Monday, November 7, 2016

Episode 96 - 11/7/66

Roger arrives in Bangor to drive Vicki home. Vicki describes seeing Mr. Blair's identical pen to Burke's. She said that Mr. Blair described six in the world; four in South America, Blair's, and Burke's. Roger says she shouldn't mention it, and she says that it places Burke at the potential scene of the crime. Roger doesn't want her to talk to anyone about it, including his sister. Vicki can't understand why Roger doesn't want the particularly damning evidence against Burke to come forward. Next thing you know, Roger decides to take a back road back to Collinwood.

After breaking down on the road in bad weather, the sheriff arrives at Collinwood and asks to use the phone. He calls to get his car towed, and also to request a car to pick him up. Liz prepares coffee for him. A call comes in for the sheriff; the back road to Bangor is impassible as well.

Roger stops the car to investigate a possible washout of the road. He returns indicating he found an abandoned place where they could stay. When he gets back to the car, it won't start. He leaves a note in the car, and escorts Vicki out in the rain.

The sheriff thanks Liz for her hospitality as he leaves.

Roger escorts Vicki to the abandoned shack. They light a fire in the stove. Vicki asks Roger why David would admit to stealing the pen and then lie about hiding it. Roger says he doesn't understand David. She asks what Roger wants out of life, and he says, one - to have someone rescue them, and two - to have Vicki leave Collinwood. Roger goes on to discuss Burke, and how he might have accidentally killed Bill. Roger asks Vicki to never mention the pen to anyone, ever. She says that's withholding evidence, and he shouts at her to withhold it; calling her an idiot. The sheriff arrives in the shack, having come across Roger's car. Vicki pauses, but does not mention the pen.

Our thoughts

John: Based on his past behavior, I can't believe Vicki would believe Roger would not take advantage of even the slightest opportunity to see Burke Devlin put back in jail.

Christine: I guess she believed him when he said the evidence was weak. He's taking a big chance on her not saying anything about it to Carolyn, who can confirm that Roger had the pen last. I guess he's not much of a killer or he would have done her in. It must be easier for Roger to get his psycho son to do that sort of dirty work.

John: Interesting how the sheriff doesn't ask Roger about being out after Liz explained everyone (but Vicki) was home. Maybe he'll think about that before they get back to Collinwood.

Christine: The Sheriff has been rather suspicious of Roger in the past, so you'd think he'd be on to that.

John: What's Vicki going to do? And why do I think we won't know until Friday!

Christine: This was another Take #2 episode. I wonder what happened during the first take. Maybe the shack fell apart. It was a nice touch that they kept the lightning and thunder going through end credits.

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