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Episode 45 - 8/26/66

In the Blue Whale, Bill Malloy calls for Roger and leaves a message that he's waiting for him, and Roger knows where. Burke Devlin arrives and the two men sit down for a drink. Bill says he doesn't like or approve of what Burke is trying to do to the Collins family. Bill mentions Blair, and Burke says he's jumping to conclusions. Bill asks if he can prove Burke's innocence, will he leave the rest of the Collins family alone—the ones who didn't have anything to do with the accident.

In his office, Roger plays darts. Carolyn drops in looking saying she's looking for Joe. She then admits she came to see him. She's worried about what Bill Malloy had been saying to Liz. Malloy bursts in at that point and says they have to talk. Carolyn asks where she can find Joe, and Bill says she can ask at the front gate. Roger proceeds to throw darts with Bill standing right next to the target. Bill says what he knows isn't as important as what Sam Evans knows. Bill demands that Roger go talk to the police—or he will.

Carolyn reads from a book of Collins history in the drawing room. Roger enters and asks if she was talking to herself. She says she was talking to Jeremiah, whose portrait rests above the fireplace. She tells her uncle that she met Burke for lunch, and he gave her a gift. She shows him the pen, and Roger says she can't accept a lead pencil, let alone a fountain pen, from Burke Devlin. He yells at her and she walks out on him.

Bill calls Roger to see if he plans to go to he police. Roger threatens to have Bill fired and hangs up on him. Bill then calls Burke and asks him to meet at the Blue Whale.

Roger takes a drink and is back to calling Carolyn 'Kitten.' He offers her the pen back. Carolyn then fills Roger in on the discussion about Blair with John, Liz and Bill. Roger figures out why Bill is pushing him, and tells Carolyn he won't be Bill's sacrificial lamb.

Burke and Bill meet in the Blue Whale. Burke confirms that Bill will hand him Roger Collins if he lays off the rest of the Collins family. He asks how he can be sure no one other than Roger was involved. Bill clarifies he has a 'hold card' to play that he's prepared to play tonight. They agree to meet at 11pm at Roger's office, and Bill says all the players will be involved.

Our thoughts

John: I like how Bill knows Burke so well. It's like he's been reading Burke's scripts.

Christine: He loves him, he loves him not, yet he still loves Burke more than Roger Collins.

John: I was beginning to think Roger was going to kill Bill with his darts when they met in his office. I don't think I would have trusted Louis Edmonds filming those scenes.

Christine: We never actually see him throw any darts toward Bill Malloy because the shots of the darts hitting the board are in close-up.

John: What a cliffhanger to leave us on this Friday afternoon! Of course it's a safe bet that things aren't going to work out as Bill has planned. But where does that leave Roger, Burke, and Bill's 'hold card'... Sam Evans...

Christine: The meeting is set, their fates are determined, and it's bound to open up a new dimension on Dark Shadows.

Burke: You give me credit for being a lot smarter than I am.
Bill: No I don't. I give you credit for being smarter than I am.

From the Collins Family History Book: "Jeremiah Collins, sixth generation descendant of the founder of Collinsport. In 1830 married Josette la Frenière of Paris, France. The construction of Collinwood, the family mansion, was begun the same year."

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