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Episode 110 - PRE-EMPTED - 11/25/66

There was no episode shot for today, as it was pre-empted for a post-Thanksgiving football game. We'll be back with a new episode review on Monday.

In the meantime, here is an exhibition of portraits we've seen on Dark Shadows. There will be many more portraits to come in the series. Some play an active role, while others are just silent spectators. These are the ones we've seen so far.

Isaac Collins 

Isaac Collins founded the town of Collinsport, the Collins' fishing fleet, and is responsible for the Collins' family fortune. His portrait was shifted around the room quite a bit in the beginning of the series. It may indicate a sense of restlessness over present day events at Collinwood.

 Jeremiah Collins

Jeremiah is prominently displayed overlooking the drawing room, which makes his portrait the one most frequently seen. He may have earned this place of honor for having built Collinwood. From the Collins Family History Book Carolyn reads from in Episode 45: "Jeremiah Collins, sixth generation descendant of the founder of Collinsport. In 1830, married Josette la Frenière of Paris, France. The construction of Collinwood, the family mansion, was begun the same year." In Episode 34, we learn that he was drunk more often than sober.

  Benjamin Collins

We learned that Benjamin Collins hangs in the foyer in Episode 59. We never seem to get a clear shot of him and he's usually seen at an angle.

Josette Collins


Josette's ghost has materialized twice from her portrait after visits from David to the Old House. It could be his conversations with her that helps to release her from it, or there could be some other reason she appears.

Theodore Collins?

This is an unknown ancestor. The DS Wiki states that Theodore's portrait hung in the drawing room. It may be this one or one of the other unidentified portraits. We'll have to wait and see if the identity is revealed later in the series.



Naomi Collins?

This may be Naomi Collins, since it looks like a woman, who bears some resemblance to Elizabeth. We'll learn later that she was Barnabas' mom.

Joshua Collins?

It's possible this is Joshua Collins because of the sideburns and resemblance to Roger. He was married to Naomi Collins.

Daniel Collins?

This may be Daniel Collins, since he is one of the few ancestors whose name has been mentioned so far.

Fortunately, Collinsport has an artist who's experienced in portraiture, which makes him the go-to guy whenever someone wants a portrait done. As you would expect, Sam Evans will be making more portraits during the series. Here are portraits we've seen by Sam Evans.

 Maggie's Mom


Burke #1

Burke #2

Betty Hanscombe

David has also demonstrated a talent for making portraits, and may be Collinsport's up and coming new artist.

David's drawing of Josette Collins.
It's possible Dan Curtis had a fixation with portraits that went beyond The Picture of Dorian Gray, a story he made into a movie, which will figure into storylines in Dark Shadows. His TV pilot, A Darkness at Blaisedon, also features a portrait from which a ghost materializes. Picture portraits of victims are collected in Mrs. Allardyce's room in his 1976 film, Burnt Offerings. There is something inherently creepy about portraits of dead people. In the world of Dan Curtis, they are vessels for souls that can be powerful objects. Be sure to keep a close watch on them to see if their eyes follow you.

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