Monday, December 30, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 915 12/29/69

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Barnabas comes to the antique shop. He asks Michael why he wanted to see him. He says Julia was in the shop, and saw his birthmark. He says she knows it was the same one that was on Joseph and Alexander. He demands that Barnabas kill Julia immediately. Barnabas refuses. Michael says he can't let sentimentality make him careless. He says Julia is an enemy. Barnabas says that she is not, and the subject is closed.

At the old house, Barnabas lights candles and speaks to the Leviathan box. He says the boy demanded he kill a good friend, and Barnabas refused. He puts the box down and puts the candles out. He realizes that he cannot let Michael upset him. Barnabas falls asleep, and sees a hooded figure appear and tell him that he has no right to disobey. He points out that he was not originally one of them, but they needed someone to transport their leader through time, so they made him one of them. He thought Barnabas would be loyal to them, but he has broken their law. He says enemies must be dealt with, and Barnabas says he is cruel.

The man says Michael is a Leviathan. He then asks Barnabas to reconsider taking care of Julia, and he once again refuses. The man asks if he knows who they really are, and Barnabas says he does not. The man says that the Leviathans ruled before man—when there was only essence and intelligence. Barnabas asks about the people they have possessed, and says that they will refuse to do his bidding, as he will.

He disappears, and Barnabas still hears the man's voice, saying they know what he is, and what he was. The front doors swing open and Barnabas hears a loud heartbeat. He goes outside and is attacked by a huge bat.

Barnabas wakes from his dream screaming, "Don't let it happen again!" He hears a knock on the door, and when he answers it, Megan comes in. He asks her what's wrong, and she says Michael told her that he wants Julia killed. She asks if he can stand up against Michael, and Barnabas says that he can. He tells her that he's extremely tired. She refuses to go, begging him to listen to her.

Barnabas begs her to leave, and she does. He realizes that something is happening to him, and notices that he can't see his reflection in the mirror. He also realizes that he once again has fangs.

Barnabas is down by the docks when a woman approaches him. He suggests that she go to The Blue Whale. She hits on him. He says he's going home alone and bids her goodnight. She says she doesn't think he's going home. She says he's clearly waiting for something. He turns to face her and she's frightened of him. He asks why she doesn't run away. He leans in and bites her neck. He is then overcome by guilt, so he runs away from her lifeless body.

Barnabas lies down and once again dreams. The woman he just bit enters the old house, now a vampire, She approaches him. The Leviathan appears to him. Barnabas says once more that he will not kill Julia. The Leviathan says she needn't die, but she must be dealt with by Barnabas. He sends the vampire back to the darkness.

Barnabas realizes that she's one of them, and he confirms that she was. The man shows Barnabas his portrait changing to Josette's. He points out that Barnabas was supposed to meet her. He says that now she is their hostage, and if he disobeys them, she will die the most horrible death imaginable. Barnabas wakes from this next dream. He gets up and walks to the mirror, where he can see his reflection. He says he must obey until he can find a way to escape them, and apologizes to Julia.

Our thoughts

John: Just in time for the release of Star Wars Episode IX, the Dark Shadows equivalent of Emperor Palpatine shows up! Haza and Oberon were far more easygoing than this latest Leviathan stooge.

Christine: Suddenly, Barnabas seems to be himself again. I'd like to assume that being directed to kill his true love, Julia Hoffman, was what knocked the Leviathan out of him, though it would indicate he has no regard for Carolyn, since he maintained his evil Leviathan ways while chortling over Paul Stoddard inadvertently giving her up to the Leviathan cause.

John: It seems that it has been forever since we had a decent Giant Bat Attack. I guess we should be thankful for that. 

Christine: Do you suppose they finally had to do something to placate the fans that were protesting at their back stage door? At least we got a cool vampire chick, if only briefly. It didn't seem likely the Leviathans would really make Barnabas a vampire, since it would make him a more dangerous adversary.

John: So the Leviathans are holding Josette as leverage against Barnabas? Pretty smart, fellas. They've managed to zero in on his weak spot!

Christine: Um...didn't Josette kill herself? I guess informing Barnabas about that would interfere with their extortion plans. Still, why don't they just kill Julia themselves? Why does Barnabas have to do it? It seems like something the Leviathan kid should cut his teeth on to me.


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