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Dark Shadows Episode 1111 9/28/70

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Julia hears Gabriel yelling, and comes out of the playroom to see what's happening, and is grabbed by the throat. Daniel Collins tells her that she mustn't scream, or they'll come, and it's his duty to kill her. He drags her back into the playroom. He says she cannot leave or scream. He says that she thinks he wouldn't recognize her, an attempt to shame him. He calls her Harriet, his wife's name, and she tries to convince him that she's not. He says if she screams, they'll all know that she haunts him for killing her. He says he must kill her over and over again. 

They struggle when Ben comes in and tells Daniel to let her go. He accuses Ben of turning on him. Ben tells him to forget about Harriet. Julia hides, and Ben tells him to look around and see that she's gone. Ben offers to sit with him in his room, to ensure Harriet won't come. They go into the hall, where Gabriel is waiting. Daniel tells him that his mother awaits him in the playroom. Ben says there's no one in the room, and escorts Daniel back to his room. Gabriel goes into the playroom.

Julia hides in the playroom as Gabriel wheels around. He sees an earring on the floor and picks it up. He wheels out of the room.

Gabriel examines the earring.

Ben brings Daniel into the tower room, and shows him that there's no one there. Daniel says that it's not his room, and Ben reminds him that he moved out of the room where 'it' happened. Daniel talks about Ben telling him that Quentin had died, and says that it's Gabriel who is dead to him. Ben helps him into bed, and Daniel asks why he denied seeing the woman in the room. He says she'll ruin their world. Ben says their world was ruined a long time ago, and leaves him for the night.

Julia tells Ben that she doesn't think clothes will work. She asks if the old house is deserted, and suggests that she hide there until Barnabas returns. She says something must have happened to the stairs. She says he could also appear by way of the I Ching. He can project his spirit into his body inside his coffin. Then he'll summon someone to release him. Ben tells her to stay away from the coffin. He was chained there for his own sake, to stop the killing. He says her life depends on his explaining the family. He tells her to steer clear of Gabriel and his wife; and Gerard, too. He mentions cousin Flora who lives in Rose Cottage.

Flora arrives at Collinwood and comes into the drawing room where Gabriel is at. She complains about a migraine, and asks if the healer is there. She has a copy of her novel with her, and he asks if she brought it for him. She says she did not, but he should read it — A Summer's Death. She explains that it's an ironic title, of love enduring past the lovers' dying. She  points out the healer has returned, and hands a copy of her book to Gerard, as he enters the room. He asks Gabriel to excuse them. Gabriel says he'd love to stay and watch a miracle, and Gerard tells him that he works with the mind. Gabriel tells Gerard to ignore him. Gerard rubs Flora's forehead and speaks to her with suggestion. Flora says he sees other reincarnations of her. 

Gabriel looks at the earring he found in the playroom. Gerard tells Flora when she opens her eyes, the pain will be gone. She gets up and invites Gerard to join her at Rose Cottage after dinner, and he says it would be his honor. Gabriel asks if Gerard can cure him, and make him walk again. Gerard says he wouldn't even attempt it. He says a headache can be cured through the mind. Gabriel asks if he's clairvoyant, and he says he is, in a limited way. Gabriel asks him what he makes of the earring. He says it's one he's never seen before. Gabriel asks him to use his power to see where it came from. He says he sees a tall woman, not dressed as one should be. Gabriel laughs at him and calls him a fraud. Gerard is angered. He grabs Gabriel and shakes him, and tells him not to laugh at him. Gabriel says that he may have use for him.

Ben gives Julia clothes, and tells her that she can say her name is Julia Collins, Barnabas' brother. She should say he wrote her and told her to meet him at Collinwood. He says she should come to the house at 8:30 tonight.

Flora is in the drawing room with Gabriel. She's anxious about receiving Gerard's feedback on her new book. She tells Gabriel he introduced a whole new world to her. She asks if he's met Leticia. She says her powers as a mystic are fantastic. She says her next book will be called Whispers from Heaven. Gabriel says that the black arts Gerard practices aren't usually related to Heaven above.

Ben joins them in the drawing room after 8:30. Gabriel brings up the legend of Angelique, a witch who married Barnabas. Gabriel reminds Ben that he knew her, and asks if she was really a witch. He looks at the clock and says it's later than he thought it was. He asks if anyone else heard a carriage.

Julia is at the mausoleum. She realizes that she should be at Collinwood, but she's convinced Barnabas is summoning her. She goes inside and wonders if it's just her imagination. She enters the secret room, where Barnabas' coffin is chained up. She wonders if his spirit has made the journey through time, knowing that if it hasn't, he won't know her. She speaks to him through the closed coffin, and calls for his spirit to reach out to her. 

Our thoughts: 

John: Why would leaving her hiding place be the first thing Julia does? She deserved to be accosted by Daniel. It is always interesting to figure out who's-who whenever we start off a new time period. So we have Roger=Daniel, Jeb=Gabriel, Elizabeth=Flora, and we already know Carolyn will eventually be introduced as Leticia. And that's on top of the expected known personalities of Barnabas, Angelique, Roxanne, and, if he's not already dead in 1840, Quentin.

Christine: I am so thrilled to have Louis Edmonds back to demonstrate what a masterful actor he is! He is especially entertaining when he's playing a character gone mad. Flora is also one of Joan Bennett's most delightful characters on the show. 

John: Gerard Speaks! And he does not disappoint! I'm anxious to see his story fleshed out, so we'll finally understand why he decided (out of the blue) to destroy Collinwood in 1970 — 130 years after his own death... And I'm not quite sure why Elizabeth got all psychedelic as a result of Gerard's head rubbing. It's probably premature to start a psychedelic head-rub tracker.

Christine: The colorful visions were clearly a result of his awesome healing powers. No wonder Gabriel wanted to stay and watch. 

John: Oh, Julia, will you ever learn? Granted, you've lived but one lifetime, but you've now been into how many time bands? I think we can all guess what is bound to happen when and if she cracks open Barnabas' coffin. Of course, maybe there's a part of her that's thinking she might have her best chance at eternal life with him if she makes herself a willing victim...

Christine: Well, there is precedent for her believing that he's traveled through time by way of coffin, since he managed to do that in 1897 as well, and if he didn't, then she may finally get the opportunity for an eternity with her beloved boyfriend. I'd expect Ben to be astute enough to show up before that happens, since she will clearly not be arriving at the appointed hour. 

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Robert Sharp said...

I am also glad that Louis Edmonds returned. He was so needed as Roger during the 1970 destruction of Collinwood story. In 1995, it was implied that the whole family (sans Quentin and Carolyn) died in the catastrophe. It would have brrn interesting to me to see Roger returning from his business trip and discovering that carnage.