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Dark Shadows Episode 1221 3/1/71

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Morgan tells Catherine that he knew it would be her, and that he's not going to let her go into the room. She tells him that she agreed to the rules, and he tells her that it isn't fair. He says he wants to take her place. He tells her he'll order a carriage and he'll take her away from Collinwood. She tells him that the family says they can't run away from the curse. She tells him they must face it. He reminds her what happened to Gabriel. She tells him that she doesn't believe in the curse, so it has no power over her. She tells him that it's fear alone. Morgan asks her about Gabriel's friend Tim. She suggests that Gabriel may have killed him. He tries to assure her that she's wrong about the room. She tells him that she will break the curse.

Bramwell sits by the fire thinking about Catherine. Daphne returns and he doesn't seem particularly happy to see her. She asks him if something happened. He compliments her, and they kiss. There's a knock at the door. It's Julia. She tells him he looks disappointed, and asks if he was expecting someone else. He invites her in. She congratulates her and Daphne, and gives them a gift. Bramwell opens it. It's a portrait of his father. Julia says the old house seemed the logical place for it. Bramwell thanks her, and offers her a brandy. She accepts, and he goes to get her the drink. Julia tells Daphne that they held the lottery this afternoon, and Catherine drew the lot. Bramwell returns and asks if she was planning to tell him, too. Daphne says they have to stop her, and Julia says they cannot. Bramwell tells her that they all seem to look upon the lottery with strange pride. He says he hopes Catherine has enough common sense not to go through with it. While they're arguing, Daphne rushes out.

Daphne arrives at Collinwood and finds Catherine in the drawing room. She begs her not to go into the room tonight. Catherine tells her sister that she intends to do what's expected of her. Daphne says the risk isn't worth taking. Catherine assures her that she'll be alright. Catherine asks her if she's happy with Bramwell. Daphne says that they've only been married for a day, so it's too early to say. Catherine asks her how long it will take for her to realize the mistake she made. Morgan comes in and asks her why she's come. Daphne asks Morgan if he's going to let Catherine to go into the room. She reminds him that he can forbid it as her husband. She asks Catherine if her life is so miserable that she wants to end it.

Bramwell is waiting in the garden when Catherine arrives. She says it was difficult getting out of the house without arousing suspicion. He reminds her that she's carrying their child. She says that if she goes into the room now, the child may be spared suffering in the future. She tells him that she'll overcome the curse. She suggests that he's only concerned about their child. He tells her that nothing must happen to her. She says that she never would have dreamed that they would be forced to meet together like this. They kiss passionately. She pulls away, and reminds him that they're both married. He begs her to reconsider. She leaves him in the gazebo.

Morgan returns to Collinwood, and Julia asks where he has been. She explains that she's worried about him. She says she knows he doesn't want Catherine to go into the room, and she was afraid he might have tried to interfere with that. He tells her that he's resigned himself to the fact that Catherine must go in, and go in alone. He asks Julia to be the one to bring Catherine to the room tonight. She agrees. Catherine comes in and tells him that she understands. She kisses him. 

Bramwell returns to the old house. He tells Daphne he had to try to stop Catherine. Daphne tells him that she loves him, and says she'll make him a good wife. She adds that they'll travel, and work hard together, and someday she'll give him a son to be proud of. He seems troubled, and she asks him what's wrong.

Morgan tells Catherine that it's time. She assures him that everything will be alright in the morning. Julia arrives to escort her to the room.  

Julia and Catherine arrive at the room. Julia tries to open the door, but the key doesn't work. From inside the room, Morgan tells them that the lock has been changed, and Quentin has the only key.

Our thoughts:  

John: Morgan is such a loser. I can almost understand why Catherine would be willing to risk death just to get out of being married to him... of course, the smarter play would have been to let him go into the room. Of course now the big question is will he be crazy or dead come morning...
Christine: Sadly, I have a feeling he'll come out okay just so he can continue to annoy us all. I'm hoping Bramwell will go to the door of the locked room and tell him that he got Catherine pregnant while he's stuck in the room for the night. That alone should drive him mad.
John: Gotta love how Daphne tries to convince Morgan that he can forbid his wife from doing anything. As if. The guy has no backbone.
Christine: I was excited to see Julia bringing a portrait to Bramwell and Daphne as a wedding gift, though I was hoping it would be a new portrait. Do you suppose we'll ever find out what happened to Barnabas, or are these constant reminders of him to appease the fans who are missing him on the show?

John: Catherine is an odd duck. I'm having trouble understanding how she keeps getting drawn back to Bramwell. And if she is attracted to his bad-boy antics, why not just give in to that? I certainly don't think she's avoiding him out of any sense of loyalty to Daphne, particularly after they were making out in the garden...
Christine: Really? You don't understand why Catherine is drawn to Bramwell? Let me spell it out for you: it's the S.E.X. It turns out that Bramwell is a lot like vampire Barnabas in the way he attacks Catherine's lips with the same ferocity that Barnabas chomped the ladies' necks. 

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