Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Episode 113 - 11/30/66

Matthew enters the old house. We see him go through a secret panel into a hidden room.

Mrs. Johnson visits Burke in his hotel room. She tells him that Matthew killed Bill Malloy. Burke has trouble believing it. He says that while they got her the job at Collinwood to find out who killed Bill, he asks her to stay on. She agrees. They both blame Roger for the five years Burke spent in prison on the manslaughter charge.

David comes to visit Burke in his hotel room. David is disappointed that his father wasn't jailed for Bill's death. David says he hates his father for the way he treated his mother. David thinks his father still killed Bill, and wonders if the ghosts, Josette or Bill himself, will tell him. David also says that he saw Mrs. Johnson as he came to see Burke, and wondered if she had been to see Burke.

Mrs. Johnson snoops around as she cleans the drawing room. She hears the front door and sees David. He says he saw her in town. He says that maybe she went to see Burke Devlin. She says she has nothing in common with Burke, and David explains that all three of them hate his father. David says she always watches his father when they're in the same room. David says he has to go to the old house to try and get some facts from the ghosts about the car accident 10 years ago. Mrs. Johnson tells him to be sure he's back by suppertime.

David makes his way to the old house. He speaks to the portrait of Josette. Matthew sneaks up and grabs David from behind. Matthew asks how he knew he was in the old house. David says he was asking the ghosts where Matthew was. David suggests Matthew can stay in the old house until he can find evidence they can use against his father. David says he'll bring Matthew food, and no one will ever find him in the old house. Matthew agrees to trust David. 

Our thoughts

John: Burke is surprised and disappointed to find that Roger is not responsible for Bill's death. And let's face it, who isn't? Despite all the mounting evidence, we're back to where only Roger and Sam have the information Burke needs about his manslaughter conviction, and no pressing threat to have them divulge any secrets they may be harboring. Of course there's still Sam's letter to Maggie...

Christine: We have another heartwarming father-son moment between Davey and Burke. I wonder if it will ever occur to Burke to question David's paternity as Roger has.

John: Is that a new portrait of Josette at the old house? Is the portrait monitor still on the job?

Christine: I prefer to be called Dark Shadows Art Historian. As far as I can tell, it is the same portrait. Here are a few shots so you can judge for yourself:

Today's episode

Episode 102
First appearance in Episode 70

John: David finally finds himself in control of something, with a pet Matthew living in the old house among the ghosts.

Christine: I expect we'll be seeing more of the Old House now.

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