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Episode 154 - 1/26/17

A man in glasses opens the door and asks if Vicki and Frank are alive. He says he always hears the knocking, but when he opens the door, there's no one there, because they're dead. The man explains they are at the Stockbridge family graveyard, and invites them into the house. Frank wants to leave, but Vicki wants to hear more.

The man provides details on deceased Stockbridge family members. She smells Jasmine from behind a door, and tries to enter. The man says that's the crypt, and he never allows anyone in there. He says all the Stockbridge's that died a violent death are in the crypt. Vicki pleads to go in, and he allows it. The man describes several violent deaths that took the members of the Stockbridge clan. Vicki finds an L. Murdoch Stockbridge that died in 1767. The man describes that she was a woman who burned to death. Vicki suddenly can't breathe. Frank points out the similarity to Laura Murdoch Collins. Vicki says it's time for them to go, and the man begs for them to stay. Vicki thanks the man, and they leave.

Mrs. Johnson asks if she can get anything for Roger. He says no. She then offers to build up the fire, and he dismisses her. She says she noticed the police had been there again. Laura arrives, and Roger asks for some black coffee.

Roger then proceeds to prod Laura about what she really knows about Phoenix. Laura denies having anything else to say, and says she's incapable of murder. She turns to leave, and Roger says if she walks out the door, that may begin her departure from Collinwood. He explains that Liz wants Laura to leave. Laura says she will not leave without David, and if Liz tries to force her to leave, she has a few threats of her own. Roger then points out that she sounds capable of murder. Roger asks her to begin explaining things, like what she's doing with Burke Devlin.

Outside the drawing room, Mrs. Johnson listens in. Laura says she's trying to keep Burke's mind off the manslaughter case. Roger says she's to never mention that, and they hear a noise outside the room, indicating Mrs. Johnson is just outside. She leaves the coffee, and Laura asks Roger how much he thinks she heard.

Frank brings Vicki home, and she asks Frank if he really didn't smell Jasmine. She's sure Josette led her there. Vicki offers Frank a drink before he leaves.

Roger offers Frank a brandy, and Laura offers Vicki coffee. Vicki asks if Laura first came to Collinsport as a young woman. She says she likes to think she came as a young woman the second time. Vicki asks about her family history, and Laura says she comes from one of the oldest families in the area. Roger tells Frank that the authorities in Phoenix positively identified the body who burned in the fire was Laura. Roger finds it amusing, and Frank is clearly shocked.

Our thoughts

John: It was a pleasant surprise to have a field trip from Collinwood, if only briefly. I look forward to seeing if we run into any members of the Stockbridge clan in the future (when we visit the past).

Christine: Even better that it was a visit to a crypt, complete with a spooky caretaker, who apparently stays up late to open the door for dead people who aren't there. A momentous occasion as our first visit to a graveyard, but certainly not the last.

John: I love how Roger is immediately on to the fact that Mrs. Johnson is sticking her nose in the family business. I'm surprised he didn't raise more of an issue when Liz brought her on board. And now Mrs. Johnson has possibly heard talk of Burke's manslaughter case. I suspect Mrs. Johnson may be planning a trip into town first thing tomorrow morning.

Christine: I love how Vicki invites Frank inside to partake of Roger's brandy.

John: Vicki's noticing the parallels between Laura Collins and Laura Stockbridge... but not quite connecting all the dots.

Christine: I think the revelation at the end of the episode will help her start putting the pieces together. It was looking like it was going to be her last date with Frank up until he got hooked by the name L. Murdoch in the crypt. The real question is what is Josette's interest and why she has an affinity for Vicki.
Roger's amused face.
Died by fire in 1767

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