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Dark Shadows Episode 782 - 6/24/69

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Charity collects some earth from the basement of the old house, but not before knocking over a candlestick. Edward finds her and asks what she's doing. She says she was walking on the beach and stumbled across a tunnel that led her into the basement. He inquires why she was out so late, and she says she couldn't sleep. He says she had a reason for coming, and asks what it is. He tells her to step into the light. He checks her neck for bite marks. He realizes that she is under Barnabas' power. He asks why he sent her to the old house. He demands that she tell him everything she knows. She says he'll kill her if she tells, and Edward promises to protect her. She says she should have been stronger to resist him, and Edward says she is not to blame.

He begs her to tell him why she was sent to the old house. She says she does things against her will, and she doesn't even know why. She grabs Edward and asks him to help her. He says he will, and says he will take her to her father.

Barnabas waits at the school for Charity to return. He hears something in the hall, and hides behind a curtain. Nora comes in looking for Charity.

Trask is shocked to hear that Charity was in league with the Devil's agent. She says she was weak, and begs him to help her. He says he will, and asks her where Barnabas is. She says she was summoned to the woods to see him. She explains that he has a power to make her forget things. She fondles the purse in which she collected the earth, and he tells her to quit playing with it. Edward says that as long as they stay with Charity, Barnabas will come to her to get whatever it was she was sent for.

Edward and Trask return Charity to her room where they find Nora. Trask asks Edward to take Nora to bed. Once they're alone, Trask asks Charity if she's frightened. She says she's fine as long as he's with her. He tells her to pray for the deliverance of her soul. She puts her purse on a dresser. She kneels and sees Barnabas hiding behind the curtain.

She gets up, and her father tells her that if she remembered the power of prayer, she could have resisted Barnabas. He points out that dawn is only minutes away, and he will stay with her. She says she would like to pray again, and asks him to get his book of meditations. He offers to get it after the sun comes up. She says it will only take a minute. He asks why she's so anxious to get it now, and she says it will help her fight the evil forces against her. He doesn't trust her. He assumes Barnabas is trying to communicate with her. She says she is not trying to leave. He tells her to get down on her knees and pray. There is a scream.

Edward rushes in and says that a large bat appeared outside of Nora's window. Trask says the vampire is near, and he and Edward run off, leaving Charity alone. Barnabas steps out from behind the curtain and collects the earth.

In Charity's room, Trask says she must stay there. He says they have put garlic flowers on the door and a cross on the window, which will prevent Barnabas from getting into her room. He suggests that she hold onto a small cross. She says she doesn't have one, and he says she can use the one in her purse. He goes looking for it, but it's not on her dresser. She says she must have put it away somewhere, and says she'll find it. He leaves her.

Nora asks Edward why Charity hasn't been out of her room all day. He says he doesn't know, and he's in no mood to answer questions. He says he will ask Reverend Trask when she can see her. He asks if she should be in class, and she says they're over. He suggests that she go to her room. She leaves as Trask enters.

He asks what Edward found at the old house. Edward says the coffin hasn't been touched, but he feels that Barnabas has outsmarted them. Trask says his days are numbered. Edward is most concerned about the Collins' name being tarnished.

Charity sleeps in a chair in her room. She hears Barnabas calling to her. He says he must come to her, but the way is barred. He tells her to remove the cross from the window and he will appear to her. She removes the cross and places it in a drawer.

She turns to see him standing in her room. She says she was afraid for him. He tells her that he is safe now, thanks to her. She says it's too dangerous for him to return to her. He tells her that her father has underestimated his powers. She says she must not stay long, as he must find a permanent hiding place where he can take her with him. She tells him that is what she wants. He leans in to bite her neck as Nora walks into the room.

Our thoughts

John: I wonder why Trask didn't just keep Charity with him at all times. He made such a big deal about not leaving her alone, but what does he do at the first sign of a distraction (Nora's scream)? He leaves her alone! Even if he had taken her, Barnabas still could have collected the purse with earth, but it just seems silly to have Trask suddenly forget his top priority when it mattered the most.

Christine: He didn't leave her alone just because Nora was freaking out, but because the appearance of a bat made him think he'd find the vampire. Also, he had to leave her alone so Barnabas could have a little bite of Charity. I wonder how Trask missed seeing him lurking behind the open curtain.

John: Ah, Edward, always keeping priorities straight. A vampire is loose, and the worst thing that can happen is the Collins' name being sullied!

Christine: Being overly concerned about the family name seems to be a common trait for Joshua and Roger as well.

John: Soon everyone will know about Barnabas the vampire! I wonder how Nora's finding out will affect him. Will his ghost-sister Sarah soon have a new BFF?

Christine: Barnabas can't kill a little girl, but perhaps she'll run outside, get caught in a storm and die from pneumonia. He will have to go to ground for the remainder of his time in 1897 now that his secret is out.

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