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Dark Shadows Episode 1073 8/5/70

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Hallie finds an old-fashioned dress lying on her bed. She says it's hers, and then wonders why she said that. She wonders who brought it here. 

She hears Maggie knocking on her door. She covers the dress with her sheet. Maggie comes in and asks her what's wrong. She says it's nothing, and when Maggie goes to pull back the sheet, Hallie says she has to brush her hair first. Hallie tells her she's happy to be in Collinwood. Maggie tells her it's nice having her there, and bids her goodnight. Hallie thanks her. After she leaves, Hallie realizes that Maggie could have told her who put the dress on her bed. She puts it into a dresser.

Elizabeth tells Maggie that it's not like Barnabas to be so concerned unless he really believes he saw the house in ruins 25 years in the future. Maggie says they must accept it, and asks if she believes Barnabas. She says that everything was going so well despite Barnabas and Julia going missing. Maggie asks if Barnabas looked well, and Elizabeth realizes she hasn't seen him yet. Maggie says she must get to bed since she's taking the kids horseback riding in the morning. After she leaves, Elizabeth makes a phone call to Mr. Shaw. She asks if he has free time tomorrow, and he says that may be difficult. He agrees to make time for her.

Shaw hangs up the phone and says the great lady herself is finally coming.

Hallie admires the old dress when David walks into her room. He tells her that he had a dream about her, and she says lots of boys do. He mentions that she was wearing an old-fashioned dress. She asks him about it, and he describes the dress in her dresser. She accuses him of trying to trick her. He asks what she means. She dismisses him. She tells him that he'll never understand women, and he says she can be sure of that.

Elizabeth comes to see Mr. Shaw. She tells him he looks like someone she knew. He says there are only 12 different faces in the world, but people are always surprised to find those who look alike. She asks about his crystal ball. He's offended at her suggestion that he's a gypsy fortune teller. He asks her why she's afraid, and she tells him to tell her.

He explains that as an astrologer, he knows many things. He asks if she was born in March, and she's surprised that he knew that. He asks her if she'd like him to draw up her horoscope, and she says she'd like to know what the rest of the year will bring. 

She requests a day-by-day chart. He tells her that she's very troubled, and if the stars can help her, he'll feel a sense of personal gratification.

He asks her exactly when she was born, and she says she doesn't know. She then says that Carolyn recently found a letter that had that information. She asks how much he charges, and he tells her whatever she wishes to give. He gives her a book on astrology. She asks if the chart will tell her about the people around her as well, and he assures her that it will contain all about her and anything that concerns her. She thanks him and leaves.

Hallie asks David about his dream. She asks what she did when she was wearing the dress. She tells him that there's someone watching them. He tells her there's no one else there. She runs to her room, and tells him hot to tell anyone.

Maggie drinks tea and tells Elizabeth she couldn't sleep last night wondering about what catastrophe might happen. She says she's worried that it seems to be centered around David. David walks into the room and asks what they're talking about. He says something is happening around Collinwood. Elizabeth asks if he has something to share with them, and he says if something is happening, he'll find out about it sooner or later.

David finds a letter outside his door. It says to sneak out and meet them at the gazebo around midnight.

That night, David sneaks out to the gazebo. He finds Hallie wearing the dress. He says she's not Hallie, but the girl from his dream.

Our thoughts:

John: I wondered how someone looking exactly like Jeb Hawkes could be in Collinsport without alarming anyone and everyone, and then they go and have Elizabeth make an offhand reference to his familiarity the first time we see her in the room with Shaw. It seems like a perfect setup love interest for Carolyn...

Christine: Wow! Can you dig it? Sebastian Shaw is way too hip! He looks like he's on his way to the Magical Mystery Tour! Unfortunately, he's not very attuned when he claims Liz was born in March, when it's clear from the family register she was actually born in February. 

John: David has certainly grown up since the show began. Unlike when Amy was around, where they just seemed to act like young kids, playing against Hallie he comes across as a teenager. Perhaps with a ghostly love interest...

Christine: It was pretty funny when his response to her telling him that lots of boys had dreams about her was, "Yeah, but they don't try and go back to sleep afterwards."

John: Was our Maggie pining for Barnabas before he passed through into parallel time? She certainly seems to be smitten with him now. I guess we'll just have to see how things go when they're finally reunited.

Christine: Well, they were good friends, and she accepted his offer of Josette's ring as a token of their friendship, at least until Angelique worked her magick and put the devil's mark on both Maggie and Quentin, causing them to become infatuated with one another. Maggie's rekindled interest in Barnabas might suggest that Angelique is off site and the love spell is inactive, though we shall see.

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