Thursday, November 10, 2016

Episode 99 - 11/10/66

Mrs. Johnson calls Burke Devlin to tell him that she thinks Collinwood is haunted. Carolyn walks in on her, and she hangs up, making up an excuse about arthritis to go see her doctor in town. Vicki also joins them, and asks where Carolyn was last night. She said she saw a movie, by herself. Vicki says she would have gone with her, and Carolyn continues to be cold to her. Vicki says she's done nothing to Carolyn to deserve her being mad. When Vicki brings up Burke and the trip to Bangor, Mrs. Johnson's ears perk up. Carolyn asks what happened with Burke in Bangor, and why she asked Roger to come get her. Vicki says she doesn't want to explain why right now. Vicki says Burke is the last man in the world she'd want to be involved with, and someday Carolyn will feel the same way.

Burke calls the men working for the Collins family to see if they're going to accept his offer. He gives them a deadline of Thursday. Mrs. Johnson arrives at his hotel room. He asks what frightened her. She describes the sobbing coming from the padlocked room in the cellar. He said she could have heard sounds from another room through the ventilation system. She accepts that could have been the explanation. She pledges not to give up out of debt to Mr. Malloy.

Burke also tells her not to call from Collinwood. She says David asked her if she was spying for Burke. He says he'd better keep David in his good graces, along with others in Collinwood. Mrs. Johnson says Carolyn won't be a problem, but he needs to worry about Vicki. She says that Vicki called Roger to pick her up in Bangor to drive her home. Burke tried to figure out what happened in the brief time between when Vicki said she'd ride with him and decided not to.

There's a knock at Burke's door; it's Ezra, one of the Collins fleet employees. He hides Mrs. Johnson in the kitchen. Ezra explains that they're turning down his offer. Burke says to name their price, and he refuses. Mrs. Johnson listens in and finds out about Burke's plan. Ezra acknowledges that they're walking away from money, but they're committed to Liz Stoddard. Burke tells him to get out.

Burke calls Collinwood, and Carolyn answers. She's giddy. He asks if she has plans, and invites her to dinner. She jumps at the chance. They arrange to meet at The Blue Whale.

Carolyn runs in to Vicki and apologizes. Carolyn asks to borrow her blue scarf, and Vicki asks if she has a date with Joe. Carolyn says it's an admirer, and then says it's Burke. Vicki says she needs to talk to her. She says she can't go out with Burke. Carolyn asks for one good reason. Vicki says Burke can be very dangerous. Carolyn thinks Vicki is jealous. Carolyn says Burke gave her a present. A very expensive silver fountain pen. Vicki is shocked. She asks where the pen is. Carolyn says Roger took it from her, and was going to give it back to Burke, and then he lost it. Vicki asks when he lost it, and Carolyn says it was the night Bill was killed.

Our thoughts

John: Holy crap! And it's not even Friday! How will Roger weasel his way out of this? Only time will tell.

Christine: Happy Halloween! There's the Halloween treat you were looking for! I was hoping Mrs. Johnson would accidentally trigger the secret passage Roger used in Episode 87 while she was dusting.

John: Is Carolyn ever going to settle down? I can't be the only one who's tired of her I love you/I hate you mood swings for Vicki/Joe/Burke... She's going to be hard pressed to find a friend when all is said and done. Of course, this probably explains why she had so few friends before Vicki arrived.

Christine: No, she will not and no, you are not. Carolyn is quite the pain in the butt. That is her role in this soap opera. She will continue to annoy, but she will grow on you and redeem herself in other ways. Try and forgive her for having to play the part of a rebellious, emotional teenager. It will get worse before it gets better. Part of the fun is reveling in being irritated by her.

John: It will also be interesting to see what Burke is planning. Clearly he's going to manipulate Carolyn to get back at the rest of the clan, but just how far will he go?

Christine: Mwa ha ha! Things are picking up here on Dark Shadows. There's no telling what could happen next.

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