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Dark Shadows Episode 880 - 11/7/69

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Behind the bricked up wall, Trask yells for help. He tries the window but the shutters are boarded shut. He thinks he hears someone in the hall, but decides he was mistaken. He thinks Quentin will eventually return.

Quentin returns to Collinwood and as he heads upstairs, Judith stops him and tells him she closed off the West Wing. She adds that she had all of his things moved. He asks her about the portrait of Amanda, and she says he'll never see it again. He asks if she destroyed it, and she says yes. He asks her what's happening. She tells him someone tried to kill her, perhaps the same one who killed Evan. He says he heard. She points out he's showing very little sorrow about Evan, and assumes that he would have shown very little sorrow had she been killed. He says her husband would have made up for them—at the service anyway. She says Trask is missing. He went after the men and hasn't been seen in hours. He offers to go looking for him. He starts up to his room, and she tells him she had the locks changed. She says she doesn't want anyone going into the West Wing, and he will obey her orders.

Trask realizes that Quentin had a telephone, which he finds. He tries unsuccessfully to reach an operator. He declares that he will escape the room and kill Judith himself.

Aristede runs to the cemetery. He runs into Quentin, and begs him for help. Quentin says he wishes luck to anyone trying to kill him. Aristede hears the chains and throws Quentin to the ground before running off. Blackwood emerges and puts his chains around Quentin's neck. Quentin says he's no friend of Aristede, and Blackwood continues on his search.

Trask yells, offering thousands of dollars to anyone who helps him. The phone rings and he answers it. He hears no one on  the other end.

Downstairs, Judith hangs up the phone.

In Quentin's room, the phone rings again. Trask answers and begs for help. He's surprised to hear Judith's voice on the other end of the phone. He says she must let him out. She says that's what she used to say at the sanitarium. She tells him that she's only doing her duty, allowing him to meditate uninterrupted. She tells him she has closed off the West Wing forever. She reminds him that he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life in the house, and now he will get his wish. She says she's aware of the death he planned for her, and bids him goodnight. Trask lights some candles, and realizes that he should ration them.

He hears the door and turns to see the ghost of Beth. She calls for Quentin. He tells her to find Quentin and tell him to come to the room. He begs her, but she disappears.

Quentin hears his music playing in the drawing room. He sees someone standing by the window. It's Beth. He says he knew she'd come back, and tells her he didn't mean for her to die. He asks if she can ever rest, and she says that she can't rest until he knows she forgives him. She then disappears. He screams that he doesn't forgive himself for the part he played in her death.

Aristede is hiding in the Mill when a female gypsy attacks him. He fights her off and asks who she is. She says she's King Johnny Romano's wife, come to carry out his curse. Aristede asks if he'll pay, or Count Petofi. She says both. He tries to convince her that Petofi is her enemy. He offers to give her Petofi if she'll lift the curse. He even offers to join her tribe if she'll protect him from his enemies. She said they would if they got the Hand of Oshden back. He says Petofi is wounded. She asks where he is, and he says he will tell her as soon as she promises to take him with her. She says he'll have to forget everything Petofi taught him, and he agrees.

He tells her Petofi is at the studio of Charles Tate. He starts to draw her a map, and then offers to take her there. He shows her where to find the house, and she tells him to await her return.

Quentin is in the drawing room when Judith finds him. He asks if she wants to know how his search for Trask came out. She says she assumes he did not find him. He says that her missing husband does interest him. He asks her if Trask's story has ended, and she says not yet. He says that wherever Trask is, he knows she's happier for it.

Trask ponders an eternity bricked up in the room, wondering if the room will become his grave.

The gypsy makes her way to through the woods when Blackwood grabs her and accuses her of giving the prisoner refuge. He sentences her to death, and chokes her with his chains.

Aristede hears Blackwood arrive at the Mill, who calls for his surrender. Aristede tries to run from him, but Blackwood grabs him.

Our thoughts

John: I think I was right about loose ends getting tied off! The ghost of Beth arrives and sticks around just long enough to forgive Quentin! Adios, ghost Beth!

Christine: We seem to be on a fast track to return to present day Collinwood.

John: It's about time the gypsies showed up to take care of Petofi. It is clever how Petofi's 'creation' by way of Charles Tate ended up saving his life... allowing him to live on for at least another day.

Christine: With Blackwood's penchant for strangling anyone who's spoken to Aristede, I would expect Petofi to be next on Blackwood's hit list, despite his initial claim that he wasn't aiding him, especially now that Blackwood has found Aristede holed up in his lair. While things don't look good for Aristede, the footage cut out quickly before we could see him actually expire. Is there a chance he could get away?

John: Widow Romano seemed to be lacking the traditional gypsy accent, unless she's from that lineage of gypsies who could pass for valley girls. Sadly, the widow is now reunited with King Johnny, having fared less screen time than even Julianka!

Christine: How delightful it is that Judith is staying in touch with her dear husband! I wonder how she fixed it so she could ring him up while keeping him from making any outgoing calls. I guess it's not unusual for Quentin to have a separate line to keep all his affairs and shady dealings secret.

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