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Dark Shadows Episode 876 - 11/3/69

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In the woods, Quentin screams. He hears his music. He smiles, realizing that he has defeated Petofi. He goes to find Barnabas.

Beth hears someone approaching. Quentin asks what she's doing. He tries to convince her that his mind has been restored. She says he won't trick her again. She backs up to the edge of the cliff. Quentin reaches for her, and she goes over the cliff.

Barnabas wonders why he hasn't heard anything from Quentin yet. Quentin arrives at Collinwood, and when Barnabas says good evening, he says that he doesn't know which he is. Quentin tells him that it worked, and Petofi is himself again, but Beth is dead. He explains how he found her on Widow's Hill after waking, but she thought he was Petofi and lost her footing, going over the edge.

Barnabas says Petofi is to blame for her death. Barnabas tells him he must leave Collinwood, or Petofi will strike again. Quentin says he can't go anywhere without his portrait. Barnabas says he doesn't have time to find it. Quentin says he won't leave without it, and Barnabas agrees to search for one more night. He wonders if Tate has it, and says he'll visit his studio.

Tate looks at Quentin's portrait, and doesn't understand why it has changed. He's confused, but he says as long as he has it, Quentin's body is under his power, and he can use it to bargain with Petofi.

Aristede arrives at Tate's studio with dirt all over his face. Aristede says he's been living in fear of the vampire, who came back to life. Tate makes fun of Aristede, calling him an idiot and acting like a child. He says the Barnabas that he saw is not a vampire. Aristede says Tate is lying. Tate says he can find Barnabas living in Collinwood—in the daytime. He says it's a different Barnabas Collins than the one who was staked in the cave. Aristede asks if Tate has seen Petofi. Tate tells him to go grovel at the feet of his master. Aristede begs Tate to go see Petofi and explain why he ran away. Tate says he's got his own problems. He offers to feed and clothe him, but he won't act as a go-between with Petofi.

Quentin returns to Widow's Hill and relives the moment of Beth's death. He asks for her forgiveness, wherever she is.

Tate paints over Quentin's portrait with white paint. As he finishes, Barnabas arrives to see him. He says he has arrived to buy a painting of his. Tate asks which painting, and Barnabas tells him he wants to buy the portrait of Quentin. Tate says it's at Collinwood, and Barnabas tells him it was stolen.

Tate asks if he's accusing him of stealing it, and denies having it. Barnabas doesn't let up. Tate continues to deny having it. He then asks Barnabas why he's interested in it, and he explains that he's come to get it on Quentin's behalf. Tate tells Barnabas that he can search his studio for it, and if he finds it, he's welcome to it.

Aristede finds Quentin in the woods and thinks it's Petofi. He begs for another chance. Quentin tells him that there is something he can do for him.

Inside Collinwood, Aristede thanks him for the opportunity. Quentin tells him that if he fails, it will be for the last time. Quentin tells him that his plans have changed. He says that he has no need for his old body, and wants the gypsies to find a dead body. He tells Aristede to find the so-called Petofi and kill him tonight. He warns him not to return if he fails.

Petofi arrives at Tate's. He says he's been considering restoring Tate's talent. Tate tells him he's in no mood for his nonsense, and he knows who he is, and that he doesn't have his power. Petofi tells him that he and Quentin have reverted to their own bodies. Tate doesn't believe him. Petofi grabs Tate's hand with his withered hand. He asks if he's beginning to feel like Tate again. Tate looks at his hand and says that it's true; that he has the gift again. Petofi tells him that he will do what he is asked, when he is asked. Tate agrees. He leaves the room to get Petofi a drink.


Aristede watches outside Tate's window. He sneaks in and raises a knife, bringing it down on Count Petofi.

Our thoughts

John: And just like that, Beth is over the hill. I do still anticipate that her ghost will continue to hang around Collinwood, where she belongs, even 100 years into the future...

Christine: Remember the good old days, when we actually got to see the body on the rocks below Widows' Hill?

John: Aristede is back with the least convincing make-up to suggest that he's been roughing it for several days. You'd think he'd at least wipe his face on his sleeve.

Christine: For someone who's a slave to fashion, I would have expected him to clean up before going to grovel at his supposed master's feet. It was pretty ingenious of Quentin to send him off to kill Petofi, though he should have known Aristede has a low success rate with assigned tasks.

John: Poor Aristede. In addition to his being somewhat of a whiner, he's potentially just killed his master. But that seems like an all-too easy out for Count Petofi. He appeared to be knocked down more than stabbed.

Christine: Petofi won't be vanquished that easily, but Aristede is probably in for a severe punishment. Aristede must have lost the Dancing Lady after Angelique busted him on the head in Episode 867. The knife he's wielding looks like it's made of cardboard. I hope Charles Tate will once again become a prolific painter now that he's got his artistic hand restored. I wonder if Quentin's portrait will lose its protective power now that it's been painted over.

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