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Episode 102 - 11/15/66

Roger lets Vicki go and leads her into the drawing room. She backs away from him and asks him what he wants. He asks if she thinks he killed Bill Malloy. He says that if he had killed Bill, he would surely have to kill her, too.

Roger asks Vicki to listen to his whole story. He says when Vicki interrupted his call that night, he was on the phone with Bill, and made an appointment to meet at Lookout Point to talk to him, to convince him that Burke was lying. Roger admits to leaving at 10:30 to go to Lookout Point. Vicki calls him out for making her tell the sheriff that couldn't be true. Roger pours himself a drink and says that he lost the pen when he saw Bill.

David returns to the old house and lights a few candles. He speaks to his great-great grandmother in the portrait. He says he has a question for Bill Malloy.

Burke and Carolyn enjoy dinner in The Blue Whale. They flirt, and Carolyn asks if he's just teasing her. Burke tells her that after dinner, they're going to go to a nice quiet place for drinks and dancing.

David continues talking to Josette's portrait, asking what Vicki knows about what his father did.

Matthew enters the old house, and David hides behind a chair. Matthew asks what he's doing, and David says he's with his friends. Matthew says he doesn't believe in ghosts. David says he's trying to protect Vicki, as she knows who killed Bill Malloy. Matthew is uneasy. David says his father did it, and Matthew asks if that's what she said. David says no, but that's what she meant. David asks him to help protect her and they leave together. After they leave, Josette's ghost once again steps down from the portrait.

Burke tells Carolyn that when he brings her home tonight her uncle Roger isn't going to take it lightly. Carolyn says he's more interested in Vicki. She says Roger went looking for her based on the pen that he lost. Burke interrupts her to ask if she told Roger that Vicki knew he lost the pen. When he finds out she did, he excuses himself to make a phone call.

Roger confirms he saw Bill Malloy before the meeting, but that Bill didn't see him. He says when he reached Lookout Point, he saw Bill's body in the rocks below. He was already dead. Roger reiterates that he did not kill Bill Malloy. They're interrupted by a phone call. Vicki answers. It's Burke. She speaks as if she's talking to Maggie. Burke arranges for her to meet him once she gets out of the house. After she gets off the phone, she tells Roger she'd like to sleep on the news.

Burke returns to the table and tells Carolyn that it was Blair, and that he has a business meeting in 10 minutes. Carolyn is uncharacteristically forgiving. He walks her to her car.

Vicki sneaks downstairs, past the drawing room where Roger continues to drink. She sneaks out through the kitchen and makes her way outside to meet Burke. 

Our thoughts

John: We get our first lackluster ghost moment in this episode. Josette basically retraces her steps out of the portrait, but doesn't interact with anyone or drive the plot forward in any way.

Christine: You sure are fickle. It's the same footage and we don't see anything new, but her appearance today shows that David does indeed communicate with the ghosts at Collinwood...unless it's Matthew that's causing her to materialize. It also indicates that supernatural happenings are on the rise and soon to become a regular feature of the show.

John: How would Roger know that Bill was only dead for five minutes when he found his body? Based on everything leading up to this point, he seemed like a lock as the guilty party in Bill's death. But now it's almost too good to be true. While we don't have an explanation for the pen, we have to allow for the chance that Roger is in fact telling the truth. And Matthew's interest in who Vicki has information on may prove to be telling.

Christine: I imagine he's estimating time of death based on when he spoke to him on the phone to set up the meeting at Lookout Point and when he arrived. Roger may be telling the truth or it may be his brilliant plan to throw her off track by pretending to make an honest confession about how he lost the pen.

John: Most surprising of all is Carolyn's reaction to Burke breaking their date—in progress! That forgiving nature is surely going to be short lived once she gets wind that Burke gave her the boot in order to connect with Vicki again.

Christine: Yes, but she'll be mad at Vicki rather than Burke.

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