Thursday, December 21, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 389 - 12/21/67

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Angelique returns to her room clutching Sarah's doll. She says she'll make Barnabas pay by making his sister Sarah suffer.

Naomi tells Sarah a story as she sits in front of the fire.

In her room, Angelique takes a pin from a pincushion and pokes it into the dolls belly.

Sarah screams out in pain.

Angelique repeats the process.

Sarah collapses in pain.

Naomi sits over Sarah's bed. She lies sleeping when Barnabas arrives. He says the doctor doesn't know what's wrong with Sarah. He says that perhaps she will recover as he did. Naomi wonders about witchcraft being responsible, and Barnabas asks who would want to hurt Sarah. Sarah wakes up and asks where Vicki is. She says she's afraid she'll never come back. She sends Barnabas to get Vicki. He promises to do that, and tells her to rest. She goes to sleep, and Naomi tells him that he shouldn't have promised to bring Vicki to her. He tells his mother that he knows where Vicki is. Naomi says she doesn't know if Vicki should be allowed in Sarah's room. She asks if she might be responsible. Barnabas assures her that Vicki is not the witch Trask claims her to be.

Barnabas leaves Sarah's room and runs into Ben. He asks if he can do anything for Sarah, and Barnabas says no, leaving him in the hall. Ben realizes there is something he can do, because he knows Angelique is responsible. And he'll kill her if he has to.

Ben enters Angelique's room. He is searching her drawers when she walks in on him.

She asks what he's looking for, and he accuses her of using one of her spells on Sarah. Angelique says she'll do what she has to in order to make Barnabas suffer. Ben says it's no wonder Barnabas doesn't want her. Angelique shows Ben her doll, and he tells her to make Sarah better. She says she won't until Barnabas comes to her. He threatens to kill her, and she reminds him that he can't, as he's under her control.

She tells him to listen to the sound of his heart. She causes it to beat harder, and tells him it's going to burst. She asks if she should spare him, and he begs her to. She asks him to swear allegiance, and he does. She tells him that she can be merciful, but the next time he tries to harm her, she will let him die.

Barnabas brings Vicki to see Sarah. Sarah wakes tells Vicki she missed her, and was afraid she wouldn't come back. She asks Vicki to tell her a story about her doll. She says she couldn't find her doll this morning, and Barnabas tells her he'll find it. Sarah goes back to sleep, and Naomi apologizes to Vicki for even thinking she could do her harm.

Barnabas knocks on the door to Angelique's room. She hides the doll and answers the door. He asks her where Sarah's doll is. She says she put it with Sarah's other toys. He says that he needs to find it, as Sarah is very ill and has requested it. Angelique tells him that she might be able to cure Sarah. He asks if she thinks she knows more about medicine than a doctor. She asks about her pains, and says she knows how to brew a tea that would make her well again, He begs her to make a cup for Sarah, saying he'll do anything for her. She says that if she cures Sarah, she wants him to make her his wife. He agrees, if Sarah is cured. She says she'll go and brew the tea.

Naomi tells Vicki she's concerned Sarah won't survive. Barnabas brings in a cup of tea, saying Angelique made it, and it has restorative powers. He gets Sarah to drink it.

In her room, Angelique removes the pins from Sarah's doll.

In her bed, Sarah tells Barnabas that the pains have gone away. Naomi hugs her.

 Angelique tells Sarah's doll that it has served her well, and now she shall become Barnabas' bride.

Our thoughts

John: It certainly took Angelique a long time to figure out Barnabas' weak spot. But how safe can Sarah be? And will Angelique ultimately be responsible for her death?

Christine: So much for getting him to come to her of his own free will. It certainly seemed like we had the explanation for why Sarah died so young today, but we'll see if Angelique ends up being the cause of her early demise.

John: If Ben were only a little bit smarter... He knows he can't take on Angelique himself, but he could easily get word to Barnabas, or even Trask, to cast suspicion on her. I can't imagine it would take Trask long to be able to prove her allegiance with the devil.

Christine: If Barnabas were only a little bit smarter... He should realize that every time he spurns Angelique, something bad happens to someone he loves. A quick search of her room would reveal all the poppets, pins, bindings, and herbs she's got in there.

John: Um, witch-alert anyone? Where's Trask when we need him? If he had heard Angelique's claim of being able to brew up a restorative tea that miraculously saved Sarah, you know darn well that would have set off his witch detector.

Christine: Where's Abigail when we need her? She should be convincing Trask that he's been bewitched by Angelique's beauty. Angelique may have invented teflon. Incidentally, Sarah's doll house seems awfully familiar...

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