Thursday, December 26, 2019

12/25/69 - Christmas Pre-emption

No show aired on Christmas Day in 1969.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Dark Shadows Before I Die!


Paul Haney said...

Happy Holidays, John & Christine. I haven't been commenting much lately, but I'm still hanging in there with you! Now that I've seen the Leviathan story play out a few times, I find that I actually kinda enjoy it, even though I know many fans don't care for it.

John Scoleri said...

Thanks Paul! Hope you had a nice holiday as well! This is my first experience with the Leviathans, and though I had heard negative things, I actually think there's a lot of interesting story potential in them. Of course, after having spent so much time in the past, it would be nice to have our normal Barnabas back in the present day... I guess we'll see what 1970 brings! ;)