Friday, September 30, 2016

Episode 70 - 9/30/66

Liz asks Maggie into the drawing room, and says she doesn't want anyone to hear what she's about to say to her. Of course as she does this, David sneaks downstairs to eavesdrop. She thanks Vicki for providing an alibi for Roger. She asks what Vicki makes of Bill's death, and they agree that it must have been an accident. There's a commotion in the foyer as Matthew finds David listening at the door.

David says Matthew hit him, and Matthew says he just pulled him from the door where he was listening. Vicki and David go upstairs, and he tells her the ghosts of Collinwood hate Matthew, too. He says that one is a pretty lady all dressed in white.

Matthew explains that he was planning to kill Burke, but he failed. Liz tells him that he can't do that, but she appreciates that he was thinking of the family.

As he's leaving, Vicki asks Matthew if he's ever seen a woman that looks like a picture she has of David's. Matthew accuses David of snooping around the old house. He leaves, and Vicki says that he seems to recognize the drawing. They go into the drawing room to show Liz, who opens up the family history to a drawing of Josette Collins. Vicki learns there's an old house in the woods, the original Collinwood. David explains there are ghosts, and as he and Vicki go upstairs he says he'll show her the old house after dark.

Carolyn arrives home and tells her mother she needs help; a housekeeper. Liz says she doesn't need help, and even if she did, who in Collinsport would be interested in working at Collinwood. She also explains she has all of David's ghosts to keep her company.

Carolyn runs into Vicki and David as they head out to find ghosts. She brings tea into her mother, and says she's thought of someone to be a housekeeper. She says Mrs. Johnson must feel horrible with Bill dead, and so it would be good for everyone involved. Liz hesitates, and Carolyn says it's what Bill would have wanted.

Vicki and David trudge through the woods to the old house. Once inside, Vicki says it's huge. The shutters bang, and David says that's not one of his ghosts.

Outside the old house, a figure approaches.

David lights a candle and puts it beneath the portrait of Josette Collins. David says she's trapped in Collinwood until a third girl dies at the foot of Widow's Hill. They hear someone outside the house.

Matthew finds them in the old house. He suggests that Vicki stay away from the old house. He thinks it should be torn down. David says it's his house, and he'll get Josette to kill anyone who tries to do anything to the house.

Carolyn continues to push the housekeeper idea on her mother. Liz says she'll think about it.

Matthew offers to walk Vicki and David home. Matthew blows out the candle, and after they leave, we get some new creepy music as the GHOST OF JOSETTE COLLINS MATERIALIZES and steps out of the paining! We watch through a vaseline filter as she wanders outside the old house.

Our thoughts

John: Things have definitely turned a corner! Welcome to the old house, and the ghosts of Collinwood. There's no explaining this away, this is 100%, grade-A supernatural. I can't wait to see where things go from here!

Christine: Can you imagine how excited the kids were back in 1966 after seeing this episode? Probably just as excited as we are! Finally we have arrived at the old house and have had the pleasure of seeing the ghost of Josette Collins for the first time. It is a landmark episode.

John: It's almost funny that what seems like an eternity for this show is spent showing David and Vicki make their way to the old house, giving us plenty of time to appreciate what a poor job the foley artists were doing.

Christine: I had to look up foley artists, so for the benefit of others who don't know, it concerns the sound effects added after shooting. I thought they did rather well with the footsteps crunching through the brush, except for when Vicki and David stop and we continue to hear their footsteps.

John: Is it me, or does David's drawing look nothing like the images of Josette? And yet everyone recognizes it. Particularly funny when compared to Sam's painting that could have been Vicki that looked 'a little bit like her' around the nose and mouth.

Christine: I think David's drawing looks a little like Carolyn. All the images we've seen of Josette show her with her hair up, so I don't think it looks like her either, though he may have the dress right.

John: They also spent far too long trying to make Matthew's arrival at the old house suspenseful. They didn't even make an effort to suggest that it might have been someone else. But at the end of the day, who cares. This one was all about the arrival of Josette.

Oops! Someone spelled Ohrbach's wrong.


  1. Still struggling to catch up here... Well, of course we feel no obligation to watch five episodes a week and felt the need to watch all three extended Hobbits and the extended Lord of the Rings... But, we will catch up.
    This episode was a nice bit of encouragement. I wonder if the death of Bill Malloy will simply recede into the background with the introduction of the supernatural. Of course that bit with the book just happened and was not followed up on directly for quite a while, so I suppose we may see no more of Josette for another thirty episodes.

  2. I love the outside footage of Vickie and David walking through the forest on their way to the old house.