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Dark Shadows Episode 1234 3/18/71

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Carrie holds Melanie's handkerchief. She says that something's happening. She pictures a woman leaning over Melanie's father's coffin. She says he's dead. She then says that her mother is still alive, and somewhere very close by. Melanie is surprised. She asks if Carrie knows where the woman is, and who she is. Julia interrupts them, and asks what Carrie is doing. Melanie says that she was helping her, and that she now knows that real her mother is alive. She's angry that Julia broke her conversation. Julia threatens to tell Carrie's father, and she agrees not to do it again and runs off to the cottage. Melanie accuses Julia of not wanting her to know the truth. Julia tells her that she doesn't know the truth, and she never has. She says Carrie was wrong to raise her hopes. Melanie tells Julia that she doesn't believe her anymore.

Locked in the tower room, Gabriel paces around when Morgan comes to see him. Gabriel asks if he brought it, and Morgan shows off a flask. He asks if he really wants it. Gabriel explains when he needs it, and Morgan gives it to him. Gabriel tells Morgan that he'd like to see their mother. Gabriel asks if he thinks he'd do anything to harm her. He says not in his present state, and agrees to tell her that Gabriel wishes to see her. Once alone, Gabriel takes off a scarf and holds it tightly, like he wants to strangle someone with it.

Flora returns to Collinwood. Julia asks where she was. She explains she went to see Daphne at the old house. Julia asks if there's any change, and she says the doctor reiterated that there's no hope at all. She adds that Bramwell is really grieved. Morgan comes in and tells Flora that Gabriel wants to speak to her. Julia warns her to be careful. Morgan offers Julia a brandy. She explains that she has things to attend to and leaves.

Julia comes to the cottage and asks about Ben. Carrie tells her that he's not there. She says that's good, because she needs get answers. She insists that Carrie give her honest answers about what happened when she tried to help Melanie. She describes the woman in her vision standing over Melanie's father's coffin. Julia presses her for more details. Julia accuses her of knowing who Melanie's real mother is. She says she can tell when she's lying, and threatens to tell Carrie's father. Julia gets her to admit she recognized the face of her mother, and she admits that she does. She explains that Melanie must never know. She explains that she and Justin agreed long ago that Melanie was never to know the identity of her mother. She gets Carrie to promise not to tell Melanie.

Flora visits Gabriel. He asks her if he looks insane. She says he does not. He asks if that's proof that he's all right. She tells him a little more time won't hurt. He takes his scarf and holds it like he's going to strangler. She tells him that she can't do anything without consulting the family. She apologizes to him and he raises the scarf over her head, as if to strangle her. They hear Julia outside and he lowers the scarf. She asks him to understand, and he says he'll do anything she wants. She leaves the room and he listens by the door.

Flora comes out and tells Julia that she feels sorry for Gabriel. 

Carrie apologizes to Melanie, and explains that she didn't see who her mother is. She says she's tired, and Melanie asks her why she's so upset. She asks if she's keeping something from her. Carrie denies it. Melanie then asks if Julia came to her. Carrie denies that, too. Melanie bids her goodnight. After she's gone, Carrie breaks down in tears.

Julia finds Flora talking to Morgan in the drawing room. She asks where Melanie and Quentin are, saying she wants to consult the family about Gabriel. Morgan asks what she wants to discuss. Melanie comes in, and Flora tells them Gabriel made a strong argument for being released from the tower room. She says he has shown an improvement, but the family had to agree. Julia asks if she thinks his insanity was temporary, and she says yes. Morgan reminds her of their father's behavior, and says Gabriel could show violent signs after a long period. Julia agrees, and says they have to think of the safety of the rest of the family. Melanie agrees that he should stay in the tower room. Julia says that she'll tell him when she takes him his food. Morgan tells Flora that perhaps they'll have a change of heart in the future.

Flora tells Morgan that she's getting worried, since they haven't heard from Julia in an hour. He goes upstairs to check on her. 

Morgan goes to the tower room and asks if Julia's there. There's no response, so he asks if Gabriel is there.

Unbeknownst to Morgan, Julia is unconscious on the floor in the tower room.

Our thoughts:  

John: Well, we now know that Julia and Carrie both know who Melanie's mother is. As the clock winds down on the show, will Melanie and the others find out? How long can Carrie hold her tongue?
Christine: I was thinking that she might feel free to spill the beans if Julia should become incapacitated or die.
John: I do love how people are excused from important family meetings when they have the day off! Come on, Flora. Gabriel says he's okay, so he must be okay?
Christine: I wonder what excuse they'll come up with for Quentin's absence. Business overseas, perhaps?
John: Of all the residents of Collinwood, Julia is the one that I don't think Gabriel was capable of fooling. Perhaps we'll find out tomorrow that Julia just slipped in spilled soup...
Christine: So, the family is concerned enough about Gabriel's violent, unpredictable behavior that they'll keep him locked in the Tower room, but not so worried that they believe it's safe to go visit him alone. You'd think Morgan might at least go with his mother to make sure she was safe after he pulled a knife on her. 

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