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Dark Shadows Episode 730 - 4/11/69

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Nora sneaks downstairs and out the front door. She walks to Widow's Hill and calls to her mother. She finds the empty cloak from her dream, and a woman's hand reaches out to her shoulder. It's her mother, and she's thrilled to see her. Laura explains that she has missed them. Nora asks why she stayed away so long, and she explains that she had to. She asks if she was sick like her father and aunt explained. Nora says that now that they're back together, her father won't send them away to school. Laura says they can stay with her. She asks Nora to go to the house to get Jamison. She says that the three of them will go away, and be together always.

Nora says they want her in Collinwood with them. She asks why it can't be that way, and Laura says that perhaps it can. She adds that she can't go to Collinwood right now, but soon. Nora is afraid that she'll disappear again. She says there's something she must do before she can return. She gives Nora a pin she was wearing around her neck, and asks Nora to keep it as a reminder that she will keep her word. Nora adds that it matches one of the symbols she drew. She says her father was angry, assuming Quentin taught her the symbols. Laura is surprised to hear Quentin is in Collinwood. Laura tells her not to tell anyone other than Jamison about her return.

Edward calls Trask to tell him he's decided to send the children to the school.

Jamison hears the conversation and runs upstairs.

Quentin is in his room when Jamison rushes in, telling him that his father is planning to send them away. Quentin tells him to relax. Quentin says they won't get his father to change his mind, but perhaps they can keep Trask from coming to get them. Jamison asks if they'll play a game like they did with Barnabas. Quentin says that they'll go to the cottage this afternoon, and they'll do what is necessary to scare Trask away.

Nora comes in to find Jamison. Quentin leaves, telling Jamison they'll meet later. Nora tells Jamison that she saw their mother.

Jamison dismissed Nora's story. He asks where she saw their mother. Nora says she had a dream, and Jamison tells her she's just imagining it. She asks where she got the brooch, and hands it to him. She says that their mother says they wouldn't be sent, when she sees her father in the doorway.

He sends them up to their room for the rest of the day for speaking of their mother. Jamison says he has something important to do, and Edward asks what it is. Jamison says he was going on a hike with Quentin. His father says they'll have to postpone it, and sends him upstairs. Once they're gone, Quentin enters. Edward tells him that he's decided to send the children away.

In Quentin's room, Nora tells Jamison that their father sent them to their rooms. Quentin arrives and says he couldn't wait in the foyer. Quentin tells him their game is for men only, so Nora can't play. Jamison says he can't play, either. Quentin sees the brooch Nora has and asks her where she got it.

There's a knock at the front door, and Edward is shocked to see Laura standing outside. He says the most appropriate thing to tell her is goodbye. She walks in and they go into the drawing room. He asks her why she has come back. She tells him that Collinwood is where she belongs. She tells him he is looking well. She asks to see her children, and he refuses. He reminds her that she abandoned them when she ran off with Quentin. She points out that the children would like to see her. He asks her what her reason for returning is. He says he will try to accommodate her, after which she must leave. She says she wants him to take her back. He doesn't believe her. She throws herself at his mercy, and he refuses to believe her. She begs him not to send her away. She says she has learned from her experiences, and wants a chance to prove it to him. She pleads with him.

Quentin goes through his notebooks, and asks Nora where she got the brooch. She tells him she found it in the woods. He asks her if someone gave it to her, and she denies it. Quentin goes downstairs.

Laura asks Edward for an answer. He says she will wait for him. He tells her he's going to the study to get her several thousand dollars, which he will give to her under the condition that she leaves and never comes back. He leaves, and she stares into the fireplace.

Quentin bursts into the drawing room looking for Edward, and is surprised to find Laura. She says they have much to talk about, and he tells her that she's dead. That he saw her die.

Our thoughts

John: Wow! Not only is Laura back after several hundred episodes, but it's the same Laura! How cool is that.

Christine: Totally cool! What a great tie in to our first year of viewing and first supernatural storyline! Also, I've been waiting since Episode 313 for you to understand why it was so funny when Roger flubbed his line in that episode and said, "Several of my ancestors are buried here." It could be he coined a new term that would apply to his relationship with Laura Collins, since we now know that Roger married his grandmother! What a shocking 'incestral' relationship!

John: So does Edward feel a responsibility to look after Jenny as a result of Laura taking off after Quentin? Considering his feelings for his own wife, you think he'd be a little more open minded about Quentin's feelings towards his own.

Christine: I think the difference is that Edward was not playing around with Jenny, and took pity on her for being one of the many victims Quentin leaves in his wake.

John: Ooh! An interesting twist in the Laura/Quentin relationship. Of course, since Quentin has also recently returned from death, they should have plenty to talk about!

Christine: It was great to see Laura turn on the waterworks to try and manipulate Edward as we've seen her do in past future episodes. Remember when Roger suspected that Burke may have fathered David with Laura? Do you think there may be some chance that Quentin is really Jamison's father in like manner?

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