's goose was cooked today when she told Barnabas that she'd be fine.

John: Random plot development thrown in like a life preserver! Sam Evans drowned while out partying with Quentin's dad on a yacht... after which Quentin's dad committed suicide! I'm sure the writers have known this all along, and were just waiting for the perfect moment to spring it on viewers.

Christine: That was an interesting little tidbit. I'm wondering if it's to explain why Quentin has always had an underlying animosity for Maggie. Perhaps he is the one who's out for revenge.

John: And in another stop of the Deus Ex Machina train, Angelique just happens to be walking by when parallel time was intersecting, and our Quentin and Maggie were discussing how Julia would go through parallel time for her pal Barnabas. Does this mean everyone in our Collinwood knows that Julia's carrying the torch for the big B? Even if he doesn't?

Christine: I don't think Julia's love for Barnabas has ever been a secret, even from him. I think he uses it to manipulate her into doing things for him.          

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