Monday, December 16, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 905 - 12/15/69

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The 'watch' man appears outside the antique shop. A car comes out of nowhere and hits him. Carolyn comes outside and sees the man on the sidewalk. Barnabas comes forward and says the man walked out in front of him, and he couldn't see him until it was too late. Barnabas turns the man over and Carolyn says it's the man who was coming to meet her. Barnabas says that he's still alive, and Carolyn goes to phone an ambulance.

Julia gives Chris the two handwriting samples and sends him to see Stokes. Chris leaves and the phone rings. Carolyn tells her there's been an accident, and asks her to come to the hospital.

Quentin lies unconscious in a hospital bed as Carolyn watches over him.

She steps out where Barnabas is waiting. He says if the man doesn't regain consciousness, he'll never forgive himself. Julia arrives and Carolyn fills her in on the details, and says the man's name is Grant Douglas, and he has a concussion.

In his room, Julia recognizes him but denies it to Carolyn. Carolyn explains that they met earlier in the day. Julia asks if anyone witnessed the accident, and Carolyn tells her that Barnabas was driving the car. She adds that he's very upset, and Julia says that he would be. She excuses herself.

Julia asks Barnabas why he didn't tell her it was Quentin. Barnabas says he just has a strong resemblance to Quentin.

Megan returns to the antique shop and looks for Carolyn. The lights go out, and she hears the voice of Barnabas saying that he is coming to her. Megan has a vision of Barnabas arriving. He says she cared for the child as was demanded of her. He tells her the time has come to enter a new phase. He says the room will change, and she will know when it happens. He says she will tell people that Philip's brother is responsible. He then leaves, and she wakes from her vision. Megan opens boxes of clothes in a young boy's size.

Chris arrives at the hospital. He asks Julia what's going on. She takes him into the room and tells him the man in the room is Quentin Collins, with credentials for Grant Douglas. Chris asks if she's checked up on him yet, and she goes to contact the authorities in Portland.

Carolyn haphazardly dusts the antique store. She mentions to Megan what happened outside the shop. Carolyn points out that Megan looks upset and she says she's fine. She then suggests a silver rattle would be ideal for the baby. Megan again looks upset and Carolyn asks if there's something wrong with the baby. She snaps at her, saying the baby is alright.

Chris sits with Grant. Julia comes in and says there is a Grant Douglas in Portland. Chris assumes that means he's not Quentin, and she goes on to say he has no history. Chris points out that she was thorough, and Barnabas steps in saying she was very thorough indeed. He asks about Grant, and Julia says that he will survive, but they won't know more until he comes out of the coma. He asks if she's responsible for bringing Chris to the hospital. She says she was. Barnabas tells her that the man is not Quentin, and she shouldn't believe what she wants to believe. Julia points out that his sudden changes of mood have made her skeptical. He denies knowing what she means. She says he's suddenly concerned about her and Chris. Barnabas tells Chris that the man in the bed will not be able to help him. He says it can't possibly be Quentin. Barnabas leaves, and Julia tells Chris that Quentin exists; but the Barnabas she once knew doesn't. Chris returns to the cottage.The man in the bed stirs. Julia checks on him. He opens his eyes and she calls him Quentin. He gives her a strange look.

Carolyn asks Megan why she was upset before. Megan says that she and Philip have achieved more than happiness. She says that she hopes Carolyn will someday know it, too. Carolyn hears a bouncing noise upstairs, She asks what it is, and Megan says she doesn't know, but ignores it. She continues unpacking a box. The sound stops, and Megan points out that it has stopped. A ball then bounces down the stairs. She asks Megan who it belongs to. A young blonde boy comes downstairs, and Megan says that there's her darling now. 

Our thoughts

John: I'm not surprised to find that Barnabas is a Quentin denier. Doesn't whoever (or whatever) is possessing him know that he's not going to convince Julia with his lies?

Christine: Leviathan Barnabas does not care whether or not she believes him, as he does not consider her any sort of threat to the Leviathan plan.

John: So who do you think is buried in Grant's tomb? Is this body the modern day home of Quentin Collins, or is he a vessel used by Count Petofi?

Christine: Was Jeff Clark really Peter Bradford? Maybe he's just regular guy, Grant Douglas, come to Collinsport to serve as Carolyn's new love interest.

John: So the new kid, 'Alexander' according to the credits, has evil written all over his face. He kind of reminds me of the kid(s) from The Other (a few years before the movie, to be fair). I suppose Megan will tell Carolyn this is another loaner-kid, but how will she explain the absence of 'the baby.'

Christine: I was getting more of a Dennis the Menace vibe from the kid, but time will tell how evil he really is. I'd expect Megan to say that her sister came to reclaim the baby, and now they're watching Philip's brother's kid, though if the kid keeps growing at an accelerated rate, they are going to have to find more plausible reasons to explain all the kids coming to stay at the antique shop.


Anonymous said...

Did Banabas have an expired driver's license from 1897?

Anonymous said...

When did he learn to drive? Whose car?