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Episode 108 - 11/23/66

We see Matthew approach the old house, followed by Vicki, and watch as he pushes a stone from the roof which lands just inches in front of her. She enters Matthew's cottage and calls for him, but he's not there. He comes in from outside and asks what she wants. She says she needs to call the sheriff and he hangs up the phone.

He asks what she wants with the sheriff. She says someone tried to kill her at the old house. He says it could have been an accident. He asks who would want to kill her, and she says she's not sure she knows anymore. She asks him if he's seen Roger. Matthew says he hasn't seen him all day. She said he was at the sheriff's earlier, and Matthew asks why. She doesn't want to tell him and he refuses to let her call the sheriff. He says she's been nothing but trouble since she came to Collinwood. She tries to leave, and he won't let her.

Liz hears the front door and finds David. She asks where he was, and he says he was playing by the cliffs. She asks if he's seem Vicki, as she went looking for David at the old house.

Matthew makes Vicki sit down so he can ask her some questions about Roger and Bill Malloy. He says he won't let her go until she answers them. He asks what she found out about Bill Malloy's death. He said she told David that she knew who killed Bill Malloy. She says she found a pen which connects Roger to Bill's death. She said the sheriff and Burke caught Roger digging up the pen. Matthew seems alarmed that she dragged the sheriff and Burke Devlin into Collinwood. She says if not Roger, then someone else is guilty that she doesn't even know about. Matthew asks who.

David suggests the ghosts may have gotten Vicki. Liz sends him to find Mrs. Johnson to fix his dinner. There's a pounding at the door, and it's Frank Garner. Liz asks if he has news on Roger. He doesn't, and he asks about Vicki. She explains Vicki hasn't been back since looking for David. He wants to go look for her, and Liz joins him.

Liz and Frank return to the main house without Vicki. He's concerned about the broken stone urn, and suggests they call the sheriff. Liz says she wants to call the caretaker's cottage first.

Matthew says Vicki is foolish to think someone wants to harm her. The phone rings and Matthew tells Liz he hasn't seen David. She asks about Vicki, and he says he hasn't seen her. She asks if he's seen Vicki and he says he has not. After he hangs up, Vicki determines Mrs. Stoddard had asked about her. Matthew denies it. She talks about the near accidents, and Matthew mentions it was probably an accident if she was on a lonely road at 8 in the evening. Vicki asks how he knew what time it was. Matthew stutters as he tries to cover his gaffe. Vicki says she believes him as she makes her way to the door. Matthew says she thinks he killed Bill Malloy, and she's going to tell the sheriff. She screams for him to let her go, and he says he can't, not now.

Liz and Frank are anxiously awaiting the sheriff. He arrives, and they fill her in on Vicki's absence. The sheriff tells Frank to stay with Liz, and he and his deputy will search for her on the grounds.

Vicki tells Matthew she believes that he didn't have anything to do with Bill's death. She pleads with him to let her go. She promises not to call the sheriff. She tells him she feels sick, and asks him for water. He goes to get her some whiskey and she makes a break for the door. He stops her, asking if she thinks he killed Bill Malloy, and then saying he had to. He didn't have any choice. Vicki says they're going to search for her if she doesn't get back to the house, so he'll have to let her go. He says he doesn't have to let her go—he has to kill her.

Our thoughts

John: Well that was a bit of a disappointing reveal of Bill Malloy's killer, after all of the build up and red herrings. We don't yet know why, or how the details work out, and I imagine that's going to drag on for a while, too.

Christine: What were you expecting? I thought it was cool to see Matthew finally come unhinged and reveal himself as the murderer and then threaten to kill Vicki. How will she escape?

John: Were we not supposed to know that it was Matthew that pushed the stone urn last episode? It seemed perfectly clear to me, possibly even the same exterior shots of Matthew approaching the old house that we saw a while back when the location was first introduced.

Christine: I think we were supposed to know, which is why they showed it again at the beginning of today's episode in case you missed yesterday's. Vicki was not supposed to know.

John: If you're wondering why this Wednesday episode feels like a Friday episode, it's because there were scheduled pre-emptions for football games on Thanksgiving and the day after. We'll be back with the next episode review (111, for those of you keeping score) on Monday, but Christine put together a special treat for Friday. Happy Thanksgiving from Collinwood!

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