Thursday, April 4, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 724 - 4/3/69

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Zombie Quentin shambles through Eagle Hill Cemetery.

As Rachel turns out the lights, the front door opens. She assumes it's Barnabas, and when she steps outside, she walks into the outstretched arms of zombie Quentin. She passes out and he picks up her unconscious body.

Quentin carries Rachel's body through the cemetery.

Sandor and Magda walk through a fog enshrouded old house. Barnabas comes in and tells Magda she must go to Rachel's room in Collinwood. He says his presence has caused a spell to be cast, and he wants no harm to come to Rachel. Magda asks what kind of spell. He says never mind that, and she needs to ensure Rachel does not leave. Sandor tells her to do as he says, and she leaves. Barnabas asks if he's familiar with zombies. He says if that's what he is, Quentin will be back. Barnabas says they must break Angelique's control over Quentin. Sandor says he cannot lie in peace.

Quentin brings Rachel to the grave, where his coffin is exposed and the cement is broken. She wakes up and screams.

Barnabas and Sandor go to the cellar. Sandor asks what to do if Angelique sends Quentin to his coffin with a stake. Magda returns and says that Rachel is gone. Barnabas realizes that Quentin has risen. Barnabas sends Sandor to the cemetery. Barnabas can't leave as it's almost dawn. Sandor leaves, and Barnabas gets back into his coffin. Magda watches as the coffin lid closes.

Zombie Quentin covers Rachel's mouth while she screams. She passes out, and he gently moves her body into the coffin. Sandor watches from the woods, and then draws a sword. He steps out and stabs Quentin with it. He tells Rachel to run away. Quentin struggles with Sandor, ultimately knocking him out.

Rachel returns to the old house. Magda asks where Sandor is, and she says he's in the graveyard. They go inside and Rachel says she needs to tell Barnabas. Magda says he's in Bangor, and she has no time to talk. Rachel doesn't believe her. Sandor returns and Magda says how brave he was to fight a zombie. Rachel thanks him.  She asks how he knew to come to the cemetery. Sandor explains that Barnabas told him to. Rachel asks how a man could be dead and walk. She says there must be an explanation. She wonders why Quentin would be after her.

Sandor looks out the window, and says Quentin has come for Barnabas. Quentin breaks through the locked door. Sandor confronts him, but he is cast aside. He then goes into the basement, after which Magda closes and locks the basement door. She runs out of the old house and he chases after her, demanding the key.

In the basement, Barnabas gets out of his coffin and finds a wide-eyed zombie Quentin sitting in an adjacent chair. Quentin does not respond to him. Sandor comes downstairs and tells Barnabas that he couldn't stop Quentin. Barnabas sends Sandor to the attic. He explains there's a packet of letters in a leather trunk addressed to Jeremiah. Sandor goes upstairs to retrieve them.

Barnabas and Magda review the letters. Sandor comes downstairs with chairs, which Barnabas instructs him to lay out. Barnabas explains that Quentin's spirit is in Jamison. He says he saw the ceremony performed over 100 years ago in Martinique, and describes how the spell can be broken.

Barnabas, Sandor and Magda complete a circle, and Barnabas begins the ceremony. He calls for Quentin to speak to them. They hear Quentin's voice saying she will not let him. Quentin stands up and starts upstairs. Magda screams. They try to stop him, but they are unable. Barnabas says if he gets to the grave, he will be gone from them. He tells them to ensure Rachel returns to Collinwood when she wakes.

Quentin crawls towards his grave.

Our thoughts

John: I know there's a lot going on, but Magda really needs to wipe Sandor's mustache clean.

Christine: Methinks Sandor is responsible for wiping his own face clean. As he said, "She's a woman, she don't like orders." Do you think that's cream of mushroom or clam chowder?

John: So was that technically a seance? Or just another supernatural ritual with seance-like properties? I don't recall there being something quite like this 100 years ago, but that's a long time, so perhaps my memory is faulty...

Christine: It was a ritual more in line with an exorcism than a séance. Strangely, it took Barnabas 200 years to remember his magical education in Barbados, and 100 years to remember what he learned about zombies in Martinique, as related to his uncle Jeremiah through letters. I wonder if he also dished on the witch he was bedding in those letters from Martinique.

John: Great final shot of zombie Quentin crawling towards his grave. I'm anxious to see if he can be rescued from this zombie state.

Christine: That certainly was a nice visual. Let's hope for David Selby's sake that he is cured soon or his unblinking eyes are going to dry out.

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