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Dark Shadows Episode 742 - 4/29/69

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Quentin stops by the cottage to see Laura. He asks her why she came back. He says he doesn't believe it's for the children, and she says she needs them. He offers anything in their place. He offers her money, and his power, if it will get her to leave. He says he knows what will happen to them if she takes them. She tells him that if she leaves them, Quentin will take advantage of Jamison, the heir to Collinwood. He says that at least Jamison will be alive. He shows her a paper from the police in Alexandria. He reads the confirmation that Laura Collins died by fire in Alexandria. He says he knows all about her, and now he has the proof that she's dead. She tells him that he has everything it takes to show everyone how stupid he is. She tells him that her proof is her mere presence in Collinwood. She tells him to leave. He tells her that he's going to find out how she got there and what she's after.

Dirk arrives, offering to protect her, but Quentin says it's unnecessary as he leaves. Dirk tells her that Quentin is dangerous. She says that he knew she needed him, and that's why he came to protect her. Dirk says he wants to stay with her, but she explains it's not practical. She says they can see each other tonight and sends him on his way.

Charity comes downstairs and meets Dirk. He says he has the carriage ready to give her a ride into town.

Barnabas rises and calls to Charity, beckoning her to come to him.

As they prepare to leave Collinwood, Charity hears Barnabas. She tells him that she forgot something. She sends him inside to get a book, and when he goes in she slips away. He comes back outside to find that she's missing.

Charity arrives at the old house. When Barnabas opens the door, she says she mustn't be there tonight, as her father is waiting for her in town. He invites her in, and she comes. He says he needs her more than her father does. She begs him to let her go. He bares his fangs and leans in for a bite.

Barnabas asks Charity what she would like to do, and she says she wants to stay with him. He asks if she believes in spirits, and she explains that her father does. He reminds her of the portrait of Laura Stockbridge they found. He says they opened her grave and it was empty. He tells her that he needs her to witness what he's going to do to prove who Laura Collins really is. He tells her to wait while he goes to Collinwood.

Quentin and Beth are kissing when she tells him she has to go. She says that she would like to think they have a future together, but they can't as long as he's married to Jenny. He tells her Jenny is mad, and she counters that she is still his wife. He says that once he talks to Judith, they'll have her committed and the marriage annulled. He tells her to be patient, and kisses her again. A bat flaps outside the window of Quentin's room. Quentin and Beth leave together, just as Barnabas appears in his room.

Downstairs, Quentin tells Beth that there's no one around to see them even when they're trying to attract attention. He leaves and Dirk enters. Beth asks him if he's going to lecture her. He tells her it's her life to throw away as she chooses.

Barnabas searches Quentin's room. He finds a book that he flips through, when Beth walks in. He explains that he's looking for Quentin. He says he wanted to borrow this rare volume he saw the other day. She says she'll tell him when he returns.

Quentin asks Beth what book Barnabas took. She says it had DEAD in the title. He asks if was near his desk or the bookcase. When she says it was by his desk, he realizes that it was the EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD. He leaves, telling her that he and Barnabas have some talking to do.

Charity asks Barnabas why the door is locked. He explains that Quentin will be coming to see him, sure that by now he knows he took his copy of the EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD. Barnabas suspects there's a connection between the book, Quentin and Laura's time in Egypt, and the missing body of Laura Stockbridge. He tells her to sit down, and begins his own Egyptian incantation.

Laura tells Dirk that his presence has give her strength, but he can leave now. He tells her she needs his protection. She tells him she suddenly feels weak.

Barnabas continues his incantation.

Dirk asks Laura what's happening. She tells him she needs the scarab. Dirk asks her if Quentin is responsible. He gets the scarab, but she disappears before his eyes.

Laura Stockbridge Collins appears before Barnabas. He asks why she's there, and he says the children will be hers. Charity runs from the room, screaming. Quentin arrives and is shocked to see her. Laura screams and disappears.

Our thoughts

John: So Beth actually is interested in Quentin. That would explain why they would find themselves trapped together as ghosts in the future. Thus far, she's been pretty good about hiding her true feelings.

Christine: Well, he is still married to a crazy lady who stuck a knife in him and killed him. She will probably try to kill Beth once she finds out she's messing around with her husband.

John: I love that Quentin must have so many books with DEAD in the title that he needed Beth to be more specific about where in the room Barnabas found it.

Christine: Barnabas showed off his aptitude for conjuring Egyptian deities, which he must have learned from his quick browse through Quentin's book.

John: I wonder what it was about Quentin's arrival that caused Laura to scream and disappear?

Christine: I wondered that also. Maybe the sight of him caused the ghost of Phoenix past to clash with Laura the 1897 Phoenix. I'm not sure how there can be a Phoenix ghost when her spirit lives on in her present incarnation, but I've always had some difficulty understanding how the Phoenix timeline and reincarnation works.

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