Thursday, April 11, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 729 - 4/10/69

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Edward hears Nora in the drawing room. She runs out and tells him she could hear something in the fire. He tells her that it's only her imagination. He drags her back into the drawing room and forces her to look into the fire. She screams, saying she can see her mother's face in the flames. Edward is shocked.

He tells her she saw no such thing. He asks Nora if Quentin has been talking about her mother. He says she is not coming back, and he forbids her from talking about her again. Beth enters, and asks to speak to him. She says she's going into town, and reminds him he wanted her to deliver a note to Mrs. Fillmore. Edward hands Beth a note, and says if she has any comment, he'll be in his study upon her return. As he leaves, he asks Beth to first take Nora to bed, and she starts to when Quentin stops her. They send Nora up to her room on her own and Quentin takes her into the drawing room.

He says he's surprised that she's not surprised to see him after she thought he was dead. He tells her that he knows she's aware of Jenny being in the house. He asks her where she's being kept.

On her way to her room, Nora sees fire and screams.

Beth hears Nora screaming and starts upstairs. Edward finds her and asks why she's not with Nora. Nora runs out and says there's a fire outside her room. They rush to it.

In the drawing room, Beth has left her purse. Quentin sees an envelope sticking out of it.

Edward tells Nora that she imagined the fire. He tells Beth he'll put her to bed, and reminds her she has an errand to run.

Quentin opens the envelope and finds it full of cash.

Beth returns to the drawing room and tells Quentin that Edward is furious with her. She picks up her purse and notices the envelope is missing. She tells him to give it to her. He says he doesn't know what she means. She threatens to get Edward and he produces the envelope full of money. He asks her what she does with it. She grabs it from him.

He tells her that if she leaves now, and he finds Jenny, she might not have a job when she gets back. She explains that Jenny didn't know what she was doing. She promises that Jenny won't harm him again. She says she can't get out. He tells her that he'll stop looking for Jenny on one condition. She asks what that is and he kisses her. He tells her that he wants her.

Edward tucks Nora into bed and bids her goodnight. He leaves her room.

Later, Nora has a dream. She hears a knock at the door. She sees her father answer it. Outside there is a woman in a cloak. He tells her she is forbidden to enter the house. He sends her away, telling her never to come back.

Nora runs downstairs, calling for her mother to come back. She opens the door and sees her father holding her Egyptian drawing, saying that she's never coming back as he tears up the paper. Nora finds her mother on Widow's Hill, but she disappears, leaving only the cloak behind. She sees her father laughing, saying she's never coming back. Nora wakes up, screaming.

Beth runs into Nora's room. She tells Beth that her mother returned and her father sent her away. Beth explains that it was just a dream. Beth tells her to go back to sleep.

Quentin finds Edward in the drawing room. He says he's decided to stop looking for Jenny. Edward asks why he's had a change of heart. He tells Quentin that he never does anything without an ulterior motive, and asks him what it is.

Nora is lying in bed asleep. A noise wakes her. She goes into the hall.

Edward and Quentin have a drink. Quentin says there's nothing to tell. They don't notice Nora sneaking downstairs and out the front door. Edward congratulates Quentin on making an intelligent decision.

Nora walks to Widow's Hill and calls to her mother. She finds the empty cloak from her dream, and a woman's hand reaches out to her shoulder.

Our thoughts

John: Is it just me, or are we getting some fresh Robert Cobert cues?

Christine: I think it's just you. I didn't really notice anything new, but I have listened to the Dark Shadows Complete Soundtrack Music Collection, so all the cues are familiar to me.

John: So is Beth selling herself out to Quentin to protect Jenny? Seems like that's asking a lot of the poor girl!

Christine: That may be her excuse for mashing lips with him. She'd better hope Jenny doesn't find out, or she'll be getting stabbed with something pointy next.

John: Will tomorrow be the day we meet this century's incarnation of Laura the Phoenix? I can't wait to see how Edward, not to mention Quentin, responds to her return.

Christine: I will be severely disappointed if we don't! The closing shot during end credits may be an indication that we'll be doing a lot more fireplace gazing in the coming weeks.

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