Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Episode 92 - 11/1/66

Vicki is in Bangor to find out about her past from Richard Garner, of the Collins' attorneys Garner & Garner. She shows him the ledger she found referencing B. Hanscombe, and asks if he knows her. He says the only Hanscombe he knew was a man—the Collins' butler, who was let go with the rest of the staff 10 years ago. She also meets Garner's son Frank, who she also tells her story to after his father leaves to go to court. He offers to search through their files for an address for B. Hanscombe.

At her hotel in Bangor, Vicki goes into the restaurant for lunch. Burke Devlin walks in and joins her. He orders lunch, and suggests that from her look, she didn't find what she was looking for. He offers to drive her home that night, and says he has some business to attend to first. As he leaves, Frank Garner shows up. Vicki introduces the men. After Burke leaves, Frank says that his father represented Roger Collins in the court case that sent Burke away. The food Burke ordered arrives, and Frank decides to eat it. Frank tells Vicki that he hasn't found any information on Hanscombe yet, but promises to keep looking.

Back in his office, Richard Garner calls Liz and lets her know that Vicki stopped by and asked a number of questions about her past. He assures her that everything is under control, and that she should leave everything to him.

Our thoughts

John: A lot of sitting around and talking in just two locations today. Will Frank be a new possible love interest for Vicki? And is a long distance relationship possible?

Christine: He may be a love interest. Perhaps he'll make the trip to Collinsport for Miss Vicki Winters. Carolyn would certainly be happy if she took up with Frank and left Burke to her.

John: Burke starts to order a drink, then changes his mind and duplicates Vicki's grilled cheese and coffee order, only to get up and leave almost immediately. Though he was nice enough to offer it to Frank before departing.

Christine: Is grilled cheese the kind of thing you order in a posh restaurant with soothing music? There sure are a lot of water glasses on the table.

John: When your idea of fine dining is the restaurant in Collinsport, a grilled cheese sandwich in Bangor probably IS considered high class. So Garner senior has more info than he's sharing. Will little Frank be able to extract whatever his Dad knows to impress his new gal pal?

Christine: Let's hope so! What information is Elizabeth Stoddard hiding about Victoria Winters? Will we ever know?

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