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Dark Shadows Episode 1050 7/3/70

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Elizabeth declines a cocktail from Julia. She asks Julia if she saw Carolyn earlier. She says she never drank so much previously. She says Carolyn is convinced that she knows who Angelique's murderer is. Roger comes downstairs and asks to speak to Julia. Once he has her isolated, he tells Julia that Carolyn has been murdered. He says he heard her scream, and he found her body in the Tower. Julia tells him to call the police, and he replies not until he tells his sister. He turns to see Elizabeth listening to them. She says that Carolyn knew who the murderer was. She rushes upstairs.

Julia explains to someone on the phone that the Collins' are taking no calls. Julia goes into the drawing room and offers them both drinks. They both refuse. Elizabeth cries on Roger's shoulder as he blames the house for being cursed. He does point out that she's with Will now, and they have to find Quentin. Elizabeth says he was always so fond of Carolyn. Roger says she must have been telling the truth about knowing the murderer. Elizabeth gets up to go to her room.

Roger admits that the sum total of his life is that he can never help anyone. He tells Julia to fix him a brandy. He asks her if she thinks Quentin is in the house. She says no, and then asks about the secret he mentioned Carolyn told him. He asks Julia if Alexis was upset over Carolyn, and she says she was terribly upset. He says it's strange having her in the house, and asks if she reminds her of Angelique. Elizabeth comes back in and asks him to join her to decide where Carolyn is to be buried. He says it can wait, and she says he must come with her to the mausoleum.

A man approaches the Collins family mausoleum and enters. A gloved hand opens the secret door and he steps inside, closing the door behind him. A dagger is in the chair, and he lights the candles. He hears the door of the mausoleum close, and grabs the dagger.

Roger and Elizabeth are in the mausoleum. He asks why they're there. She says she doesn't want Carolyn buried next to Angelique. He says she should be buried in the cemetery. She counters that she's a Collins, and should be buried in the mausoleum. He agrees, just to get her to leave. She says they have other things to do. He says he doesn't know what she's talking about, and she tells him he will, and they leave.

The man comes out of the secret room and leaves the mausoleum.

Roxanne lies unconscious before Julia, who wonders how to bring her half-alive, so Angelique will be unable to function. She knows if Roxanne talks, Angelique will die, and Quentin will be trapped, so she must be careful not to go too far. She hears the door to the house.

In the foyer of Will and Carolyn's house, Roger tells Elizabeth it's masochistic for them to be there, and asks why she brought them there. She searches paperwork, looking for the name of Carolyn's murderer. He says her loyalty to Quentin is commendable. She says if Carolyn wrote that he murdered her, she'll believe it. She says he's not the only suspect. He asks who, and she mentions Trask. Roger asks her about Barnabas, and she says he wasn't there when Angelique was killed. Elizabeth finds a half-written note from Carolyn saying, "If anything happens to me, it was because he knows I have the proof." He says she found what she came for, and now they can leave. He pockets the note, and they leave together.

Julia examines Roxanne, who's attached to the machinery that brought Adam and Eve back to life. She throws the switches, and the machinery fires up. She wonders if she set the dials correctly. She flips a few switches and eyes the oscilloscope as Roxanne begins to glow. After she gets what Julia determines is a reasonable tan, she turns off the switch. It doesn't appear to have done anything. She realizes that Stokes relied on science and black magic to control Roxanne, which means she'll have to start reading up on black magic.

The mysterious figure arrives at the old house, but hears someone as he is about to enter and runs off. Julia leaves the old house, and the figure returns and enters. He goes upstairs.

Roger tells Elizabeth that it's surely a shock, but it can't be unexpected. She says if she hadn't seen the blood. Julia arrives and Roger asks if he saw the police leaving. She says she just returned from Stokes's house. Roger tells her they found the murder weapon—a knife and a pair of Quentin's gloves. Julia says someone else might have used them. Elizabeth says even she believes it was Quentin now. She says he must be caught.

The mystery man continues to search the old house.

Roxanne wakes and rises. She starts upstairs.

The mystery man tries the door to the basement, but it's locked. He stops and spins, raising his dagger, when he hears the door open behind him. Roxanne walks out, arms extended to greet the man.

Our thoughts

John: Interesting how they chose to start today's episode, considering how yesterday's ended. Sadly, while we're told that Carolyn has been murdered, we don't even get to see her dead body! Right off the bat, we're led to assume that Roger killed her. And he certainly comes across as guilty throughout the episode. Where's the inspector when you need him!

Christine: Maybe the inspector did it! Now that they've tried to make Roger appear guilty, I've changed my mind about Mr. Trask being the one who did her in. Perhaps they were trying to throw us off track with his obvious sharpening of the butcher knife. On the other hand, Roger did seem very disturbed back in Episode 990 when they reenacted the séance, saying he couldn't got through it again. Was it because he was guilty?

John: If Elizabeth just plans to bury Carolyn in the mausoleum, would that really necessitate a late night visit?

Christine: Maybe Elizabeth is guilty. She sure seemed to want to get Carolyn buried quickly. Perhaps Carolyn was right to suspect her, after all. Also, if they didn't go to the mausoleum, then we wouldn't have seen Claude North waving his dagger around in an attempt to confuse viewers into thinking he was the one who murdered Carolyn.

John: Oh come on, Julia. Did you have the machinery that brought back Adam and Eve in your carry on bag when you transported to parallel time? I really shouldn't expect more from a show where one character decides she wants to find an explanatory note from a murder victim, and then waltzes right into the person's house and finds it.

Christine: Now I need a drink! Where's the pop-up bar? We either have to believe Julia and Barnabas have been making trips to Angelique's room discreetly and carrying large pieces of equipment furtively down the stairs and all the way to the Old House, or Will and Carolyn lived a secret life as mad scientists in their spare time, with a fully stocked lab. The only other alternative is that one of them went out and did a lot of shopping at Mad Labs R Us in Bangor. With Carolyn just murdered, was today really a good day for Barnabas to take the day off and leave Julia to her own devices?

Shout out to parallel Jenny Collins, whose gravestone was partially obscured in today's episode.

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