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Dark Shadows Episode 1104 9/17/70

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Barnabas watches over Maggie as she sleeps. Julia rushes in and tells him that she hypnotized Daphne. She says that Daphne is the one to be murdered, and the destruction of Rose Cottage will happen tonight. She adds the the murder will be the last thing that happens. Barnabas says they need to get help, possibly from Sebastian. He leaves her watching over Maggie. Maggie wakes up and says she had a dream that something terrible had happened to the children. Julia reminds her that the children have been possessed.

Over the phone, Roxanne warns Sebastian not to go to Collinwood, and he abruptly hangs up on her . Someone rings the buzzer, and she's surprised to see Barnabas. He says she appears to be disturbed, and she says he can't help her. He says he needs Sebastian's help, and asks that she tell him he'll be at Cumberland Road, at Rose Cottage just outside of Collinsport. She says she'll pass on the message, but tells him Sebastian will never be able to help him. He asks why. She says he's frightened be his powers. Barnabas asks if Sebastian has hurt her. She asks why he feels compelled to help. He says it's because of the other Roxanne in his life. She suggests that there may be another explanation. She says she's felt a bond between them since they first met. She apologizes for her rudeness, and tells him that she looks forward to seeing him again. He kisses her hand and leaves.

Maggie tells Julia that she's concerned about the children. Julia assures her that the police are searching for them. Barnabas returns and says he left a message for Sebastian. Julia tells him that the children disappeared from Windcliff. He points out that they disappeared the same night that Rise Cottage is expected to be destroyed. She asks if he thinks they would go there, and he says he doesn't know. He goes to check, and asks her to stay with Maggie. The dogs howl outside, and Julia tells her to resist the urge to respond

Barnabas arrives at Rose Cottage and calls to Tad and Carrie. He hears music playing, and goes into a room where he finds the carousel music box. He wonders if Gerard brought it to lure the children to Rose Cottage.

The music box stops and the door to the room swings shut. Barnabas sees Gerard. He says he's come to get the children. Based on Gerard's look, he realizes that they are not there. Barnabas says he plans to drive him out, and prevent his destroying Rose Cottage and murdering Daphne.

That night, Mrs. Johnson hears music playing in the drawing room. She goes to turn on a light, and Gerard grabs her hand. She asks who he is, and what he wants from her. She agrees to do what he asks.

Mrs. Johnson comes into Maggie's room and tells Julia that she's there to stay with her. She says she woke from a frightening dream about Barnabas. Julia asks her for details, and she says Barnabas was in a strange house with a man, screaming. Julia asks her to describe the house, and she describes Rose Cottage. She asks Mrs. Johnson to stay with Maggie and she runs off.

Mrs. Johnson turns to see Gerard smiling and nodding.

Julia arrives at Rose Cottage and Barnabas asks what she's doing there. She explains what Mrs. Johnson told her, and Barnabas explains that she's been tricked by Gerard. He says she has to get out of the house, but the doors are locked. They go to try a window, and see the room is on fire. They hear someone outside the door, and Roxanne enters.

In the woods, Barnabas asks Roxanne how she knew to come to the house. She says Sebastian called, and said he had plans for the evening that he couldn't change, and she came to let him know. He says she seems upset, and offers help, and she says she has to deal with it in her own way. They agree to see each other soon, and Barnabas and Julia head back to Collinwood.

At Collinwood, Julia and Barnabas go to check on Maggie. They find Mrs. Johnson unconscious, and Maggie gone.

Maggie approaches a shrouded figure in the woods.

Our thoughts: 

John: So now we know Gerard can instantly transport himself between Rose Cottage and Collinwood. I do like the trick he pulled on Julia using Mrs. Johnson, although it suggests that he knows the players in Collinwood and their weaknesses better than I would have expected.

Christine: I'm sad to announce that today's episode was Clarice Blackburn's last appearance on the show. It was nice to have her fall under Gerard's influence to tie in to the 1995 episodes. I have many fond memories of Mrs. Johnson in the early days when she was meddling and claiming not to be a meddler.

John: Okay. So why exactly would Roxanne go out to her way to save Barnabas and Julia? She surely would have benefited from their perishing in the destruction of Rose Cottage; if anything it would have cleared any obstacles to Maggie! Why would she care about Daphne being murdered, and the ultimate destruction of Collinwood? It's not like Sebastian was milking any more cash from Elizabeth.

Christine: Those are all good questions. I wonder why she popped into Rose Cottage as it burned with a big smile on her face. Does her reference to having some bond with Barnabas have to do with a past or current vampiric influence?

John: Will tomorrow finally be the day that we see Roxanne come out from under the dark sheet? I wonder where she was hiding that when she rescued Barnabas and Julia...

Christine: What if it turns out the Roxanne is not the vampire?!

I wonder if the Hand of Count Petofi might still be inside the box.

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Robert Sharp said...

This is the last time we see Clarice Blackburn on Dark Shadows, as well as Mrs. Johnson. So much for the tale she told in 1995 of being with David when he died and how no child should have suffered the way he did.