Friday, November 4, 2016

Episode 95 - 11/4/66

Over dinner, Vicki tells Frank that one of the reasons she needed to get out of Collinwood for a few days was that she saw the ghost of Bill Malloy. Frank tells her that she must have been dreaming. He asks why she's going back if she's so frightened by the house, and she says that she feels like she belongs there.

Burke returns to the restaurant, and tells Vicki he'll be leaving in 30 minutes. She thanks him. Frank is disappointed, as he was hoping to drive her back. Frank asks her if she and Devlin are more than friends, and she says she doesn't know Burke very well. She says sometimes he's kind, and others he can be violent and threatening. Frank is thrilled to know that she doesn't have a boyfriend. He asks her out on a date, and she agrees.

Burke goes over Logansport paperwork with Blair. He confirms that Elizabeth hasn't yet made a bid. Burke tells Blair to raise his bid 10%. He explains that he's willing to overpay if necessary. Vicki returns, and Burke leaves her with Blair while he goes to check out.

Blair is surprised to hear that Vicki is from Collinwood; he wasn't aware that Burke had friends there. He starts to sign some contracts, and Vicki notices his pen. He says it was a gift from Burke. She explains that she found one at lookout point, and he says that's all but impossible. There are only six in existence, and Burke acquired them in South America. Vicki falters and tells Blair that the pen she found was different.

Burke returns to sign the documents, and mentions that his pen is missing. After Blair leaves, Vicki says she has to make a telephone call. Burke asks her to hurry.

Vicki tries unsuccessfully to call Frank Garner. Then she calls Collinwood.

Roger answers the phone. Vicki asks him to come pick her up in Bangor. She says she's in danger. She says she thinks Burke's involved with Bill Malloy's death. She tells Roger the pen she found on the beach was Burke's, and it could mean that he was there when Bill died. Roger says not to mention the pen to Burke, but tell him she can't go with him, and that he'll come get her.

Vicki tells Burke that she's going to stay in Bangor another night. He doesn't understand, as she waited all night and already checked out of the hotel, but he doesn't argue and leaves her alone in the hotel.

Roger leaves Collinwood to go to Bangor to get Vicki.

Our thoughts

John: Will Frank Garner develop into a long-distance love interest for Vicki? And will Carolyn be jealous when she gets a look at him? The show has really felt like a soap opera this week.

Christine: Handsome Frank Garner would be ideal for Vicki. How dumb was Vicki not to ditch Burke and get a ride back with Frank, even before she suspected him of murder? Carolyn won't be jealous of a nice fellow like Frank when she wants a bad boy like Burke.

John: Did we really need to know just how rare and exclusive the Burke Devlin pen was? Isn't it enough that the pen Vicki found on the beach could be identified by Carolyn as the one in her uncle's possession the night Bill died? I guess not.

Christine: Yes, we did need to know so that Vicki would have a reason to suspect Burke and so we're not thinking that there are a million of them out there that could have been dropped by anyone on that beach. If it was one of a rare few, then it had to be the pen Burke gave to Carolyn that Roger lost in the place where Bill Malloy likely died.

John: Sure, just another fancy pen that ended up in the last place Bill's body would have been alive... just a coincidence. It's an interesting twist that Vicki now believes the pen she found points to Burke's possible involvement in Bill Malloy's murder. Of course we know that theory can quickly be debunked if she comes forward with that information. Though Roger can always dig up the pen, can he explain how it found its way to the beach where Bill may have died while in his possession? I'll admit that I was a bit disappointed with this Bangor trip when it was looking like it only served to setup a new love interest for Vicki. Nice way to turn things around on Friday afternoon!

Christine: Just when we thought the pen was dead and buried. Will Roger take the opportunity to get rid of Miss Winters on the way back to Collinwood?

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